A Model's Tale

Chapter Three: The Misfits

"Well, so this is it, huh? The Rock Fashion Spectacular of the year." Phyllis Gabor, lead singer of rock group the Misfits put her hands on her hips, examining the set with a cursitory glance. "It don't look like much to me."
"Cool out, Pizzazz...it's only first day." Her companion, saxophone player Sheila Burns looked amused. "I reckon we just find out where our dressin' room is, get ready and then hit the set, see what fun we can find there. What do you reckon?"
"I dunno, Jetta. It looks like one big drag to me." Pizzazz frowned. "Hey, where'd Roxy and Stormer go? They were here a minute ago!" Roxy and Stormer, or Roxanne Pelligrini and Mary Phillips were the bands other two members, and played bass and synth respectively.
"Roxy was hungry." Jetta rolled her eyes. "As usual. She dragged Stormer off to find somethin' to eat. C'mon, before Eric gets on set, huh? He'll only want to tell us what to do."
"Yeah, yeah. Whatever." Pizzazz shrugged. "I'm with you." She grimaced. "This thing would be better if the dumb organiser didn't bring in those wretched Holograms to play. At least we've no Stingers this time. One rival group is bad enough."
"The Stingers are in Germany, ain't they?"
"Yep." Pizzazz nodded. "I arranged for them to be. I'm not having Riot trying to upstage us." The Stingers were a rival band signed to the same music company that the Misfits recorded for, namely Misfit Music, which these days was entirely in the hands of Pizzazz herself and her executive, Eric Raymond. Born into a wealthy and influential family, Pizzazz was used to getting her way, and she especially relished having the Stingers' arrogant lead singer Riot under her thumb these days.
"So who is playin' with us, apart from the Holo creeps?" Jetta wondered.
"Beats me." Pizzazz admitted. "Hey, wait a minute..." she grabbed Jetta by the arm. "Over there, with that runt Kimber. That look like Shawn Harrison to you?"
"Definitely." Jetta's eyes sparkled with mischief. "Are you gonna go wind 'er up a bit, stress 'im out? Word is in the gossip column that they're a big romantic couple these days...wouldn't you just love to put a spanner in the works of that little romance?"
"You bet I would." Pizzazz grinned. "Come on. Let's go be friendly...say hi."
"Right behind you." Jetta nodded.
"Oh no, here comes trouble." From across the set, Kimber caught sight of the two girls, a frown crossing her face and her grip on Shawn's arm tightening.
"Trouble?" Shawn looked startled, then, "Oh, I see. Pizzazz. Won't that girl ever give up?"
"Doesn't look like it." Kimber responded. "Creep..."
"Well, and hello to you too, Kimber." Pizzazz purred, overhearing the end of the conversation. "Nice to see how mature and adult you've gotten since we last met up." She winked at Shawn. "Hi Shawn. When you're done babysitting, you can always come play with me."
"Can it, Pizzazz, you know I'm not interested." Shawn snapped.
"Why, Shawn, you're so fickle." Pizzazz tut-tutted. "Was a time you were happy enough to give a good time to all the pretty girls...you've gotten to be such a drag."
"Get lost, creep." Kimber scowled at her. "Shawn's with me now, so give it up, okay? We're in love and one day we're going to get married, so there! He told you he's not interested in trash like you, so clear off!"
"Why, you little witch." Pizzazz scowled. "One of these days I'll teach you what it's really like to play at being an adult. Look at you, pretending to be all grown up and adult and talking about dumb things like marriage when you're barely out of high school!"
"I'm twenty one!" Kimber protested hotly. "And age doesn't mean anything! It's maturity that counts."
"In that case, duckie, looks like you're in trouble." Jetta looked amused. "C'mon, Pizzazz. Let's leave the kids to their games. We got bigger fish to fry."
"Sure." Pizzazz nodded. She paused, moving closer to Shawn and running her hand through his hair.
"And when you get tired of this floozie, you know I can show you a good time." she murmured.
Before either Kimber or Shawn could react the two Misfits were gone, leaving them both seething.
"The nerve of that girl!" Kimber exclaimed. "Why on earth would you be interested in a creep like her, anyway?"
"Believe me, love, I've no idea." Shawn frowned.
"She's persistant...too persistant. It's driving me mad." Kimber sighed. "What's the deal anyway, Shawn? You and she have some kind of past I don't know about?"
"Hardly." Shawn snorted. "We had one encounter in a nightclub a couple of years ago, when her band were just starting out and long before I met you. That's all there is to it, I swear."
