My My Little Pony Wantlist

There aren't many actual ponies that I am looking for nowadays. My loose collection is almost complete, but there are several mint in package or accessory items that I am still seeking. If you can help with any of the following - please get in touch!

~Loose Ponies

~Baby Sugarcake****
~Pink Sprinkles

Main Issue Production Variations
~White/Yellow haired Starglow
~Silky straight haired Brightglow
~Silky straight haired Baby Bright Bow
~Pony Friends issue Cupcake (it must be genuine, NOT deflocked!)
~Hopping Pocket/Bunny Hop with FADING pink hair (that HAS NOT faded!)
~Singing Pocket/Sweet Pocket with FADING pink hair and PURPLE mane (pink has not faded)
~Any No Country/Spanish Pocket Friends/Precious Pocket Pony
~No Country versions of: Daddy Apple Delight
~China versions of: Daddy Sweet Celebrations
~China (round print on hoof) Brush & Grow Ponies (all)
~Hong Kong versions of: Any Family Pony parent.
~German variant Princesses Aquamarine (lilac hair)
~Any weird hybrid princess ponies or oddball ponies/Happytail variants/Flutter Pony variants from the end of the UK line in the UK (don't need Bobbie, Amber with Sunbeam's shield symbol or Rubeta or Ruby with blue mane/teal tail).

I don't really collect Nirvana as such, not least because I am a broke PhD student and can't afford the prices, but there are a few I have been wanting for a long time and will negotiate on:

Spanish/NC: Love Melody, Lollipop, Dancing Butterflies
Mexican: Blossom
Brazilian: TAF Love Melody, Milky Way, Lollipop (?), Ribbon, Truly, Moonstone

Alt Birthflower Ponies: I need all of these but again, they are generally out of my price range. I will negotiate, though, for Violet, since that is my month.

Mint In Package
~Princess Taffeta (for obvious reasons!)
~Princess Misty
~Princess Dawn
~Powder (although would love her even more on European card!)
~So Soft: Gusty, Buttons

UK PACKAGED (Foreign language is OK but the DESIGN of package must be the same as sold in the UK!)
~UK Ripple (Pretty N Pearly Baby Sea Pony)
~Rainbow Pony Windy (vertical card)
~Any 2nd set Rainbow Pony on vertical card (English language/HK pony preferred but will consider other language/NC/Italy manufacture pony)
~Mountain Boy Ponies Sunburst, Fireball, Thundercloud (a girl can dream, right??)
~Sky Rocket (Sparkle Pony)
~Rainbow Magic (Rainbow Curl Pony) - this one must be on English language card
~Sand Digger (Sunshine Pony)
~ Baby Tic Tac Toe (UK box ONLY)
~Baby Ribbon, Baby Gusty or Baby Heart Throb (Play & Care Set Babies)
~Baby Pony Stroller with Baby Lemon Drop
~Magic Star (Movie Star/My Little Pony)
~ Princess Pearl & Fiery The Dragon (will consider any UK princess, 2nd priority is Sapphire)
~ Any Unicorn or Pegasus pony on the Scandinavian/Australian released UK style card ><.
~ Any Sparkle Pony on Spanish card with comb AND ribbon.
~ Any Princess Brush & Grow Pony MIB in WHITE UK Box (Star Gleamer preference)

*Flutter Ponies MIB (priority to UK package, or Euro language/UK style package, but will also look at US boxes. Depends on pony and price!)
(Don't need Morning Glory (though would like her UK box, mine is US), Tropical Breeze, Rosedust, Lily.)

I will consider most early UK packaged ponies I don't have, or their packaging.

Please note that I only collect G1 ponies at present.

If you are in the UK and looking to sell a G1 collection of ponies, please get in touch. I am always interested in buying job lots of G1 ponies, their accessories and puffy stickers, depending on condition.