1985: So Soft Ponies
1987: My Little Pony


Pale blue pegasus pony with pale pink mane and tail, pink and blue whistles symbol

Like with most of the characters from this set, the UK pony background and the US-based cartoon persona clash in the most grandiose way where Wind Whistler is concerned.

In the Movie and subsequent episodes, Wind Whistler was always animated as the educated, wise little pony who spoke in elongated sentences and used complicated vocabulary. She was not always outwardly emotional but she was brave and loyal and, on occasion, sensitive beneath her austere exterior. Honest to goodness, from all the television show characters, Wind Whistler was probably my favourite along with Paradise.

In the UK comic, however, she was nothing like this at all. Cast as a 'silly pony' who 'whistled', she was something of a feather brain and certainly not logical or clever in her thinking. Despite it, she was sweet of nature - but there was something lacking in her character. Maybe Shady, Magic Star and Gusty had taken the bulk of the strong genes for this set...who knows?

Wind Whistler is often found - in both So Soft and ordinary form with white hair. This is not a variation, but simply fading from the sun.

Thanks to Dollhands for the MOC image

So Soft Wind Whistler also had the pale colours of her counterpart, but beneath the flocking she was a more aqua blue and of a more vivid shade. Her symbols, also, were all in pink as opposed to blue and pink.