Part One: Lovesick

Prologue: Downtown Los Angeles.

"Here, with the first ever live playing of Dolorida - it's Jewel!"
From the corner of the darkened room, the figure reached out for his television handset, pressing the fast-forward button as he skimmed through frames to the one he wanted. Hitting play, he watched the band take their places on the stage amid wild applause. He paused the tape, sitting back in his seat and gazing at the screen.
She was beautiful, there was no mistake about that.
But this time...this time he had to be careful.
"They didn't understand before." He murmured, reverently hitting play as he watched the well-worn taped images come to life, his gaze never leaving her face. "But this is different. This...this is special."
Pushing the handset aside, he crossed the bedroom floor to the screen, as if by moving closer to the picture he could get closer to her.
"It's like you're singing just to me." He whispered. "So beautiful. But..."
He frowned, clicking off the television set and reaching for the copy of Cool Trash magazine. She was on the cover, and he had already carefully cut her out from her companions, pinning her with loving care onto the big wall over his bed. But what he had read inside had alarmed him.
"She can't mean it." He whined softly, flicking to the offending article and rereading again the passage that had so upset him. "She can't be getting married! Not to him! He's nothing! Noone! Can't she realise how special our love is? I must do something - I must see her!"
He dropped the article onto the floor, reaching for his notebook and scribbling furiously. It would take careful time and planning, but he had to make her notice him.
"Once she knows I'm waiting for her, it'll all be all right." He murmured. "It'll all be all right..."


Prologue: Downtown Los Angeles
Chapter One: A Special Task
Chapter Two: A Bitter Heart
Chapter Three: A Fan Letter
Chapter Four: A Valentine Surprise
Chapter Five: Cynthia's Advice
Chapter Six: Interception
Chapter Seven: Test Of A Friendship
Chapter Eight: Rendezvous
Chapter Nine: Cat Burglar
Chapter Ten: Phoebe's Plan
Chapter Eleven: Copper!

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