Roxy's Story

Chapter Ten - A True Friend

"How did you sleep last night, in the end?"
Stormer pushed her bedroom door shut, slipping the key into her pocket and sending her bandmate an enquiring glance. Roxy turned, startled, then shrugged.
"Okay." she responded abruptly. "Listen, you ain't gonna fuss or anything, are you? I was out of it last night, I wasn't thinkin'..."
"Look, I told you, it's forgotten." Stormer assured her. "I'm not going to make you feel uncomfortable or anything. I just wondered how you slept."
"Well, I slept." Roxy replied. "You comin'? I want breakfast, even if you don't!"
"I'm coming." Stormer nodded her head. "Last day...then we move on. I never dreamed that I'd be able to cope with this kinda lifestyle when we first started out, you know...but it's kinda fun."
"Yeah, maybe." Roxy shrugged. "Too much work if you ask me."
"You've never liked work." Stormer looked amused. The previous night had dispelled any remaining fear she had of her bandmate, for now she knew the real Roxy Pelligrini - both the tough girl and the girl inside of the shell. More and more she began to realise how much like a surrogate sister Roxy had become in their years together.
"Amazing how one chance meeting can develop into so much." She mused. "I know I've grown up and learnt a ton of stuff about life since I became a Misfit. I sure learnt how lucky I was growing up in the family I did, too. But...well, Roxy doesn't need her family, she was right about that all along. If she needs anyone, she has me...and I won't let her down."
By the time the two girls reached the hotel dining room they found that Pizzazz, Jetta and Eric were already down, Pizzazz having shunned a group of autograph hunters with a disdainful 'not now, kiddies', and Eric busy with several sheets of paper. Stormer recognised this after enough tours with the group - a bill for damages.
"I didn't think we'd done too much this time round." she mused, a frown on her face as she took her seat. "Unless Pizzazz had a tantrum or something...but we'd have heard that from down the corridor."
"Isn't there any food going in this place?" Roxy demanded. "I'm starving!"
"What;s new there?" Pizzazz raised an eyebrow. "Food's coming, cool out." She turned her attention to Eric. "Well? What's the bill say, huh?"
"I'm just wondering what exactly is wrong with it." Eric glanced up from the paper. "I don't have much in the way of damages...Pizzazz, I'm guessing the pillows out of the window were down to you..."
"Well, we had to do something." Pizzazz shrugged, exchanging looks with Jetta, who smirked.
"The blokes down below didn't know what 'ad 'it them." she agreed. "Got one of them square on the nose..."
"I know...I heard all about that." Eric rolled his eyes. "But still...Im amazed no rooms have been wrecked. Are you girls feeling okay?"
"We ain't 'ad much chance to do anything." Jetta responded. "We've been too busy, and Ms Executive 'ere keeps puttin' a cap on our fun."
"You want fun, you pay the damages." Pizzazz snapped. "Daddy gave this company to me...I'll run it how I see fit."
"Fine, fine." Jetta put up her hands. "Just never thought you'd start actin' like a drag to be with, is all."
"We'll see who's a drag after tonight." Pizzazz retorted. "Once we're back from rockin' the Music Festival tonight, we'll make sure Philadelphia don't forget the Misfits in a while." She glanced at Roxy. "You gonna bother to join us tonight, or do you got plans with your 'friends' round here?"
"I'm coming, cool out." Roxy snorted. "Can't you guys manage without me?"
"As if." Jetta rolled her eyes. "Don't get sweet on yourself, don't suit you."
"What time do we have to be at the venue tonight? And isn't it open air? What happens if it rains?" Stormer, ignoring the usual squabbling put in, glancing at Eric enquiringly.
"It is open air, and it won't rain, at least I hope not, though I believe they're erecting some kind of cover over the stage to protect the electrics from harm." Eric replied. "You have to be ready to go on at half nine - you're the final act - headlining it, as it were."
"As it should be. No dumb Holograms this time!" Pizzazz sounded smug.
"No...this time Jerrica and her bunch of hang-ons seem to be otherwise employed." Eric nodded his head, secretly glad of the fact, for his charges were more destructive when the Holograms were nearby. "Don't get too into whatever form of nothing you're doing this morning, either. I arranged for you girls to run through your set on stage this afternoon, just to make sure everything goes smoothly. This is high profile...nothing can go wrong, okay? The press from all over will be there reporting back on it."
"Amazin', then, that Jem and her dollybirds ain't there." Jetta observed. "They 'ave a thing for the press."
"I believe they're touring abroad." Eric shrugged. "Not that they're our concern at the moment. I hope you know what songs you want to arguing over programme ten minutes before you go on this time, please!"
"Who owns this company, Eric?" Pizzazz glared at him. "Don't tell me what to do!"
Eric rolled his eyes, but made no retort. He knew only too well that, on that count at least, Pizzazz had him where she wanted him.

