Chapter Six: An Unwelcome Encounter

"That was one of the most boring photoshoots I think I ever did."
Stefana eyed her reflection in the dressing room mirror, pulling a face. "Don't you think so? Anyone would've thought we were shop floor manniquins, or something. It seemed to go on forever!"
"It did, but thank God, it's done." Marissa glanced at her watch. "And I need lunch. Since we have nothing on our books this afternoon, how about we hit Hartford and see what of our old haunts are still standing, huh? I wonder if Baileys is still doing business. We used to hang there for food all the time - don't you think it'd be fun to go back and see if it's still the same?"
"I suppose we could." Stefana pursed her lips. "I don't have a dime on me, though, Mari. We're not paid till after we get back from Connecticut and besides, I'm still paying back Luca for meeting my credit card bill. What do you suggest - I busk for my dinner?"
"No, I'll treat you." Marissa told her with a grin. "I like being back in Hartford and I like being here with you sober, too. I knew I missed the old Steffi, you know, but I didn't realise quite how much I missed being able to talk and tease with you, without being afraid of you getting mad or lashing out. It's kinda sad that we almost lost that, don't you think? Maybe a visit to a couple of old places will help."
"Perhaps." Stefana acknowledged. "To be honest, the busier my brain is, the better. Sure, Baileys sounds good to me. Though we gotta be careful, Mari. We're stars now. People will be watching us and where we hang out. It's not quite like old times."
"True." Marissa agreed. "But for this afternoon, let's forget that we are Diablo musicians and just be Marissa and Stefana, in the old neighbourhood, huh?"
She slipped her bag onto her shoulder, holding out her hand to her friend. "Come on. Luca and Clay already headed off to catch up with some old college friends and Maddy went with them. It's just you and me this afternoon - like old times."
"Not quite like old times." Stefana allowed herself to be led out of the complex, and across the gravel drive to the main high street. "We used to trawl Baileys with your sister, or had you forgotten?"
"No, but Farah's in Japan." Marissa looked wistful. "And it's kinda far to go just to track her down for a day like today. It sucks, though. Do you realise that it's been five years since we saw each other aside from photos sent across the net? We were teenagers then - we're grown up now. I wonder how she's changed."
"We all change, Mari." Stefana shrugged. "Look at you and me." She smiled slightly. "You're a top notch songwriter these days. People respect you for what you can create and compose. You're living across the other side of America, out on your own. When we were kids you were such a damn mouse sometimes I wondered if I'd ever prise you away from home."
"Well, you did. Playing in Hartford was fun, but when Luca said that an agent in California was interested in our music, I was as excited as the rest of you." Marissa reflected. "I suppose it was knowing that I wasn't making such a huge trip alone - you were coming, and so was Luca, and I knew you both as if you were family. And then there were Clay and Maddy, who were my friends and who I felt I could be myself around. I guess I always knew moving to Cali wasn't so much of a big step, all in all. And I'd have been more lost in Hartford without you all. Farah was already in Japan by that time. I would've been abandoned, except for Mom."
She squeezed Stefana's hand. "As for you, I had to keep an eye on you. I still count it as my fault that I let you get so carried away with those pills. After all, I was naive enough to promise to keep quiet about them, and then I didn't know what to do about it when I realised how serious it was becoming. I guess I figured that because it wasn't coke or heroin you weren't in any major danger. I didn't see till it was almost too late that they aren't the only drugs that can destroy people's lives."
"Let's hope that's past." Stefana said flatly. "And not talk about it any more."
Marissa eyed her friend keenly, but obediently said no more on the subject.
"Hey, look, the grocer's on the corner has gone." She said instead. "You remember? You used to go there for candy after school."
"I remember. Looks like the place might fall down." Stefana squinted. "That place next door didn't used to be a shoe store, did it?"
"No, it was a bakery." Marissa remembered. "I used to go past it and feel really put out that I couldn't stuff my face on cakes like everyone else in our grade. You included." She grinned. "You used to sneak me bits of sugar icing, and then we'd both have to explain to Mom when I was sick because of it."
"Well, sometimes you have to live a little." Stefana seemed unrepentant. "Besides, it never did you any long term harm."
