Archive Two

Madeleine Dacourt has always been Diablo's cool, rational head - full of common sense and an air of knowing exactly who she is and where she's going in life. Focused on her singing and, with a phenomenal vocal talent more than making up for her lack of instrumental ability, it seems there is nothing missing from the singer's life.

But Madeleine has long since been guarding a secret, and when her aunt's home in the city is broken into, important and sensitive papers go missing, sparking an immediate panic. Regine is the only other person who knows the true fears inside Madeleine's heart and the singer is terrified lest the information she has kept so carefully hidden be made public knowledge.

Struggling to keep her plight from her bandmates, Madeleine's worst fears are realised when a note arrives, demanding blackmail money in return for keeping her secret. The other members of Diablo know that something is wrong, but can she find the courage to share with them the truth, knowing that doing so may change her relationship with them forever?

And can Madeleine get to the blackmailer and retrieve her property before the whole of Los Angeles learns her secret?

Reader note:
This story deals with issues which may upset some readers.

Prologue: Flashback: University of Connecticut, Winter 2009
Chapter One: Starcrossed
Chapter Two: Tante Regine
Chapter Three: Flashback: University of Connecticut: Winter 2011
Chapter Four: The Poem
Chapter Five: A Shock
Chapter Six: Nancy Confesses
Chapter Seven: Flashback: Break Up
Chapter Eight: Blackmail
Chapter Nine: Conflict
Chapter Ten: Flashback: Assanti Meddles
Chapter Eleven: Pay Off 
Chapter Twelve: Stefana Gambles
Chapter Thirteen: University of Connecticut: Finals Week
Chapter Fourteen: Cracks
Chapter Fifteen: A Tiny Piece Of Truth
Chapter Sixteen: Flashback: Forever Changed
Chapter Seventeen: Secrets Will Out

Chapter Eighteen: Fall Out

Chapter Nineteen: Flashback: A New Life

Chapter Twenty: Darren Admits

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