Chapter Twelve : Finale

There was a moment of absolute silence, as Sirena stared at her son in surprise and bewilderment. Luca, inwardly cursing the little boy's outburst, lowered his gaze, unwilling to meet the singer's eyes. For a moment, noone spoke.
"I didn't ask him to call me that." Finally Luca could bear it no more. "He just...did, Em. I swear."
"He's called you that before?" Sirena asked quietly, scooping up her exploring son and returning him safely to her lap. "Why didn't you tell me?"
"He hasn't." Luca shook his head. "Or, well, not until today. He said it in the elevator...that's the first I've ever heard him do it. Really."
"I see." Sirena pursed her lips, glancing at her son with troubled green eyes. "I guess it's not that weird, really. You are the only one who's been around that he could, you know, think of as a father. I just..."
"Maybe I should go, and give you and Mike some alone time, huh?" Luca suggested, getting to his feet, but Sirena reached out her free arm, pulling him back down.
"No." She said softly, shaking her head. "Michael is a damn fine judge of character, you know. If he wants to call you Daddy, then...then I guess it's okay with me. You know, until he's old enough to understand about Blade and what really happened. Of course, that's only if you...if you don't mind him doing it."
"It freaked me in the elevator. I thought you'd be mad." Luca admitted. "But in a way it was kinda nice to hear it, too. He trusts me...that means something."
"He's a Gabor...we don't trust folk easily." Sirena observed dryly. "Luca, listen. I don't know what exactly our friendship is, or where it might end up if we carry on along these lines. I've done my best to keep away from guys and flings because I'm not the kind of girl who falls head over heels and commits for life. I didn't want Mike to have a string of Daddies...that wouldn't have been fair on him. That's...why I was so hostile to you right from the off, I guess. You were blatantly interested in me, and I didn't want you to be."
She shrugged.
"Guess I'm sorry for that. You've proven more than once that you're a damn fine friend, and I owe you a lot. Particularly for Mike's safe return. He needs a father figure...and I'd be happy if you were it. I know one day you'll meet someone and settle with them and whatever...but..."
"Your mother seems to think we're sleeping together already." Luca observed dryly. Sirena rolled her eyes.
"Mom has a bee in her bonnet about you, anyhow." She responded. "Anyone involved with Rory Llewelyn has to be bad news, in her mind. She even thought you might be involved somehow in Mike's disappearance. I soon set her straight on that score...for some reason she seemed to think that meant I was sweet on you."
She shrugged, a slight look of embarrassment entering her green eyes.
"Hell, who knows? Maybe I am."
"Em?" Luca was startled by this. "Don't tease me, okay? You know how I feel about you, and it's not changed in all the time we've known each other, but I can settle for friends and for being Mike's honorary Daddy from time to time. I can't deal with being teased and messed about don't say things like that unless you mean them, all right?"
"Maybe I do mean them. I don't know." Sirena shrugged. "I'm not really into the whole love thing. But you know, I'm kinda fond of having you around."
She got to her feet.
"I'm gonna go feed Mike, then put him to bed. No doubt tomorrow I'll have to speak to the police and press myself, and so will you." She observed. "How about I see to Mike's needs, then I call for pizza or something? I at least owe you dinner, for what you've done today."
"I...well, sure, I guess so." Luca nodded, his mind whirling at her words. "Why not? Sounds like fun to me."
Sirena grinned at him, then she was gone, and Luca closed his eyes briefly, replaying the conversation in his head. Had she been teasing him? Was she just grateful for the return of her infant? Or was there something more to what she'd said? Did that uncharacteristically coy sparkle in her emerald eyes mean something beyond the platonic relationship he had begun to settle for?
"Well, tonight is not the time to wonder." He told himself firmly, pushing the thought out of his mind. "She's emotional and drained, and happy to have Mike back. For now I'm gonna chill, eat pizza and see how things pan out. After all, if nothing else, we're friends. And heck, if that's all there is to it, well, that's fine by me!"