She pursed her lips. "I thought we'd be seeing your Mom while we were here. Didn't Rory say something...?"
"She's filming the show." Marissa nodded. "We'll probably see her tomorrow. I tried to call her this morning, but her line was busy so I guess she was working or something. Either way, though, she'll be around this week, so yes, we'll see her."
"Good." Stefana looked satisfied. "Last time she was about I was in hospital most of the time with a ricked leg and concussion and I didn't get to see her more than our video dictated. Besides, that was more than a year ago. Maybe even two now."
"It was a long time ago." Marissa agreed. "Hey! Here we are! Looks like Baileys has stood the test of time, if nothing else has!"
"It's been repainted. I don't like it." Stefana wrinkled her nose. "Oh well. I suppose it could be worse."
"Come on." Marissa grinned. "We'll grab sandwiches and coffee and it'll be like old times."
She pushed open the door, leading the way into the restaurant. As they hunted for a free table, there was an excited exclamation from across the room and, half expecting to be accosted by fans, the two girls turned. Marissa let out a squeal of surprise.
"Farah!" She shrieked, forgetting for a moment that they were in a public place and that more than one person had been interested in the arrival of the Diablo musicians. "But what are you doing in Connecticut? I thought you were in Japan!"
"I decided to come home and visit Mom. I needed a vacation." Farah dimpled, hugging her sister tightly. "And I was just coming to try my luck at the hotel Mom said you guys were stopping at - who says twins aren't psychic! You must've known I would be here!"
"Maybe I did!" Marissa grinned. "Oh, it's so good to see you!"
"Do you guys think you could be less embarrassing? We are being watched." Stefana put in acidly at that moment, startling both girls back to their senses. They eyed the guitarist with sheepish embarrassment.
"Sorry, Stef. It's just been so long." Marissa said. Farah nodded.
"It's good to see you too, Steffi." She added. "I was thrilled when Mom told me Diablo were booked to play the festival. I timed my return home perfectly, all things considered."
"How long have you been here?" Marissa demanded, as Farah led the way over to her table, indicating for them both to sit down. "Mom didn't say you were coming."
"I descended on her about a week ago." Farah dimpled again. "Surprised her as much as I did you. But it's been nice to see the old place again." She eyed her twin critically. "And California is doing you no harm. You have one hell of a tan, and you look well. Mom told me about your accident down the stairs and I worried about you, but obviously there wasn't any need. You're fine."
"I don't need worrying about these days." Marissa shook her head, aware of the painful look that had flitted through Stefana's expression at Farah's words. "The accident was a blip, but I recovered quickly and I'm well looked after. I'm good, sis. Music suits me. And you?"
"Well, you know that Aunt Kaori and I took on that big contract a few months ago." Farah said slowly. "It was a big deal thing to work on and I finished my part in it just about two weeks ago now. It's a major computer game and it'll be out in America this fall, I think. I'm quite proud to think that F. Young will be on the graphic credits. Most of the stuff I've worked on over there has stayed in Japan."
She cast Stefana a glance, a slight frown touching her lips. "Stef, you look tired. Is Mari driving you mad?"
"No more than she usually does." Stefana shook her head. "More likely it's the old bozo who calls himself our agent. He sucks, Farah, that pretty much sums it up. But hey, I'm tough, I can handle him." She shrugged. "Besides, working this business ain't easy or gentle on the nerves. We keep long hours."
"I remember a time when it didn't bother you to be up till all hours." Farah teased, winking at her friend, who offered a ghost of a smile in return.
"Well, it's not so much fun when it's work." She replied. "There ain't a thing like playing a venue live, but all the other boring crap that goes with it can drive you insane. We had a deadly photoshoot this morning. It was a pain in the butt."
"We came here really to grab lunch." Marissa added. "Then we were going to head into the city to see what of our old haunts were still there. Want to tag along? Or have you got plans?"
"No plans more important than my sister and my friend's company." Farah's blue eyes twinkled. She raised a hand to gesture to the waitress that they wanted service. "I've eaten, but I'll tag along, it's no biggie to me. We have five years to catch up on, after all. And you have to tell me all about the music business. I've heard some wild stories over the net about California and Hollywood and what it's like to live out there. You gotta tell me what's true and what isn't."