As it turned out, two cars arrived outside the hotel to transport the band to the venue for their afternoon run through. With a shrug, Pizzazz slipped into the back of the first car, pulling Jetta and Eric with her, and leaving Stormer and Roxy to take the second. Already tired and in no mood to banter with either girl, Roxy was somewhat relieved. Though she was embarrassed about the outburst of the previous night, she knew that Stormer would not betray her.
At first they travelled in silence, Stormer turning her attention to the scenery flashing by the window, whilst Roxy examined her pink painted nails for chips as she avoided making any kind of conversation. It was not till they took a turning that was different from the big car in front that either girl realised something was wrong.
It was Stormer who first picked up on it. With a frown, she leant forward to tap on the shield that divided her from the driver.
"Excuse me, I think you took a wrong turn." she said, in her most amiable tones.
There was a pause, then a laugh.
"I don't think so, little lady." the man replied. "I'm goin' this way...and so it looks like you girls are coming along for the ride."
At the sound of the voice, Roxy was alert, her eyes big with fear and her face paling.
"You!" she exclaimed. "What the heck are you playin' at! Stop the car and let us out!"
"I told you, Roxanne, what I wanted from'd better have it." The driver, none other than her uncle sneered at her in the mirror. "Now, I'm going to stop this car and you," he indicated Stormer. "Had best get lost pronto, else it could get nasty for you. I have business with my niece and it won't wait."
Roxy sent Stormer a pleading glance, and despite her own fear at the situation, Stormer made up her mind. She folded her arms.
"Then get nasty." she said firmly. "I'm not going anywhere. Roxy and me...we're a team."
"Have it your way." The man shrugged. "I think you'll regret it. You could say this is a one way trip, if Roxanne doesn't have what's owed me...she'll tell you herself that I'm not one to bluff."
"And I'll tell you now that the Misfits aren't wimps to be pushed about." Stormer spoke strongly, though inwardly she was petrified. "Also, there are two of us compared with one of really think you can take us both?"
"Stormer?" Roxy stared. "'d do that...for me?"
"We're a team, ain't we?" Stormer met her companion's gaze, and Roxy nodded slowly.
"Yeah. Yeah, sure we are!" she exclaimed. "And noone messes with the Misfits, you creep...haven't you realised that yet?"
Before Stormer could stop her she had pushed the divider fully back, lunging at the driver and taking him by surprise. The car screeched across the road as, distracted, her uncle lost control.
"Stormer, gimme a hand, will ya?" Roxy snapped back over her shoulder, and, swallowing her misgivings came to her companion's assistance, grabbing the man's flailing hand as Roxanne dealt a neat blow to his head, knocking him unconscious. Then, with surprising agility the blond girl pulled herself into the front, leaning over the still form and bringing the car under control, screeching it to a halt.
"Right. Let's ditch this loser and get moving. We're way behind Pizzazz and the others and I don't want another nagging." She said decidedly, leaning over to open the driver's side door. "C'mon, help me push him out. He'll be okay, just kinda woozy."
"You sure showed him that you're not the kid you used to be." Stormer observed as she did as she was bidden. "Sure he'll be okay? I mean, we won't get into trouble?"
"He'll be fine, and who cares? Like you said last night, Misfit Music has lawyers for that kinda stuff." Roxy shrugged. "I'm drivin', okay?"
"Whatever you say." Stormer nodded.
"You comin' to sit in the front?" Once their unwanted driver was removed, Roxy settled herself in the driver's seat and revved the engine. "Or you gonna play the lady in the back seat, huh?"
"I'm coming." Stormer grinned, getting into the passenger seat. "What are we gonna tell the others when they ask why we're late?"
"Nothin'." Roxy shrugged. "It's my business, not theirs. You ain't to say a word, you got it?"
"If that's what you want." Stormer agreed. "You were brave, you know."
Roxy paused, then glanced across at her friend as she put the car into gear, pulling back onto the road.
"I wasn't." she said quietly. " were. I guess...I guess I owe ya, huh?"
"You don't owe me anything." Stormer shrugged. "Like I said, we're a team. Right?"
"Yeah." Roxy nodded. "I guess we really are. I didn't know you had it in you...guess you're not the soft little wimp you were when I first met ya, huh?"
"What can I say? I have a good teacher." Stormer grinned. "That guy was your uncle?"
"Yeah." Roxy agreed with a grimace. "He's a jerk. I don't take after him."
"No...I don't think you do." Stormer looked thoughtful. "You...can be violent and aggressive and reckless and impulsive and...well, downright scary, Roxy...but you're not evil. You have your limits."
"Maybe." Roxy laughed. "I dunno. This trip's been weird for me...I feel weird. I don't feel...quite like I should."
"Any idea why?" Stormer was curious.
Roxy nodded.
"Yeah...maybe." she agreed. "I...I guess I've proven once and for all that I really have changed. I'm not some drop out no hope runaway now, am I?"
"Nope. Not in my eyes." Stormer replied. "Hey, I think I see the venue up ahead...and there's Pizzazz. She don't look pleased!"
"So?" Roxy shrugged, her usual insouciance back in her tone. "Her problem, isn't it? C'mon...lets go set up. Sooner we get this done, sooner we can go have some fun!"

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