Fushigi Yuugi: Kounan-Koku

When trying to write a fanfic for FY, I realised how complicated it is keeping in mind who is what and where everything is in this wretched world. This is a very vague approximation and the above scribbled map is not to scale (I also have no artistic ability, so it's just tough - it's only there as a rough guide!), but this page is a brief guide to - in particular - Kounan-koku, within the Shijin-Tenchishou. Some of these places appear in the manga and anime. Some are located outside of Kounan's borders but are mentioned because of particular significance to the plot of the anime. Locations from outside of Kounan are marked in green.

 Some of these locations are named only in the novels...but all are relevant.

Souun: Western Capital of Kounan - situated between the two bandit mountains of Reikaku-zan and Kaou-zan and consequently the battleground between the two. Essentially the centre of civilisation in the mountain area to the West of Kounan. Governed to some degree by Ougi, Hotohori's half brother, who is in control of the western provinces under the Emperor. Also a common haunt of Tasuki and Kouji and the Reikaku-zan bandits. Tasuki's village is near here.

Eiyou: The actual capital of Kounan, where the palace is situated. Nuriko is also from this city, and his parents run a successful fabric store in the textile quarter.

Jouzen: Chiriko's home city, in the southern region of Kounan.

Souen - The town near the hillside where Mitsukake and Shouka are buried. Not to be confused with Souun, Souen is in the northern region of Kounan.

Choukou: The infamous city of the living dead, where the possessed Shouka plied her demon-induced trade. At one point, Mitsukake worked as doctor in this city.

Touran: The capital city of Hokkan-koku, in the North. This is where Miaka and Nuriko first meet Ashitare, and where Tamahome discovers the location of Genbu's Shinzahou.

Reikaku-zan: The mountain where Tasuki, Kouji and the others live and rule. A spiritual place where a demon was once sealed, it's said to be able to see the good and evil in people as they cross the slopes.

Kaou-zan: The nearby mountain to Reikaku-zan, where rival bandits live. Ruled at one point by the perverted Kieron and then used by Tenkou in his schemes, there is often conflict between the Kaou-zan and Reikaku-zan bandits, although the Kaou-zan lot are greater rogues.

Koku-zan: The infamous black mountain in Hokkan where Nuriko fought Ashitare and died. Also the hiding place of Genbu's Shinzahou, guarded by the spirits of Hikitsu and Tomite until Miaka came to retrieve it.

Yukigase: A northern village where Nuriko once stayed and helped defeat a local legendary demon - the demon of the snows (Yukiyasha). Near the Hokkan border and often has cold weather.

Seisen: Although not actually in Kounan, Seisen's loyalties are with the southern land because of their connection to Chichiri and upon the collapse of Kutou's empire, they seek to break away. Chichiri's life was once saved here from drowning by a young girl and her father - and subsequently Chichiri saved the girl and her fiancee from the flooding Shouryuu river that originally wiped out his own village.

Hakukou: Tamahome's small and impoverished farming village, as witnessed in the anime, is apparently named in Tamahome's Gaiden (although I haven't read it yet) as Hakukou-mura, situated near the mountains and in the Kusou prefecture, near Kutou's border.

Makan (not shown): Although not mentioned on the map (due to its location) it should be mentioned! Makan is the village where Amiboshi ends up after he was swept away down the river. It's location is debatable - the original manga, Amiboshi describes it as "Makan village, near to the Sairou border", so my impression is that it is just inside Hokkan (since Tamahome went back to Hokkan to get Miaka, and Miaka and Nakago were both in Hokkan when the faked rape occured. Equally, Tamahome and Miaka stop by a lake for the night - whereas Sairou is a desert land and may not have such easily found amenities.)
In the anime, however, Amiboshi refers to it as "Sairou's Makan village". Equally, Makan is mentioned ambiguously in Chiriko's gaiden but the forgetfulness potion plants are mentioned as growing inside of Sairou's borders.
I think the safest bet is to assume it's on the North/West divide and even the residents aren't quite sure where it is. I've always thought of it as Hokkan, but it's far from clear cut.

Chichiri and Tasuki's villages are also marked, although I don't think they are ever named. Tasuki's is in the mountains to the west, not far from the city of Souun (for some random reason I've always called it the Eastern Village in fanfiction but this is NOT its true name) and Chichiri's in the north, near Mitsukake's home territory. I've always thought that Chichiri's father was probably an official in Souen or thereabouts, so his home is probably not far from there since Souen and Choukou are in close proximity.


Shouryuu-gawa: The river of the Rising Dragon that flooded Chichiri and Mitsukake's homes and killed their families and friends, including Chichiri's fiancee and friend and Mitsukake's father. Also the river Nakago tries to flood to destroy Seisen and use as a weapon against Kutou.

Hijiri-gawa: The river from which Chichiri is actually rescued by the people of Seisen (although he originally threw himself into the Shouryuu-gawa...)