"We'll certainly try." Marissa nodded. "Not all of the stereotypes are true, though."
"It's kinda mad that I can buy a magazine and my sister's on the front cover." Farah rested her chin in her hands. "And you were always the quiet one!"
"She's spent the last few years with me. I soon rid her of that habit." Stefana said dryly. "There's not much point in living in Los Angeles if you aren't going to take advantage of the nightlife, and besides, the press practically live in your pocket out there. There's one Cali magazine - Cool Trash - that are always into Diablo's business in a good way, and promote our cause like mad. It's neat."
"I bet you like the idea of being adored." Farah laughed. "I've read the stories. Diablo's little piece of hell - that's what they call you! It made me laugh when I read it. What kind of Stefana Ranieri did we unleash on California?"
"Tabloids will write whatever to sell papers." Stefana shrugged. "But you know me, Farah. I've never been a good girl for anyone, and I don't intend to start now. Even if..." She paused, then shook her head. "Well, anyhow. I intend to make the most of life, and that's that."
"So what's your hot gossip, then?" Farah asked, once the waitress had taken the girls' orders. "New album in the offing? What?"
"We've just laid it down. Most of it." Marissa nodded. "Stef even has a vocal on it. Clay and I wrote the music - well, we always do - but I think this is one of our best efforts so far, to be honest."
"Could be something to do with the fact you're sleeping with him." Stefana put in laconically. Farah's blue eyes widened, as Marissa blushed.
"Mari! You and Clay Blake? You and Mr Sarcastic? Tell me it's not true!"
"It's true, Farah." Stefana rolled her eyes. "And enough to make anyone vomit."
"Clay and I have only been seeing each other a few weeks." Marissa shook her head. "And he's not quite what you think. Working with him as I do so much, I know he's more than just sarcastic and sardonic about things. He's sweet really, and, well, I'd like things to work out between us."
"I never would've guessed it." Farah admitted. "He and you seem such opposites. But hey, if you're happy - who am I to judge?" A wistful look entered her eyes for a second, but it was soon gone, and she grinned. "What about you, Steffi? Any thugs in your closet?"
"No, and nor are there likely to be." Stefana snapped, more edge to her tone than she intended, and Farah looked startled. She cast her sister a glance, but Marissa shook her head imperceptably. It was not the time or the place to explain Stefana's complicated crush on Aaron Pelligrini, after all. As luck would have it, the waitress returned at that moment with their food, and for a while conversation lapsed. Farah was quick to pick up on how Stefana played with her food, and she frowned, her own problems slipping her mind for the time being as she better assessed the dark girl. Stefana had always been slim, but to Farah's keen gaze it was clear that the guitarist had lost weight, and that more than simple tiredness blurred her sharp, attractive features. She was pale, despite her time in California's hot sun, and make-up did not conceal the shadows beneath her green eyes. As she took all this in, it struck Farah that Stefana was not well, and she resolved to ask her sister more when they had a moment alone.
"Stef, we're not going anywhere until you've done eating." Marissa said firmly as she finished her own sandwiches, taking a sip of her coffee. "I'm not picking up the tab on wasted food, so unless you want to be doing dishes, I'd eat up."
"Oh, shut your face." Stefana muttered, but nonetheless she stopped toying with her sandwich, putting the remains of it in her mouth and reluctantly picking up the second. Farah watched the little rigmarole with curious fascination. The Stefana she remembered had never been averse to food, and she wondered just what had changed in her wild friend's life over the five years she had been away.
At length Stefana finished, and Marissa paid the bill, leading her two companions out into the dubious May sunlight.
"You've been here a week longer than we have, Farah, so you probably know better than me which places are still there." She said. "You lead the way."
"Sure." Farah grinned, linking one arm in her sister's and the other in Stefana's. "The mall is still there - though I noticed they'd built some ugly dome on the end of it since last I was here. How about we start there, huh? You showbiz types can spend your hard earned cash on some homegrown fashion for once!"
Stefana grimaced.
"Not paid till we get back." She said quietly. "And I still owe Luca some cash, so I'm not doing any shopping today."
"Window shopping is still fun. We did that more than actual shopping when we were teenagers." Marissa pointed out.
