Arc Four: Into The Spotlight



Jewel are up for a prestigious music award, and it's a scramble after the devastation of the fire to get everything back operational in time to mount a serious challenge. The Jewel girls receive the news that Diablo are also competitors with some consternation - in the lull while Misfits Music have been out of action, Diablo have climbed up the pecking order and Stefana is determined to see them stay there, whatever lengths she has to go to!
Jewel's new song must be a winner - but when their gamble appears to backfire, it threatens the very core of the group. Can Jewel overcome the accusations levelled at them?
Meanwhile, Zoe Montgomery has been elicited by her cousin Vivien to work on a documentary about the film "Dead of Night", on which her long-sought father worked twenty-five years ago. Eager to make his acquaintance, Zoe agrees to the work at once...but how will he react when he finds out exactly what happened between him and Connie, all those years ago?

Prologue: Texas
Chapter One:News For Jewel
Chapter Two: Zoe Confides
Chapter Three: A New Sound
Chapter Four: A Challenge For Copper
Chapter Five: Plots
Chapter Six: A Secret For Stefana
Chapter Seven: Hope For Zoe
Chapter Eight: Dolorida
Chapter Nine: Jewel's Dilemma
Chapter Ten: Wise Counsel
Chapter Eleven: Decisions For Jewel

Chapter Twelve: Zoe Takes The Plunge
Chapter Thirteen: Her Father's Daughter
Chapter Fourteen: The Awards

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