1985: So Soft Ponies


Aqua blue flocked unicorn pony with neon yellow mane and tail (red-orange streak in mane), white ribbon tied in a bow symbol

Ribbon was another of the So Soft stars of the cartoon series, with a major role in The Return of Tambelon in particular. With her bright colours, she also made an obvious choice to have a baby version made and sure enough, Baby Ribbon was released shortly after.

For no apparent reason, Ribbon was never sold in the UK or made as a "non so soft" version outside of Brazil. Despite this, she did play a part in kids stories and the pony comic over here. An obvious pal of Bow Tie's, Ribbon's unicorn magic was, of course, related to ribbons and bows! The fact file claims that she 'makes pretty bows appear in the ponies' manes and tails when they're not looking.

In the television show, however, her unicorn magic was telepathy - which she used to great effect with Sweetie in Sweet Stuff and the Treasure Hunt, as well as to send Megan a dream message from Tambelon.