"And so Baby Michael has been safely reunited with his mother, thanks to the bravery of these three musicians."
The police official concluded his statement, casting a pointedly amused look at the uncomfortable Nancy, Luca and Sadie, all of whom remembered with startling clarity the scolding they had received the night before for their vigilante actions.
"The suspect has been remanded in custody, and steps will be taken to ensure that this situation cannot happen again. Thank you ladies and gentlemen of the press...that concludes this morning's statement."
"Man, am I glad that's over."
Nancy pulled a face, linking her arm in Sadie's and pulling her away from the massing reporters that were surging towards them. "Mike's safe...that's all we did it for. Not this whole great big press splash."
"No, but I suppose it's all to do with that positive Jewel image thing you guys keep telling me about." Sadie looked thoughtful. "You know, I didn't think that my first few months in Los Angeles would be as eventful as this. Topaz hasn't even played her last show with you yet, and I'm already headlining the local press!"
"Well, you were damn brave." Nancy said with a shrug. "And yeah, I guess you're right. Positive publicity is always good...that's what Mom would say."
"The press can go to hell."
A fresh voice joined the conversation, and both girls swung around to see Sirena herself watching them. "I'm not staying long...I don't want them hounding me. I realised yesterday just how important my son was, and I intend to spend the rest of today with him, instead of cutting songs in the studio, whatever Mom says about it." She grinned. "I just wanted to come say thanks. I spoke to Luca already, but I didn't thank you two properly."
"No need. It was fun." Nancy shrugged. Then she grinned. "Okay, well, not fun, but I'm glad we were in the right place at the right time."
"Nancy? Get over 'ere a moment, will ya?"
Jetta's voice came across the conference hall, and Nancy rolled her eyes, heading off to join her mother and a group of insistant photographers who wanted a snapshot for the evening edition. Sadie eyed the singer nervously, then dropped her gaze to the floor. She was still rather intimidated by the impressive Sirena.
"Luca told me exactly what you did for Mike." Sirena eyed her companion thoughtfully. "You barely know me...why did you do it?"
"All babies should be with their Mummies." Sadie said softly. "I lost mine too young...I didn't want Mike to lose his."
"Well, I'm glad you felt strongly enough about it to help out." Sirena pursed her lips. "Listen, Sadie, from what Luca said, you pretty much talked your way into her house...then you plotted some halfbrained escape out the could you know that you'd be able to get out? What if the door had been locked?"
"I...took a chance." Sadie blushed violently, and Sirena laughed.
"Mm, I think it was more than that." She remarked. "Look, first time I met you, I figured there was something else about you. You'd done that before, hadn't you? Talked your way into some poor soul's home and got away out the back?"
"I..." Sadie swallowed hard, twisting her hands together. "I just got lucky, I guess."
"Hmm." Sirena's eyes narrowed contemplatively. "If you ask me, I think you knew exactly what you were doing. Noone takes a chance on forcing their way into someone else's house to rescue the kid of a virtual stranger. Not if they aren't confident about getting away with it. Luca said you eyed up the house very carefully before you went in. Sounds like the mark of a pro to me."
"Will you tell anyone?" Sadie met Sirena's gaze with a frightened one of her own. "It was a long time ago, Sirena, I swear...I'm past that now. It was a silly, childhood phase and I've grown up. I'd die if anyone got to finding out!"
"Hey, look, I owe you my son's life. What business is it of mine what you did in England?" Sirena shrugged. She winked. "It was good that Luca had a pro on his team, who knew exactly what to do."
"Well, it's the first time anything I learnt back then has ever been put to any positive end." Sadie admitted. She smiled slightly. "Thanks, for not blowing my cover. Coming to LA was meant to be a new start, after all, and I'd never, ever have gone in there if it hadn't been for a good reason."
"Look, it's no skin off my nose." Sirena grinned. "Hey, does Mom know about this shady past of yours?"
"No, and I'd rather she didn't." Sadie bit her lip.
"Fine. Far as I'm concerned, it's our secret." Sirena promised. "You won't be the first from a troubled background to make it big in music, you know. Besides, I'm damn glad Mom and Jetta signed you. Wherever you came from, and whatever you've done, Mike and I owe you big now...and I won't forget that. Any time you need my help - in the business or out of it - let me know. Okay?"
"Okay." Sadie smiled, this time one of genuine warmth as she registered the geniality of her companion's gaze. "Thank you. I'll remember that."
"Well, I'd better be getting back to Mike. I left him with Kimber at the Foundation, but I want to spend as much time with him as possible today." Sirena remarked. "I guess I'll see you at Misfit Music, huh?"
"Bound to." Sadie nodded. She grinned. "Hey, and maybe one day, I'll have a platinum disk up there on that wall too!"
"There aren't maybes where Jewel are concerned." Sirena winked. "Garnet will be a star...count on it."

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Chapter Twelve: Finale
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