"Well, all I can say is it must've been one heck of a night out, because she doesn't want to let you go." Kimber grimaced. "Either that or she's so jealous of us she'll try anything. Actually that would make sense...she's probably still heartbroken that Riot won't give her the time of day."
"Well, I wish she'd leave us both alone." Shawn sighed.
"You don't think I'm childish, do you Shawn?" Kimber raised her deep blue eyes to his, her expression one of anxiety.
"Of course I don't. You're more mature than Pizzazz will ever be." Gently Shawn kissed her on the forehead. "Come on. Let's go find someplace private to go talk, okay?"
"Sure." Kimber grinned, satisfied. "Let's go."

"This set sure is big." Stormer sat down on the edge of the main stage, taking a sip from her can of soda and setting it down beside her. "Which stage do you suppose we'll be performing on, huh?"
"Dunno." Her companion, Roxy relaxed back on her arms, gazing up at the lighting. "All I do know is that we're gonna look so hot on T.V in those new outfits we got for this show. We'll blow the competition away...talk about Rock Fashion."
"Maybe." Stormer looked thoughtful. "It is fun, though, don't you think? We've not done a thing like this in ages."
"You're tellin' me. Pity the Holograms are playing too." Roxy frowned. "Reckon Pizzazz'll want to mess them about a bit?"
"Don't know. I hope not. We've enough to do." Stormer responded.
"You're soft these days. Don't want to have no fun with Jem and her witches." Roxy observed. Stormer shrugged.
"Perhaps you're right. Well, I don't suppose it'll be long before we know, anyway." she responded. "Hey, where are you going?"
"To get another soda, then to find Pizzazz and Jetta." Roxy responded. "You can come if you like...but it might be too wild for you." She smirked. Stormer rolled her eyes.
"If it's all the same to you I'm gonna explore the set." she said. "I'll catch you guys later, before our first runthrough. Eric isn't here yet, after all."
"Suit yourself." Roxy jumped down off the stage. "Catch you later."
"Sure." Stormer nodded, watching her bandmate disappear across the busy floor. Then she got to her feet, crossing the stage to the wings.
"Why do I get the feeling that this isn't going to be a simple or straight forward engagement." she mused with a sigh. "I really wish we didn't have to perform the same venues as Jem and co. These days it's more hassle than it's worth, this rivalry."
Carefully she headed down the steps, catching sight of Kimber and Shawn as she did so. Glancing around to make sure none of the other Misfits were watching, for though they were aware of her friendship with the youngest Hologram, they fiercely disapproved of it, she headed over to join them.
"Hey there." she said with a grin. "Am I intruding or can I come say hi?"
"You're okay, Stormer. I got to go talk to me bassist anyway, and Kimber an' I have all week." Shawn grinned at her. "See you later, Kimber?"
"Count on it." Kimber returned the grin. "And don't let Pizzazz harrass you."
"Don't worry. I can handle her." Shawn winked at her. Then he strode off to rejoin his group. Stormer sat down beside the Hologram.
"I hope I didn't scare him off." she said. Kimber shook his head.
"He was leaving in any case." she said. "I wondered if we'd get a chance to chat." she grimaced. "We already saw Pizzazz...she sees Shawn and it's like a bee to honey. She's hopeless."
"That's Pizzazz for you." Stormer looked amused. "Flirting's a big game to her, you know."
"You think she's really after him?" Kimber looked worried. Stormer shook her head.
"No, she's had him." she replied without thinking. Then she blushed. "I mean she's had her fun flirting with him. It's just a game now, to get you annoyed."
"That's not what you meant." Kimber frowned. "I know full well what you meant, Stormer, I'm not that much of a kid, you know. You were kidding, right?"
"No..." Stormer shook her head slowly. "But it was a long time ago, before he even met you...and I might be wrong. Just from what she said to Roxy and I...she's never been totally clear about it one way or another, but, well, I've lived with Pizzazz for a long while now and I know how she operates. I'm sorry, Kimber. I didn't mean to get you upset. I know Shawn loves you, not her."
Kimber sighed.
"I did wonder." she admitted. "Just how far their little encounter went. I guess you're right though, it was a long time ago. I'd rather you didn't mention it to anyone, mind you. Especially not Jerrica. She'd go crazy...she's not keen on the fact that we're talking about marrying, even though I know and he knows that it won't be for a year or two at least."
"Promise." Stormer agreed. "I should never have said anything."
