Set: Misfits
Year: 1986-7 (Both)
Sold: Worldwide
We KNOW mexican Stormer came with the following:
~Pink top with zebra print collar
~black skirt
~black tights
~yellow guitar
~misfit bracelets
~Cassette featuring
~neon yellow stand

LESS certain is whether she had the following:
~orange flower

Existing Variations:
Probably both a hybrid and a pure version of Stormer exist. It is not known whether there are any other variations on the Mexican theme.

I'd like to thank AMY for the use of Stormer's guitar picture.

 Pure Mexican Stormer (Face)
Stormer: Pure Mexican Edition (Facial)
  Comments: Her complexion is extremely pale and you cannot help but notice the coiff! Her hair is SO curly! In fact the only other doll whose hair is even in the same league for curls is Mexican Shana. Evidently they take their doll perming very seriously at Juguetes Con Vida.
The other thing is that her hair is actually a slightly darker shade of blue. This is especially noticeable if you put her next to a regular Stormer - the difference jumps right out.

 Mexican Stormer Back (Pure)
  Stormer: Pure Mexican Edition (Back)
Comments: Mexican dolls have a few tell tale signs. Apart from the obvious shiny (ceramic looking, but it is NOT ceramic) body, the lines where the arms and legs' moulds were sealed are far more defined, the hands are longer, thinner and marked in the palm quite often with a number or letter. Mexican hands break off VERY easily, for some reason, and are also prone to a white speckly deterioration. Both of these things are clues to a Mexican doll. Finally the doll has greater proportions to a normal doll - she will stand a touch taller than your average Stormer! This is true for BOTH Hybrid and Pure dolls.
As you can see, this Stormer has absolutely no stamps on her head or her body :)


  Stormer: The Hybrid
Comments: I believe a hybrid doll exists, but I have no pictures or evidence to prove it. If ANYONE has pictures or information on a hybrid Stormer I would be most grateful if you would GET IN TOUCH!! :D

   Mexican Stormer Top
Stormer Top
: Note how much further apart the zebra striping is on the top compared with the normal Stormer. NB top should have four claws, however, on Mexican Stormer's top these are stitched on with PINK thread like the normal us edition. Stitches will be far clumsier and bigger looking than the US one, though.
What I cannot be sure about is whether it should have had a silver label or not. Because I know that Mexican Roxy's belt lacked any shiny labels, it seems possible - even probable - that Stormer's also lacked them. But until I find a MIB one, I can't be absolutely sure!!
   Mexican Stormer Skirt
Stormer: Skirt
: Mexican Stormer's skirt is made of a sheerer material, and is shorter. It also fans out more at the elastic at the top. It is most distinctly different from the European Stormer skirt, but even compared to a regular edition Stormer skirt it is a lot thinner in fabric and the waistband is distinctive. NOT to be confused with Mexican Aja's black skirt, which is pleathery!
  Mexican Stormer; Tights
Stormer:  Tights
These are the Mexican doll's tights. Note that the weave is tighter - the 'holes' are smaller and make the tights appear denser. They are still fishnets, though!
Mexican Stormer: Guitar
Stormer Guitar
Comments: This guitar seems to be a paler, more greenish colour than the vivid yellow second edition guitar it seems to be based on, and it has specks of green glitter through the plastic. I believe it to be slightly smaller than normal stormer guitars too, but I don't have one myself and have never seen one in person to verify it!

Stormer:  Shoes
Comments: Unknown and unconfirmed. Suspicions are that they might be a maroonish or dark purple like the US issue doll, but the fact that Mexican Pizzazz has neon yellow shoes like her box art does indicate that Stormer's might also match HER box art (which would make them black.)
Myself, I suspect the former. But jury is out...
Stormer: Flower (?)
Comments: We do not know for sure if Stormer had a flower in the Mexican edition. We have not yet discovered a MIB Stormer to check that information against. A Mexican seller once claimed on Ebay that in Mexico Stormer had no flower and it is possible that he is correct. BUT we cannot be sure. Any information on this subject would be gratefully received!!
  Misfit bracelet
Stormer: Misfit Bracelets
Comments: Icky. These are like normal bracelets for the Misfits, only they seem overpainted and crusty to the point where the paint WILL come off on the doll's arm!
  Mexican Stormer: Cassette
Stormer: Cassette
Comments: The cassette includes the songs "Tema De Jem" (Jem Theme), "Ganarlo Todo" (Winning It All - aka Winning is Everything) and "Musica Magica" (Magical Music - aka Music Is Magic) On the B side are instrumentals WITHOUT an instrument playing the vocal line, far more like second year instrumentals, but for the first year issue songs! Mexican dolls are unique in that they are the only foreign packaged dolls to come with a specific language tape. Stormer's tape is also different in another way. It has no label stuck on it and the text - in WHITE and not neon yellow - is printed directly onto the cassette itself.

   Mexican Stormer; Stand
Stormer Stand
No TM stamp  Comments: Mexican Jem doll stands are distinguishable quite easily - there are two types, Hologram and Misfits and of course, that means pink and yellow. All of the Misfit dolls had this stand - yellow, clouded like the second year dolls, but with no TM beside the M of Jem (or anywhere else on the stand!) This is the easiest way to tell a Mexican stand from a normal second edition stand! (The inset shows the missing TM, that picture has been edited in art software to make the contrast show up better and the image clearer)
Stormer: Comb
Unknown! Till a MIB doll is found, I can't speculate!
Stormer Pure Doll Mint In Box
Comments: No picture available
Stormer: Hybrid Doll Mint In Box
Comments: No Picture Available
Stormer: Myths and Mysteries