"I remember one time when that Katelin Braddock dared Stef to swipe a necklace from the display in WalMart." Farah mused. "Do you remember, Stef? You took it, slid it into her pocket and got her interrogated by security when she set off the alarms on the way out."
"Yes, I remember." Stefana smiled slightly at this. "Katelin was always stupid. She'd dare me to do things, but she never realised she was the one who always got in trouble."
"You were plenty clever enough to make your own trouble." Farah winked. "But hey, that was a long time ago, huh? Behind you now?"
"Maybe." Stefana shrugged. "You can't be wild all of the time."
She scanned the landscape. "And there's the mall. They've painted that, too. And that statue is new."
"It's some local dignitary or something. I squinted at the plaque the other day." Farah nodded. "Never heard of him myself...but then politics were never my thing. Oh-oh!" As a cluster of people approached them. "I think we've been rumbled! Guess I should've known Diablo would have fans in their hometown!"
"This happens more than you'd believe." Marissa rolled her eyes, but there was a smile on her face as she greeted the gaggle of fans, agreeably signing their autographs whilst Stefana reluctantly followed suit. She seemed a mile away, Farah thought.
Once inside the centre, Marissa dragged her companions into a large record store that, as a child she had frequented, and before long she and Farah were hotly discussing a chart album that was tipped to be the week's number one. Bored with the conversation, Stefana wandered down the next aisles, glancing at the racks of CDs and DVDs with little interest.
"No money, no point." She muttered, inwardly cursing her brother for the debt which she owed him. Then she stopped herself with a rueful grimace. Without Luca's interference, she knew that she would be facing charges for failing to repay her credit card, and after all she had taken from him, she had been fortunate that he had been willing to step in and rescue her.
"Still, it sucks, coming shopping and not being able to buy anything." She mused, idly flicking through a cluster of DVDs. "Maybe I'll talk to him tonight - see if he's in a generous mood. It can't hurt. I know I owe him, but it's not like I'm gonna run off into the sunset and not pay him back, and besides, as long as I'm working for Rebel Records and earning something, I'm gonna pay him back eventually."
She sighed. "I just wish that royalties didn't have to be split five ways. I'm off the damn drugs and my finances are still as crazy as they were before."
"I'm surprised that you dare show your face around here."
A cold voice made her stop in her tracks, her grip on the DVD she had been scanning loosening at the sound of the familiar tones. Anger and indignation gripped her heart, and she wheeled around, meeting the speaker's disapproving glance with a hot glare.
"Why are you speaking to me?" She demanded. "I thought that I was beneath your notice."
"I heard a rumour that you and that waste of space group you wound up in were playing a venue in Connecticut. I had hoped it was just a rumour." The woman's tones were chilly, and she ran her gaze over her companion slowly. "You should know by now that you're not welcome in this part of the world. When I shut the door on you, I didn't expect you to keep coming back to haunt me. You've embarrassed me once before by turning up unnannounced - I don't want to see it happen again."
"I embarrass you, do I?" Stefana's eyes flashed. "Well, good. At least I have some effect on you! I thought you wrote me out of your life a long time ago, mother. Why do you care what I do?"
"I don't." Bianca Ranieri's eyes were steely. "I care what your poor brother does. If your damn father hadn't made him promise to nanny you and keep you from making a public spectacle of yourself, he'd be making good on his degree and earning a respectable income. But he takes after your father that way...he's a man of his word."
"Luca did no such thing, and he's making more money now than he ever would in a suit in some boring office downtown!" Stefana snapped. "Besides, he didn't just promise Dad to look after me because Dad wanted him to, you know! He promised because he cares about me and he wanted to protect me from you! What do you think Dad would make of what you did to me, huh? Kicking me out without a cent and pretending I never existed? He'd be turning in his grave!"
"You should never have been born." Bianca's eyes glinted with hatred. "You know as well as I do that you weren't planned or wanted. If Giani hadn't been so damn set on you once he realised you were a girl, I'd have happily ditched you into social care and been done with you! I wish I had! Look at you! What kind of damage are you going to do to my good name whilst you're here in Hartford, running riot around the town and getting yourself splashed over every tabloid in town!"
Rage touched Stefana's heart at this, and she grabbed her mother by the shoulders, giving her a sharp shake.
