1987: My Little Pony (Pony Friends)


White earth pony with dark pink mane and tail, teal dove and olive branch symbol with neon pink hearts

I'll be the first to admit that I don't know a whole lot about Truly in her not-so-furry incarnation. I know she was sold in Scandinavia and South Africa for sure, as part of a set including Cupcake, Hopscotch, Shady, Posey and Cherries Jubilee. She was sold on a UK style of card but never actually issued in the UK. Whether she was ever intended for a UK release is unclear, as is the year of potential release. My guess is that she would have been part of a 1988 set, following the Movie set of the year before, and repeating popular characters like Shady and Hopscotch with the two new ones. Ultimately, maybe Hasbro thought there were just too many re-releases to make this a viable set, and so it was sold to other places instead.

Unlike Magic Star, who had changed her pose between So Soft and regular versions, this Truly kept the rearing pose that her so soft cousin favoured. She was also sold with a stand, according to the card (scan below). The fact she kept this pose has made it tough to identify genuine ponies from deflocks when loose.

"Pony Friends" Truly and Cupcake's backcard (scans courtesy of Inger and Monika)

I have scrutinised the pony on this page in all the usual flocking areas, but she has none, not even in the holes for her stand or the plugs of her mane/neck joint. Her symbol, when I compare it to my SS one, is a brighter neon pink, but that might just be batch related. She is made in Hong Kong.


Truly's cartoon incarnation was somewhat bordering on the humorous. She spoke with a beautiful southern drawl, marking her out immediately from the pack. Headstrong and something of a featherbrain at times, Truly was often in the TV show. Why she was called Truly, however, remains a mystery ^_^.