Every Pony Needs To Dream...

I first wrote this poem in May 2000, in the aftermath of the release of the G2 ponies and the rifts in the community that that action caused. Although it's now many years on, it still has a certain meaning for me - and for pony collecting, also. It's easy to feel that our collections are the only ones important and its even easier to forget that other collectors are people at the end of their computer keyboards, not simply droids who can be overlooked and ignored.

In the spirit of pony collecting being what it should be, I'm keeping the Pony Dream alive and moving it for the third time onto the newest version of my site in the hope that it will continue for some time to come.

The poem was inspired by 'I Dreamed A Dream' to Les Miserables, and the meter is therefore in that style.


I dreamed a dream that this would be,
A world unlike the one I'm viewing,
Where we would all be safe to be,
Away from all the hate pursuing,

I saw my dream turn into tears,
The pony song is slowly dying,
We have no right to have a voice,
We don't exist, the world is lying.

I dreamed that I would be a star,
Not pounded down by callous writing
I felt a tear run down my cheek,
As I watched the ponies crying, fighting

This wasn't how it was meant to be,
I have a heart, and it's still beating
And now all I have left is dreams,
For noone thinks that I'm worth meeting.

Long time ago they promised me,
The glory that I was deserving,
But all I got was jeers and cries,
And a song not worth preserving

The dream is gone and so am I,
For the war has killed my spirit
What was the world supposed to be
Without the ponies living in it?

Perhaps one day they'll have my dream,
And know that I was meant to shine
When somebody will take my part,
And share these hopes of mine.
 copyright E A Woolley (Taffeta) May 2000

With thanks to Melody for the beautiful illustration.