"You shut your goddamn mouth, because you know that if you don't I'll do it for you." She seethed. "Here and now, if I have to, in front of the security cameras and everything. You can go to hell for all I care. You never wanted me and I never chose to be saddled with your lousy genes, so we're even! I have no intention of doing anything in Hartford with you in mind. I'm here because I'm a star, if it had escaped your notice, and people want to hear me play." Her lip curled in a cold smile. "That would make some mothers proud. But then, you've never been like most mothers, have you, Mom?"
"Get your paws off me." Bianca shook herself free. "You're every bit the animal I told Giani you were. If I'd had my way you would've been cast out long before you were, but I did think I'd at least ship you off to college and let them drum some sense into you! But you couldn't even get that right, could you?" She shook her head, as if disgusted. "You never were any good at anything. To think I ever wasted any of my time and energy on you, when all you ever did was fling it back at me anyway."
"Time, energy, but never love." Stefana's voice shook. "Leave me alone, Mother. I want nothing more to do with you - you make me sick!"
With that she shoved Bianca aside, stalking down the aisle and as far away as possible from the scene of the encounter, almost walking straight into Marissa as she did so. Marissa took one look at the girl's strange expression and frowned, placing the CD she had been looking at back on the rack and linking arms in her friend's.
"What happened to you?" She murmured. "Are you all right?"
"I'm fine." Stefana's eyes glinted with rage. "Just get me out of here, before I rip those damn displays off the wall and do someone some serious damage."
"Woah, girl." Farah's eyes widened. "What brought that on?"
"That." Stefana jerked her head in the direction of the door, where Bianca was just leaving. "She makes my skin crawl, even now."
"Your mother?" Marissa looked startled. "What...did she speak to you?"
Speak to me?" Stefana echoed incredulously. "The bitch decided to give me a rundown on all the reasons why she hates me and that she and Dad should have given me up for adoption for good measure!"
"You mean to say she just launched in and started yelling at you?" Farah's eyes could not get any bigger, but her expression was full of disbelief. "Come on, Stef. Your Mom might be a tightwad and a nutcase, but that's going some, even for her!"
"She told me that Luca only looks out for me because Dad made him. She called me an animal, said I embarrassed her...what else?" Stefana repeated her mother's words in a grim monotone. "She basically came to warn me not to ruin her good name while I was in Harford by, I quote, 'making a public spectacle' of myself."
Despite herself, her voice caught on the last few words, and Marissa bit her lip, noticing the tears that her friend was fiercely holding back. Impulsively she hugged her companion tightly.
"Don't listen to her." She murmured. "She's a bitch. We all know she's a bitch. You always say as much. Don't care what she thinks - she doesn't matter. You're here because you're a great guitarist and Diablo are going to rock the festival. We were invited here, and it's none of her business. All right?"
Stefana ran her fingers through her thick dark hair, taking a deep breath.
"I need to get out of here. I need air." She said at length. "I'm so damn angry inside, Mari - I need to be somewhere quiet and  calm down. And I need a damn cigarette. I can't believe she just came up to me and started spouting!"
"Then we'll go outside." Farah said gently. "This way - there's a door just at the end of this walkway out into the park, and we can find a bench and some peace and quiet. I can't believe she was such a witch to you. I thought she at least had some limits."
"I didn't need this now." Stefana muttered, allowing herself to be guided down the walkway and out into the brightening Hartford sunshine. "I knew that if we came to Connecticut it would be a bad idea. Especially now. Especially at the moment. Especially when...." She trailed off, shaking her head. "I knew it would be a bad idea."
She sank down onto a bench, reaching into her purse for her cigarettes, lighting one, and taking a deep drag. "I want to go home to Cali, Mari. I'm sick and tired of this place already. I never wanted to come and I don't want to play this stupid festival. Not when I know she's lurking in the shadows with her disapproving glares and her bitchy comments. I want to be an ocean away from her! I wish we'd never come!"
"Shh." Marissa put a gentle arm around Stefana's shoulders. "Don't get yourself upset. I know it's bad timing, but it would be letting her win if you backed out of the concert now. Besides, think of Rory. Think about what he would do if you refused to perform! Diablo need you - we established that already. Don't bail on us, Stef."
