1985: So Soft Ponies
1987: My Little Pony


Yellow earth pony with green mane and tail, pink and green magic wand symbol

Ahh, Magic Star. Where to begin with Magic Star?

As a kid, this was my ultimate favourite pony. As a small child, there's nothing more appealing than a character who seems to have all the answers without arrogance. Magic Star was, as the fact file gave her, "The most magical pony in ponyland". Her entry hints at powers akin to the winking in and out that unicorns displayed in the cartoon, and some kind of precognition - knowing when other ponies are in trouble.

She played a part in several stories where her very special magic would come to the rescue. Yet she didn't have the same knowall air as Majesty sometimes did.

Yet, in the cartoon show, Magic Star was something of a disappointment. No more than an average earth pony with a slight bossy streak, she was neither remarkable nor special. Earth ponies were not given the same special gifts in the cartoon as they often were in the comics, but she seemed more than bland by comparison. That said, she did play a substantial part in several episodes and the movie itself - where she was voiced by Ellen Gerstell, a VA known for also doing Rapture in the Jem series and Mihoshi in the English dub of Tenchi Muyo.

Thanks to Dollhands for the MOC image

So Soft Magic Star was sold in a quite different pose from her rather clunky UK cousin. She was one of only three ponies (all So Soft Ponies) sold in the unique rearing pose, and originally came with a stand to help her balance. This was a round clear disk with pegs that slotted into holes in the pony's larger back hooves. It is possible to balance them without the stand, but they like diving a lot without the extra support :S