1982:Flat Footed Ponies


Pale green earth pony with white mane and tail, clover symbol

Minty is one of the more obscure of the original six. Though logically pale green, she first appeared in UK merchandising in purple, making her one and only appearance in the My Little Pony Fact File of 1987. She never featured in a comic and how she was sold in the UK is still a mystery. It seems to be the case that there are more Flat Footed versions of Minty in the UK than Concave Footed ones - though this could simply be distribution.

Despite her lack of publicity, there seems little doubt that Minty was sold in the UK. She was certainly sold in other countries worldwide as both a Flat Foot and a Concave Foot release - in stores and later via Mail Order.

Probably as a hark back to this pony, Hasbro introduced a Generation 3 pony called Minty into the new 2003 line!

She is perhaps the hardest to find of the original six. Cotton Candy Minty Snuzzle Blossom Bluebelle

CONCAVE FOOT MINTY: 1983 (Store) and 1986 (Mail Order, USA)