Arc Five: Burning Ambition



As the excitement of Copper and Aaron's wedding dies down and the couple return from their honeymoon, Jewel are reminded that nothing in Los Angeles is ever quiet. Jetta soon finds out that keeping Hollie's parentage a secret could have wider repercussions for her long term friendship with Cameron's mother Laura Milligan, and Aaron renews his friendship with the troubled Stefana, in hopes of a new start. But before anything can settle down, Misfits Music spring on Jewel the fact that they're booked to take part in a big rock festival across the other side of the country, in Hartford, Connecticut. Diablo are also booked to play their hometown show, however, and both sets of musicians are a little apprehensive about what the trip might mean. Upon arrival in the East Coast state, Marissa has a surprise waiting for her - her twin sister Farah is back from Japan, but what is she hiding?
For Topaz, music soon becomes secondary to other problems as she encounters someone she wasn't expecting to see at the venue in the city. And after a chance encounter with her mother, Stefana's fight to regain both her sanity and her sobriety are threatened. But the biggest challenge of all falls to Sylva and Sadie as they scheme to reunite a family...before it's too late!

Chapter One: Jewel At Work
Chapter Two: Jetta's Visitor
Chapter Three: A Surprise For Topaz
Chapter Four: Farah
Chapter Five: Jewel's Rehearsal
Chapter Six: An Unwelcome Encounter
Chapter Seven: A Secret
Chapter Eight: A Call For Help
Chapter Nine: The Real Stefana
Chapter Ten: Machinations
Chapter Eleven: A Reunion

Chapter Twelve: After The Show

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