My Little Pony: Quick ID.

There are, as we well know, literally hundreds of My Little Ponies. Even thousands. And it can be very difficult to know where to even begin looking when it comes to identification. This page of the site is intended as a very rough and simple way of narrowing down your possibilities before you make an identification. These are just basic questions and they don't cover every single pony that was ever made. Hopefully, however, they will be some help!


1. Is your pony marked HASBRO somewhere on the hooves?
This is not a sure fire guide to whether your pony is genuine or not, but it's a good place to start. If your pony has some other company name on the bottom, it could still be a real My Little Pony. Companies like ESTRELA and FUNSKOOL were licensed by Hasbro to make ponies in other countries. Companies like Totsy, Remco or Lanard are NOT affiliated with Hasbro - their ponies are considered "fakies" by collectors and as such are fairly worthless. Please note, Cabbage Patch Ponies may also have Hasbro stamps on their feet - but are not part of the My Little Pony line.

Most ponies also have a country of manufacture on their hooves. The most common countries are HONG KONG or CHINA, but there are some mainstream line ponies which vary this rule. For example, Fancy Pants Babies from North America have THAILAND stamped on their hooves and, in the UK, Sundance and some Loving Family parent ponies have no country of manufacture on their hooves. Some ponies have PAT PENDING on their hooves, some don't. Ponies in new poses from 1994 have Hasbro Int'l on their hooves, instead of Hasbro Inc. or Hasbro Bradley.

2. Does your pony have FLAT FEET?
The very first set of My Little Pony are the only set who had properly flat feet - check out their page.

3. Does your pony have WINGS or a UNICORN HORN?
There are many Pegasus (winged) and Unicorn ponies in the My Little Pony line - and they belong to various different sets. Identifying these will depend on their individual characteristics.

4. Is your pony coated in fur that is velvety to the touch?
This might be a So Soft Pony. Check out here, here and here.

5. Does your pony have gemstones for eyes?
This might make her a Twinkle Eye Pony. Check out here, here and here. Be warned - Generation 2 Ponies also have gems in their eyes, so any pony dated after 1994 is likely to belong to that release.

6. Is your pony small?
It might make her/him a Baby Pony. There are many Baby Pony sets and each has it's own special features. It might also be a Flutter Pony - see here and here - or a Summer Wing or Windy Wing Pony. Extremely small ponies (about an inch or less high) may come under Mummy Charms or Petite Ponies.

7. Does your pony have feathered/clydesdale/shire horse style hooves?
This probably makes it a boy pony. If he is small (about three inches high) he is probably a Playtime Baby Brother or a Peekaboo Baby Pony. If he is adult sized, he could be a Big Brother Pony - see here and here - a Loving Family Pony or a Mountain Boy Pony. He could also be the Mail Order pony Tux N Tails.

8. Does your pony have a raised symbol?
Several sets have raised symbols. These can include the Sundae Best Ponies or the Princess Ponies -see here and here. Pocket Friends/Precious Pocket Ponies also have raised symbols.

9. Does your pony have a cape?
This could make her a Merry-Go-Round Pony, a Secret Surprise Pony or, if she also has a fibre-optic crown - Princess Sparkle.

10. Does your pony have very long hair?
If your pony has long hair, she could be a Great Hair pony. If her head turns and her tail can go in and out, she could be a Brush and Grow Pony or a Princess Brush and Grow Pony. If she has twisty 'beads' in her mane and tail, she might be a Hairdo Pony.

11. Does your pony have multi-coloured hair?
Many ponies have multi-coloured hair, but some of the best known include the Rainbow Ponies - see here, here and here - and the Twinkle Eyed Ponies - see here, here and here.

12. Does your pony have a patterned or glittered body?
If her body is glittered, she might be a Sparkle Pony - here and here - or Sparkle Baby Pony. If it is translucent and dotted with hearts and stars, she might be a Glowing Magic/Glow N Show Pony. If her body is covered with patterns, she might be the Birthday Pony, or a Colorswirl or Flower Fantasy Pony.

13. Is your pony scented?
It is important to recognise that ponies can pick up scents along the way. However, there are four scented sets of ponies - Sundae Best Ponies, Perfume Puff Ponies, Candy Cane Ponies and Sweetberry Ponies.

14. Does your pony have delicate wings (or a hole where wings should be)?
This might make her a Flutter Pony - see here and here - or a Summer Wing or Windy Wing Pony.

15. Does your pony look like a sea-horse?
She might be a Sea Pony. There are Adult Sea Ponies - here and here - and Baby Sea Ponies - here, here, here, here and here. There are also Mermaid Baby Ponies.

16. Does your pony appear tall and thin, even elegant looking?
Likely she is a Sweetheart Sister pony - here, here or here. She may have a hole in one ear for an earring - or a floral earring in situe. If she is this style, but without the earring hole, she might be a Sundazzle Pony or a Pretty Pony.

Still lost or not sure where to look? Email me!