Chapter One: The Idea

"So, what exactly is this idea of yours?"
Phyllis Gabor, owner and executive of Misfit Music folded her arms on the desk in front of her, meeting the gaze of her visitor with a piercing one of her own. "On the phone you said you had a suggestion to make which would generate a good deal of publicity for one of our most successful acts - now explain. I don't got all day to see people about airy fairy nonsense."
"This isn't nonsense, Ms Gabor." The smartly dressed businessman cast her a smile, trying not to show in his face how intimidated he was becoming by the confrontational glint in those vivid green eyes. "It's a highly successful television show we've been airing on nationwide television since January of last year and the viewing figures are soaring edition by edition."
"Can't you speed this up?" Phyllis interrupted impatiently, glancing up at her clock. At three o'clock she had an appointment with her manicurist, and she had no mind to be caught up with trivial office business in the light of such an important commitment. "Everyone wants to be a star, Ms Gabor." The visitor's eyes lit up with eagerness. "And what's the next best thing to being a star?"
"Thrill me."
"Feeling like you know the stars inside out! As real people!" The businessman was becoming animated now. "And that's exactly what The Public Eye is aiming to do! It's been so hugely successful, I don't see how it could fail to draw in huge crowds. After all, Jewel are such a big hit in the modern musical climate. What better time than now?"
"Mm." Phyllis looked thoughtful. "You're gonna have to give me more to work with, Mr...what did you say your name was again? Jewel's interests are Misfit Music's interests, after all, and I'm not going to hand them over to charlatan television networks...I want some more information on your intentions before I give you any kind of answer."
"My name is Brooks. James Brooks." The man responded. "And...well, I suppose it's a fair enough question. But we're not a charlatan company, Ms Gabor, of that I can firmly assure you. In fact, our network has just bought the rights to air the Dean Stacey Show on a national level, and we've been airing Connie's Corner nationally since three years into it's lifespan. Your girls have played on both shows multiple times, and that should give you some guarantee of our standard of transmission."
"Go on..." For the first time a spark of interest had entered those forbidding green eyes, and, with some relief the man began to feel less like he was about to be pounced on by some wild, exotic animal, and more involved in a business negotiation. He had heard enough rumours about the illustrious billionaire who had held Misfit Music firmly and possessively in her grip since the late 1980s. A former musician herself, Phyllis had learnt every single trick of the trade during her time with the Misfits, and, looking at her, James wondered if all of them were entirely legal. The press had made a big deal about the stayers and the flops in the music industry, and Phyllis Gabor had been one of their number one candidates with the staying power to last till the grave. Even now, Misfit CDs were selling well and Phyllis had remained an idol to a generation that had no recollection of the Misfits' original stint together.
He offered a smile now, taking in her distinctive features and wondering idly how much plastic surgery had enabled her to retain her youthful appearance, for it had been more than twenty years since the Misfits had broken up, and he knew only too well she had been in her late twenties then.
Phyllis' return smile once more gave him the impression of the hunting feline, and hurriedly he began to outline the format of the documentary.
"Basically, all we want is a week of Jewel's time." He explained. "We send one of our presenters to live with them for that week, and they take a camcorder. The idea is to portray the real life, down to earth side to the band."
"Mmhmm..." Phyllis' eyes narrowed, and she flicked a switch on her desk.
"Alice, get Jetta in here, will ya?" She instructed the long-suffering secretary on the other end of the intercom. Then she switched it off, considering.
"When you say the real life, what do you mean?" She asked.
"Anything and everything. It's entirely spontaneous and we portray whatever film we get."
At that moment, the door of the office swung open and Sheila Pelligrini, or 'Jetta', Phyllis' business partner and another former Misfit entered the office. London born and shrewd as any in the music industry, Phyllis trusted Jetta's opinion more than she would ever admit, and in terms of Jewel, they tended to make decisions as a team, particularly since the band's songwriter was Jetta's own daughter, Nancy.
Quickly, Phyllis outlined the idea, and Jetta's own expression became thoughtful.
"What power of veto do Misfit Music 'ave over what you air?" She said finally.
"You will, of course, see the tape before it goes out." James assured her.
"That weren't the question." Jetta eyed him with a steely glare, and suddenly James wished he was simply dealing with the fearsome Phyllis Gabor again. "Don't wriggle round it."
"It's all in the contract." James relented. "But essentially there is only limited power of veto. Basically any footage deemed unsuitable for showing because it contravenes broacasting laws, that kind of thing. The idea is to paint as real a picture of the group as possible."
The two executives exchanged looks.
"I think we need to discuss this, and talk to Jewel themselves." Phyllis said finally. "Leave your number with the secretary, and we'll call you back once we've consulted them."
"That's all." Phyllis interrupted. "Now shoo! We do have other things to do, you know!"
James shoo'ed, and Jetta closed the door firmly behind him, sitting down in his vacated chair.
"Well, what's your instinct?" She asked.
"It would be priceless publicity." Phyllis rolled her pen between her fingers as she considered.
"Mm, but not all publicity is good, an' you know those girls ain't angels." Jetta frowned. "Remember that blitz over Christmas about Topaz an' that damned Diablo singer? What if another little...scandal...occurs while these guys are filmin'?"
"Risk of the job." Phyllis shrugged. "Though I know what you mean. Diablo have been doing pretty damn good since their single shot up the chart over Christmas...they've had a lot of publicity and my sources say they've an album coming this month. I don't think they're in Jewel's league by a long shot, but still. No sense in giving the enemy more ground. And of course, if we sleep on the job those Teenangel whatever they're called that Aja's brat plays with will sneak in too."
"What's Emily got planned this month?" Jetta enquired. Emily was Phyllis' own daughter, who recorded under the pseudonym of 'Sirena'.
"Touring." Phyllis pulled a face. "You should've seen her face when I told her she was going to Europe on Monday...and that she'd have to leave Mike with Dad. Apparently she'd rather stay in Los Angeles and be Mama than go wow some new fans. I wonder about that girl sometimes. I mean, you had Aaron but you were on tour with us within weeks!"
"Praps she's gone soft." Jetta looked amused. "How long is she going for?"
"Just a fortnight. She's only playing the major venues in the West this time." Phyllis responded. "She'll be back by the end of the month. I don't see what Emily has to do with Jewel, though."
"I was thinkin' about how much exposure our biggest names were gettin'." Jetta explained. "I think we oughta discuss it with the girls themselves. An' firmly impress on them that we don't want any company rockin' scandals if this does go ahead."
"I tend to agree." Phyllis looked approving. "I'm tempted to say, go ahead. I made out to that creep that I was oblivious to his show, but I know it's had major reviews and big audiences. What better way for Jewel to get another notch up the ladder?"
A smirk of self-satisfaction crossed her face. "Noone's approached Rory Llewelyn with the idea of doing this show, I bet!"
"Diablo aren't Jewel." Jetta said bluntly. "They 'ad one big single, well, fluke of the publicity. They ain't proven themselves yet. Jewel 'ave more than proven what they can do."
Phyllis glanced at the clock.
"I have to go, I've got to get my nails done." She said. "But sure, we'll talk to Jewel, see what they say. If they've no objections, I say we give the project the go ahead!"

Chapter One: The Idea
Chapter Two: Benjamin
Chapter Three: Chez Diablo
Chapter Four: Cynthia and Ben
Chapter Five: A Motive
Chapter Six: One On One
Chapter Seven: A Cryptic Note
Chapter Eight: The Intruder
Chapter Nine: Cynthia Explains
Chapter Ten: Stefana's Plot

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