1983:Unicorn and Pegasus Ponies


White unicorn with dark red hair (lavender streak in mane) and glittering red stars and silver moon symbol

Moondancer is often said to be the only pony with her peculiarly claret colour of hair. Though one of the Dutch ponies - Snoepjes - has a very similar shade, it does beg the question of WHY.

Moondancer's hair makes her one of the prettiest ponies from that release, and is possibly the reasoning behind her re-release with the second set of Unicorn and Pegasus ponies the following year. But the red colour was never again used for a mainstream pony, and you have to imagine that Hasbro were unable to properly reproduce its colour properties (either that or the process was expensive). Not even Moondancer's own baby had the red hair!

In terms of personality, Moondancer was mischievous and playful. Her backcard story (USA) talks about her putting Cotton Candy into a deep sleep for eating too many flowers, and she was often off exploring in the pony comics, too. She also had the ability to light darkness with her horn - a trait she often used when treasure hunting with her fellows!

Yellow Moondancer

In parts of continental Europe (definitely Scandinavia, though I am unsure where else had her) there exists a yellow version of Moondancer. What her story is is unclear, and though she was sold on a UK style of card with a set including Powder and Skyflier, she was definitely never sold in the United Kingdom. Some places still call her "UK Moondancer", but this is simply because when she was first spoken about online, people assumed she was from the UK. At that time all new or unknown ponies to the US market were labelled UK. It is now known for sure, however, that her release location was principally in Scandinavia. (Mine, below, came from Finland). She is made in Hong Kong (though I have heard an Italian version also exists).

Yellow Moondancer (Scandinavian issue)

Comparison: White Moondancer (North American release) and Yellow Moondancer (Scandinavian release).

Aside from the obvious, there are minor differences between the two editions. This may be related to batch as I believe yellow Moondancer dates from slightly later than her North American cousin. The tone of the hair is slightly paler on the yellow pony, with a slightly deeper streak threaded in fewer plugs. Her eyes are also a tiny bit darker.

No version of Moondancer was ever sold in the UK, in spite of how often she was used as an image pony and a story character in UK merchandise.