"Pizzazz said he used to like showing pretty girls a good time." Kimber said slowly. "It makes me wonder...what kind of guy is he, really? I mean, do I know him at all?"
"You know him better than anyone. Pizzazz included." Stormer reassured her. "She's just winding you up, don't let her get to you."
"Kimber, Stormer, hi!"
The two girls glanced up at that moment to see Shana, Saffron in tow. "There's someone I'd like you guys to meet! This is Saffron, she's one of the models that's gonna be wearing mine and Regine's designs! Saffron, these are Kimber Benton, she's a Hologram like me, and Mary Phillips, otherwise Stormer of the Misfits."
"Hi, Saffron." Stormer dimpled. "Cool to meet you...I've seen your picture in magazines."
"Thanks." Saffron grinned. "I wish I could say the same but I don't have time in this stupid job for anything but work, home business, sleep and pay the bills. I'm well out of touch with the music world - I only really know a little about the Holograms because I have...relatives who are fans and I was taken by Shana's designs."
"It's okay, I'm not offended." Stormer grinned. "You'll know who we are by the time the show is done, anyway. It's cool, don't you think? Mixing fashion and music like this?"
"Sure is." Saffron agreed.
"Kimber, are you okay?" Shana frowned, sitting down beside the young keyboardist. Kimber sighed.
"Yeah, I'm okay. Just...worried that Pizzazz will get her claws into Shawn, that's all."
"Don't be daft. He'd sooner elope with Rio than choose Pizzazz over you." Shana snorted. Despite herself, a glimmer of a smile crossed Kimber's face.
"Maybe. I dunno. Just something Stormer said..."
"I should never have opened my mouth, Kimber, I'm sorry." Stormer looked guilty.
"What's wrong? Men trouble?" Saffron asked. Kimber nodded morosely.
"Well, I don't mean to intrude, but if you don't trust him, what's the good of being with him?" Saffron asked matter of factly. Kimber looked startled, then she sighed.
"You know, you're right. I'm sorry, guys. I ought to have more faith in Shawn than that. After all, he trusts me, even after all I put him through with Jeff."
"Well then. All okay now?" Shana asked. Kimber nodded.
"Guess so." she agreed. "Sorry to be so mopey. It's just so long since I saw him." She stood. "Shana, come with me to the dressing room? I want you to check my outfit for first run through."
"Okay, I'm coming." Shana nodded. "Sorry, Saffron. Duty calls."
"No problem." Saffron dimpled. She glanced at Stormer. "You mind me hanging round here? Everyone's been so friendly to me today, it's been great."
"I don't mind." Stormer shook her head. "It's nice to have a moment before we start work."
"Yeah." Saffron grinned. "Though I have to admit, I like being busy. Makes time go quicker."
"Don't you like your job?" Stormer looked surprised.
"Oh, I don't mind it." Saffron shrugged. "Hardly qualified to do anything else, though, really, so my hands are kinda tied. This career is a godsend and came at the right time...so I don't question it. But ideally...it's not the career I would have chosen for myself."
"That's weird." Stormer decided. "I mean, I've always loved music...and it's fun being a Misfit, most of the time. I mean, we can be kinda reckless and...well...bad, but I still enjoy it. It's nice to belong someplace, you know?"
"Yes, definitely." Saffron agreed. "I'm glad the atmosphere here is so relaxed...and that we're all mingled together. I was worried I'd be stuck with the other models the whole time and I don't tend to see things the same way as a lot of them do."
"I know that feeling." Stormer said dryly.
"By the way, your friend...Kimber, did Shana say? What's her guy like? Forgive me if I'm being nosy, but men can be devils if you pick the wrong one."
"Oh, Shawn's okay. And they're cuckoo over each other really." Stormer responded. "But Pizzazz is always trying to stir things up there and it makes Kimber uncomfortable."
"Pizzazz?" Saffron frowned. "Who's that?"
"Our lead singer." Stormer responded. "And here she is...you can meet the rest of our band now...Saffron? Is everything okay?" For Saffron's cheerful smile had gone, and been replaced by a dark frown.
"I might have known." she muttered.
"Well, well, if it isn't little miss prim Meredith Allen." Pizzazz snorted, folding her arms. "What are you doing here?"

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(The Misfits and Holograms and other animated Jem characters are copyrighted to Hasbro Inc. Eboni, Saffron, Chimera, Sakura and all other characters who do not appear in Jem episodes are my own creation. This story is copyrighted to E.A Woolley (2001)