Year: 1986-7
Sold: UK, Mexico
We KNOW mexican JEM came with the following:
~Pink pleather dress
~white tights
~reversible belt
~blue and white striped day dress and hat
~pink shoes
~blue shoes
~pink stand

HYBRID mexican JEM came additionally with:
As far as I know, Hybrid Mexican Jem had exactly the same stuff as the pure doll...except for a normal edition head.

Existing Variations:
There are Pure and Hybrid versions of Mexican Jem confirmed.

Please note all photos on this page are from  my sister's nude loose Jem/Jerrica or my Mint in Box doll. I do not have a loose display Mexican Jem, so some pictures may have more than one item in them!
Jem/Jerrica: Pure Mexican Edition (Facial)
 Comments: She has a kind of dreamy quality about her, doesn't she? As soon as I can get at my Mexican Jem's box, I'll take a better photo, but you can still see fairly clearly how Pure Mexican Jem looks. Her hair is split into pink and blond in the same manner as a normal Jem, if more roughly rooted. Her eyes seem bigger - I think she has more or less the same mould as Mexican Kimber who has a very dreamy, absent look about her. I would dare to say that pure Jem is pretty, in a funny sort of way. Her makeup seems paler and her lips have a salmonish hue. She also - very important to note - has starcaps. As far as I know no pure Mexican Jem/Jerrica has yet been found MIB without them.

Mexican Jem: Back
 Jem/Jerrica: Pure Mexican Edition (Back)
  Comments: This is how the back of a Mexican Jem looks. Not so very different in many ways from the tried and tested plain backed Mexican dolls, except, of course, Jem has both earrings *and* therefore batteries. Her compartment is rectangular with a screw like the Hong Kong Jem/Jerrica but there is no manufacture stamp on it - no writing at all. In all other ways Jem's body resembles a Mexican doll body and she has regulation white Mexican hands (see inset). You can also see that the head lacks any kind of stamp. My thanks to my sister for the loan of this doll for photos ;)

  Jem/Jerrica: The Hybrid (Facial)
Comments: Unfortunately I have not a hybrid Jem of my own. I have been told that she has a normal starcapped Jem head, however, so is probably still paler than your average bulb jem.

Jem/Jerrica: The Hybrid (Back)
  Comments: As I do not have one in my collection it's hard to be sure, but I'm working on the assumption that the hybrid has a similar back style to the pure Jem, only with a stamped head.
Jem/Jerrica Stage Dress
: Back to the pleather again. This is obviously Juguetes Con Vida's answer to lame, because it appears on so many Mexican outfits. The dress itself is basically of the same style and pattern - though is slightly bigger in size. The fabric creases and damages very easily - even peels. The dress has a whiteish inside and fastens with velcro.
Jem/Jerrica: Tights
Pretty much the same as normal Jem tights. I've not yet found a way to distinguish one from the other when loose :S
   Mexican Jem: Belt
Jem/Jerrica Reversible Belt
Comments: Jem's belt reverses in the same way as the normal Jem belt. But there are some differences. Firstly - Mexican Jem's belt never has a sticker. I know this because of the number of MIB ones without stickers, though finding a stickerless belt is not enough to ensure it is mexican (after all, normal belts do lose their stickers too!). You need to look more closely at the weave - the silver diamond pattern runs vertically down the Mexican belt, not horizantally as it does across a normal belt. The tassels also seem to be of a thinner cord. Some have reported these being stitched together inside the box. My Jem's were not, so I believe they can come either way.

Jem/Jerrica Jerrica Outfit
Comments: Very distinctive, this one. Though the normal Jem/Jerrica blue and white dress can have variations in stripe patterns, these are pretty unmistakeable. Both dress and hat have very widely spaced stripes. Otherwise they bear a striking pattern resemblance to Jem/Jerrica's original stuff, although most likely they are slightly baggier on the doll (this seems to be a symptom with many Mexican outfit pieces, possibly because of the slightly larger proportions of Mexican dolls themselves.)

Jem/Jerrica:  Pink Shoes
Comments: Same colours as a normal Jem shoe - pink on the outside, silver on the inside. Not the best example of curled edges, but you can see the numbers inside. Paintwork is also more sloppy and likely to be encrusted and uneven.

Jem/Jerrica: Blue Shoes
Comments: Easier to see the shiny, curved nature of the shoe with this one. Basic Jerrica blue.

Jem/Jerrica: Microphone
Comments: Much the same as a normal microphone, except that the silver paint that covers the top part extends to cover the whole of the top part (instead of leaving a section pink). Better pic to come when I manage to dig Jem out from beneath all my MIB pony stuff :S

Jem/Jerrica: Sunglasses
Comments: Much the same as regular glasses, except not so well made. Hard to tell at a glance in a random lot as Mexican.
Mexican Pizzazz: Misfit Bracelets
Jem/Jerrica: Bracelet
Comments: Yes, this is right. Mexican Jem came with one single Misfit bracelet of similar style and goopy, sticky paintwork as the three Misfit Mexican dolls. There is no equivalent Jem/Jerrica bracelet - obviously this was too much like hard work for Juguetes Con Vida!

All the MIB Jems I know of have this bracelet, so I believe it to be standard.
   Mexican Aja: Stand
Jem/Jerrica Stand
Mexican Stand: No TM stamp Comments:
Mexican Jem doll stands are distinguishable quite easily - there are two types, Hologram and Misfits and of course, that means pink and yellow. All of the Hologram dolls had this stand - pink, clouded like the second year dolls, but with no TM beside the M of Jem (or anywhere else on the stand!) This is the easiest way to tell a Mexican stand from a normal second edition stand! (The inset shows the missing TM, that picture has been edited in art software to make the contrast show up better and the image clearer)
Jem/Jerrica: Comb
NOT PINK!!! Much like Jem/Jerrica's normal comb, only lacking the "TM".
Pure Mexican Jem MIB
Jem/Jerrica Pure Doll Mint In Box
Comments: This is my Mexican Jem/Jerrica Mint in Box. Her box is fairly classic - she has Es Fabulosa beneath the Jem logo, giving it away that she is Mexican. The Es Fabulosa is important though. Spanish dolls have Verdaderamente Fantastica instead!!

The artwork and box style is the same as a normal first edition Jem box, though of course it says "Hecho In Mexico" and has the Juguetes Con Vida logo as well as the Hasbro copyright. Mexican dolls were made under licence from Hasbro by Juguetes Con Vida :)

Jem, obviously, was not sold with a cassette, so the text is a little different on her box from other Hologram boxes. Instead of the including cassette information, it has a picture of Jem and information about what her earrings do instead!

Jem/Jerrica: Hybrid Doll Mint In Box
Comments: I have no picture to prove it, but as far as I can ascertain all hybrid dolls were sold in exactly the same packaging as the pure dolls.
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