1985: Earth Ponies


Pink earth pony with pink mane and tail, pink and white ice cream cones symbol

Lickety Split (which, incidentally, is an English phrasing that has absolutely nothing to do with ice cream - at least not in the UK!) was one of the first curly haired ponies. As one of the Groom and Style (or Year Three) earth ponies, she was obviously popular with children because of her extreme commonness on the second hand market!

However, it's fair to say that nine out of every ten Lickety Splits that are found have hair that has faded to white or yellowish beige and very few have retained the original pink colour and the curl that makes her so pretty. Like Posey, Lickety Split was one of a large array of ponies who would be given this easy-fading hair and despite Hasbro's warnings not to put the ponies in the sun too much (My Little Pony Comic), many children obviously did.

There is no variation of Lickety Split with white hair. However, in continental Europe she was re-released as a substitute for the absent Gypsy or Honeycomb and here it appears she had more bold symbols.

Lickety Split also saw a brand new look as a So Soft Pony. So Soft Lickety Split was a much more pastel shade of pink, even beneath her flocking. In the cartoon series she played a significant part, as ponyland's chief pessimist and complainer (but with a heart of gold!). She was never sold through official channels in the UK.

So Soft Lickety Split (North America, 1985-6)
Thanks to Dollhands for the MOC image