Second Edition Aja
AJA (Second Edition)
Set: Holograms
Year: 1987 (Second)
Sold: Worldwide
Second Edition Aja came with the following items:
~Lame top
~Cassette featuring "Jem Theme", "Something Is Missing" and "Share A Little Bit."

Existing Variations:
None that I know of, though some Second Edition Ajas look evil while others look stunning!

Mexican/Spanish/European versions?
 Second Edition Aja: headshot
Aja: Doll

This is Second Edition Aja. My personal opinion is that in general Second Edition Ajas are not a patch on their first edition cousins in the looks department! Like Second Edition Kimber, Aja has a hairtie which originally would have been pinned to her head, and the hairtie or the remains of the tie plugs are a classic way of authenticating a second edition Aja doll (since earring holes CAN be faked.). Second Edition Aja is ALWAYS made in China. Her hair is still layered in the way First Edition's is, but her forehead seems higher due to the unpredictable nature of her fringe! Her makeup is quite bold and there is no difference in the pattern from that the First Edition has, though there is some difference in the shades used.
Please note that Hybrid Mexican Aja dolls also have Second Edition Aja heads!
  Second Edition Aja: hairtie
  Aja: Hairtie
Comments: Similar to Second Edition Kimber's in style, but yellow in colour, this hairtie comes plugged to the doll's head in packaging and is made of a floral mesh type ribbon.
   Second Edition Aja: Top
Aja: Top

: Aja's top is fairly straightforward. The pattern and fabric style are identical to those used for the First Edition, with one major difference - Aja's top is a pinkish magenta instead of lavender! Personally I like it much better in this shade. The top is still fastened at the back with velcro.
    Second Edition Aja: Skirt
Aja: Skirt
: Aja's skirt is quite a bit different from the First Edition;s, though the basic shape remains almost the same. The fabric is black and is spotted with coloured metallic fabric paint - the exact same style is used on the shoulderpieces for the second year Misfit fashion There Ain't Nobody Better. The spots get worn very easily and can often be found with large sections rubbed completely away. The skirt fastens at the back with velcro.
Second Edition Aja: belt
Aja: Belt
: This is the poorest excuse for a belt the Jem line managed to dream up. Simply, all it is is a piece of neon green fabric with two pieces of velcro stitched to each end. No hemming. That's it. :S
Second Edition Aja: Tights
Aja: Tights
: Aja's tights are one of three shades of yellow tights used in the Hasbro line (off the top of my head, anyhow!) They are not as bright a shade of yellow as those for Just Misbehavin' and they are not neon like those for Let The Music Play and Designin' Woman. They are also not the goldish yellow of Outta My Way (whoops, four!) They are like a dulled version of Just Misbehavin's, which is imo their closest match. They are matte and ladder easily!
    Second Edition Aja: Shoes
Aja: Shoes

Identical as far as I can tell to Rock and Curl Jem's shoes, Aja has hot pink scallops.
    Second Edition Aja: Guitar
Aja: Guitar
Aja's guitar is one of the classiest bits from the second year line. It's a shade bluer than my photo suggests, but it is translucent and speckled with glitter. It does not have the clumsy sticker of the first year edition and is just an all round nicer piece of equipment. The strap is silver.
NB: Mexican Aja's guitar is based on this one, but is a dark purple in colour!
    Second Edition Aja: Earrings
Aja: Earrings

Green rings with stars attached to them. Please note Hybrid Mexican Aja also came with these earrings!
 Second Edition Kimber: Stand
Aja: Stand

Neon pinkish colour, same shade as first year stands only cloudy to mark it out as a second edition Hologram stand.
Aja: Comb

Plain yellow. Not to be mixed up with Second Shana;s greenish yellow or Raya's neon yellow!
Aja: Cassette

Tape is white with pink writing. Features the songs "Jem Theme", "Something Is Missing" and "It All Share A Little Bit" Side B features instrumentals for these without an instrument playing the lead vocal line.


Aja: Mint In Box

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