1985: Earth Ponies


Light green earth pony with blue mane and tail, white and pink lollipops symbol

"Pollipop Latch!"

Tootsie's most infamous comic incarnation was of a pony who, well meaning and friendly, constantly got her words muddled up when she was excited. Being that this was ponyland, where odd and magical things could happen, whenever she muddled her words lollipops would spring up from the ground. This made her an instant hit at parties!

Tootsie's release is possibly the most muddling of the Groom and Style ponies. In the UK, she was not part of the 1986 release and was never sold here again after her 1985 issue. But in continental Europe, things were quite different.

Insert: French Issue 1986

Above is a scan from the 1986 equivalent of the UK pony insert - from France. It's pretty widely accepted from the testimony of Europeans that Gypsy and Honeycomb's release was limited to the UK alone. Instead, it appears that they had a re-release of Posey, Lickety Split, Cherries Jubilee and a version of Tootsie (Sucre D'Orge) whose body colour was WHITE. It's also certain this pony had release in Holland, probably Germany and definitely in Scandinavia, where she was sold on identical card to the UK release of green Tootsie. I have also been told that White Tootsie was sold in Australia by a collector who bought her there.

I believe it's probable green Tootsie was also sold in all of these countries. White Tootsie - despite some collector claims and the UK style of her Scandinavian card - was not sold in the UK. (That's another of those UK myths! LOL)
Thanks to Tic Tac Toe for the french insert image.

White Tootsie's accessories appear to have been the same as green Tootsies - at least in Scandinavia.

White Tootsie (As sold in Scandinavia)
Thanks to ROSSE for this picture.