Blind Faith

Prologue: Texas

"And that's all for tonight, everybody, but don't forget to tune in again next time, because we've a live and no holds barred performance from Misfits Music's hottest young R&B up and comer, Latisha Rowenall, as well as the first exclusive interview with Diablo about their new album! I'll see you then!"
The man in the corner sighed, reaching over to scoop up the television handset, and languidly switching off the box, dropping the handset down on the table and reaching for his coffee.
It almost seemed impossible. So many years, so many changes, and yet he knew that it was still her. Idly he wondered if she even remembered him. Probably not, he decided with a shrug. It was too long ago, and too much had happened since.
"So, here you are."
A voice, playful and mock-scolding broke through his thoughts and he glanced up, casting his companion a wry smile.
"Bit dull and boring for you, isn't it?" The girl continued, slipping into the front room and dropping down onto the sofa beside him. "What's up, Jeff? You regretting this little vacation of yours? Coming to see your poor sister no longer such a good idea?"
"There's nothing poor about you, Carrie, and you know it." Jeff rolled his eyes. "And there's nothing up with me, I assure you. I've done nothing but move and film for the last twelve months across Europe - now I'm back in America, I'm taking a well earned rest! I'm not as young as I was, you know, and I'm seriously considering retirement. That's why I accepted your invitation. I wanted to see if I could live the quiet life, after all this time."
"You, quiet?" Carrie snorted. "That'll be the first. From the moment I can remember, you were always haring off on this motorcycle or that four wheel drive, anxious to prove a point to everyone. You've never changed, and I doubt you will now. Thank goodness you never married - your poor wife would be quite grey by now."
Jeff pursed his lips thoughtfully, glancing at his sister. Eighteen years his junior, she was really his half-sister rather than anything else, he mused, but they had always been close, and he had always played the protective elder brother when he had had the chance. They were very different people - she was studious, hard working and had long since settled her career in finance. She had married at twenty three, had two daughters, and had accepted the responsibilities of family life with ease. At the time, Jeff had thought her choices dull. But now, as he considered everything, he realised how much he had been wrong.
"Maybe you're right." He conceded now. "But I can't be a stunt double forever, Carrie. I'm not old but I'm getting to the age where I shouldn't be messing around on set with other folks' budgets and safety equipment. Noone knows as well as I do what the risks are if you mis-time something, after all. Stunt work is fine until you get to the point where you're not sure you can pull it all off any more. I'd rather see where I'm going and pull out by choice, than cripple myself or something worse."
"Well, I sure don't want you hurt." Carrie acknowledged. "But what will you do, Jeff? I can't see you settling to the sidelines, whatever you do."
"I don't know." Jeff admitted. "I haven't thought it through yet."
Carrie laughed.
"Big surprise." She said affectionately, running her fingers through his thick hair - still sandy despite his age. "Well, you know that James and I will always have you here till you figure out what's what. The girls love seeing their Uncle Jeff, after all."
"Thanks, sis, but I thought I'd go back to California for a bit." Jeff said slowly. "Not to work, or not as such. I had a letter from an old director friend this morning, telling me that they're running some kind of documentary on a film I worked on once - called Dead of Night."
"Dead of Night?" Carrie stared. "But isn't that the one that...?"
"That Andrew died on? Yes." Jeff nodded gravely. "And to begin with I wanted nothing to do with it for that very reason. But I know he'd want me to be involved, Carrie. Like all stuntmen, he knew the risks and he took his job very seriously. It wouldn't be right to ignore this, especially since it's about time he was remembered for his work. Stuntmen get very little credit, but he gave his life for his art. I'm flying out to California at the weekend to meet with my friend, and he'll tell me what's going on then. Until then, though, you're stuck with me."
"I'm sure we can manage." Carrie laughed. "Okay, Jeff, you go to California. Who knows? Maybe you'll have inspiration about the rest of your life once you're there!"
"Maybe you're right." Jeff's eyes strayed once more to the silent television screen. "Maybe I will."

Prologue: Texas

Chapter One:News For Jewel
Chapter Two: Zoe Confides
Chapter Three: A New Sound
Chapter Four: A Challenge For Copper
Chapter Five: Plots
Chapter Six: A Secret For Stefana
Chapter Seven: Hope For Zoe
Chapter Eight: Dolorida
Chapter Nine: Jewel's Dilemma
Chapter Ten: Wise Counsel
Chapter Eleven: Decisions For Jewel

Chapter Twelve: Zoe Takes The Plunge
Chapter Thirteen: Her Father's Daughter
Chapter Fourteen: The Awards

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