Stefana rubbed her temples, flicking ash into the hedgerow.
"I wish we'd never come." She repeated. "If you knew what was going through my head, Mari, you wouldn't want me to stay in Hartford either!"
"Well, Farah and I are with you, and there are two of us and one of you." Marissa said quietly. "So anything dumb you try and do, we'll stop you. Maybe we should head back to the hotel."
"And have Luca ask a zillion questions? No way." Stefana shook her head. She took another drag on her cigarette. "It's okay. I...I'm calmer now. She just got me worked up, that's all." She punched her free fist hard into the wood of the bench. "I was so damn tempted to kick the hell out of her, right there and then."
"You've never let her get to you that much before." Farah looked worried. "Stef, stop it - you're starting to scare me!"
Something in Farah's voice made Stefana look up, and, seeing the expression on the older twin's face, she offered a half-hearted smile.
"Sorry." She said at length. "It's just a really bad time."
"Stef...well, all of us...have had a difficult few weeks." Marissa said quietly. "You know I had my fall - well, that was quite stressful for people, because I was so ill after it. And then there were some...some arguments with the guy who manages us, and everything's been a bit mad. It's been one thing on top of another, and I did hope that coming here would be a welcome break. I didn't count on Bianca playing any part in it. Honestly, I didn't think we'd even see her, much less that she'd try and speak to Steffi."
Farah looked grave.
"If you want my honest opinion, Stef, you don't look so well." She said frankly. "I noticed it earlier, in all truth, and that Mari had to bully you to eat at lunch. I wondered if everything was all right - if you'd been ill too."
"Ill?" Stefana snorted. "Oh, yeah. I guess you could call it that."
She sighed, inhaling on her cigarette and breathing out a cloud of smoke. "If you want the truth, Farah, I practically had a breakdown. You remember when we were kids, and I used to spend time hanging with Denny and that crowd of morons? You knew that I was dabbling in stuff then - but it was just for fun, just a game." She sighed. "And as soon as you start taking them without thinking about it, it quits being a game and becomes real. I got hooked on the damn things...and Marissa didn't fall. I pushed her. Stoned. That's what began everything - or ended it. I don't know any more." She pursed her lips, eying the look of shock and horror that had crossed Farah's face. "But I'm clean now. I have been for...for five weeks, or thereabouts. Things are...are getting better. Mari and Luca and the others - they look after me, and I do all right. Just coming here, seeing her..." She shuddered. "It makes me want to take a huge step backwards, and that ain't good for anyone."
"I had no idea you were so messed up." Farah said softly. "It never even entered my head that you saw those things as anything other than an occasional party high."
"Well, the deal is that they start that way, and end up much worse." Marissa said quietly. "It didn't occur to me that this would happen either, Farah, until I saw how crazy Stef was becoming and how much trouble she was getting herself into financially and in terms of her temper. It really changed her." She glanced at the guitarist, then, "Even though she's tired and grumpy a lot at the moment, I still prefer it to before. We almost lost the real Stefana back there."
"You're not to tell anyone what I just told you, by the way." Stefana took a final drag on her cigarette, dropping it onto the gravel path and extinguishing it with the heel of her boot. "I'm calmed down now. It's not something I want to get into mainstream conversation. I'd rather die than have that bitch know what I've been involved in - have her sit in her house and gloat at what a mess I've made of running my own life."
"Well, that bitch should sit up and take notice, because a lot of it is her damn fault." Farah said acidly. She stood, pulling Stefana to her feet. "Come on. If you're feeling better, we still have a lot of Hartford to do. And you need to take your mind off this, else it'll eat away at you. Distraction is a good cure, and retail therapy is one of the best distractions I know, even if you haven't any money to spend! Come on. By the time we're done you'll have forgotten all about her. Trust me!"


Chapter One: Jewel At Work
Chapter Two: Jetta's Visitor
Chapter Three: A Surprise For Topaz
Chapter Four: Farah
Chapter Five: Jewel's Rehearsal
Chapter Six: An Unwelcome Encounter
Chapter Seven: A Secret
Chapter Eight: A Call For Help
Chapter Nine: The Real Stefana
Chapter Ten: Machinations
Chapter Eleven: A Reunion

Chapter Twelve: After The Show

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