Jewel's World: New Dawn
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Of Benton Blood

Sadie has come a long way in the two years she has been in Los Angeles. A successful rock guitarist in a popular Californian band, life as Garnet has brought her fame, money, friendships and her relationship with Federal Agent Alex Bray. But when Sadie discovers that Alex's mother is flying in to visit her son, she is thrown into a panic, desperate that Mrs Bray should never find out about her chequered past. Meanwhile, as their anniversary approaches, Alex has plans of his own. But, as his work threatens to intervene in their relationship in an emphatic and permanent way, Sadie's love and faith are both put on the line. Is it enough to pull Alex back from the abyss?
Meanwhile, the melancholy and strange Robin Sheppard is in Los Angeles, after having been picked up by a talent scout in Arkansas. Unsure about commercialising his music, he stumbles upon Nancy composing and realises there is more to LA's music scene than just fame and fortune. Sylva immediately jumps onto the idea that the mysterious newcomer is cursed, an idea which is further cemented when Nancy decides to break off her long term relationship with television presenter Dean Stacey.
Nancy's world is her music - is there really room for anything else?

And what exactly is the truth about Robin's past?

Prologue: Flashback - Sadie's Fear
Chapter One: Los Angeles, 2015
Chapter Two: Enter The Stray
Chapter Three: Flashback - Sadie's Song
Chapter Four: Nerves
Chapter Five: The Dean Stacey Show
Chapter Six: Flashback - School Concert
Chapter Seven: Sandra Bray
Chapter Eight: The Dean Problem
Chapter Nine: Cursed
Chapter Ten: Flashback - Stir
Chapter Eleven: Secrets
Chapter Twelve: Robin Vs Nancy
Chapter Thirteen: In The Line Of Duty
Chapter Fourteen: Flashback - Griefstruck
Chapter Fifteen: Aftermath
Chapter Sixteen: Jewel Consult
Chapter Seventeen: Forever Changed

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