Chapter Six: One On One

"What exactly is all this about, Ben?" Copper sent the presenter a questioning look as she, Nancy, Topaz and Sylva followed him into Misfit Music's main practice studio, each taking a seat as they waited for him to explain. After consultations with the group's management, the studio had seemed the best place for him to carry out the one on one interviews with each band member that the show's format required, and with a smile he explained the plan.
"I need to get each of you on your own." He concluded. "But I brought you here basically because I want you to be aware of where to meet. I'd like to take you for half an hour apiece, ask you some individual questions, kind of a one-to-one chat experience. I checked that your schedule isn't being disrupted by this, so don't worry about that. At most it'll be two hours, total."
"I'll go first." Sylva volunteered, sending Benjamin a grin. "Might as well, whilst I've got my hair and makeup looking just right."
"Syl, you're hopeless." Nancy rolled her eyes. Topaz laughed.
"That's Syl for ya." She observed, amused. "What order you want the rest of us in, Ben?"
"It doesn't matter." Benjamin shrugged. "Mmm, how about I take you, Topaz...then Nancy and finish up with Copper? That suit you all?"
"Fine." Topaz nodded. "I'll just head upstairs and go over some of the songs or something till you want me."
"So you want me in an hour? Okay." Nancy glanced at her watch, then nodded. "These questions...aren't going to be...well..."
"Too nosy?" Benjamin asked her. Nancy flushed.
"Well, kinda." She said awkwardly. "I mean..."
"Just don't worry about it." Benjamin assured her. "It will go quicker than you expect, I promise. Perhaps..." He glanced at Sylva, then, "Syl, would you mind if I did Nancy's first, since she's nervous? Then it'll put her mind at rest, and you're a natural on camera anyway."
Sylva rolled her eyes at the rather obvious flattery, but shrugged.
"Sure, I don't mind." She said carelessly. "I'll go with Topaz upstairs, or something. Might as well knock her jitters out of her right away. C'mon, Topaz. Copper, you coming?"
"I'm gonna go call Aaron, I couldn't get a hold of him last night. Think he forgot to put his phone on again or something." Copper shook her head. "I'll be back here in an hour and a half, ready to be grilled, Ben...that's a promise."
"Okay, well, I've been with you two and a half days and I've already learnt that you're the reliable and punctual one, so I guess I can take your word for that." Benjamin looked amused. "Later, Copper. Topaz, I'll send Nancy up to let you know when we're done, all right?"
"Fine." Topaz agreed. "Good luck, Nance! And don't freak'll be fine!"
With that, the three girls were gone, and Nancy settled herself a little more comfortably in her seat, trying to hide her nerves as best she could.
"How are you gonna do this?" She asked softly.
"Take a deep breath and calm down." Benjamin told her gently, as he fiddled with the readily set up cameras. "Everything is more or less set up, and I'm just going to talk to you like we're having a conversation. It's no different from live TV, and you're fine then."
"Mm, when I don't wanna throw up." Nancy admitted, taking the clip on mic he offered her and fixing it to the label of her jacket. "Okay, I'm wired for sound, I s'pose. Can we get this over with?"
"Sure." Benjamin retook his seat with a grin. "Camera is rolling. Well, Nancy, you're the youngest member of the band, and also the one who does the lion's share of the composition. Do you ever feel like the little sister that everyone dumps the work on?"

 With the interview in session, Copper headed downstairs to the lobby to make her call in private, dialling Aaron's number and waiting for him to pick up. He did so on the third ring, greeting her warmly.
"Hi to you too." She bantered back. "Where were you last night, huh? I tried calling you!"
"Battery dead." Aaron admitted. "I was working late at the office and my mobile was totally kaput...I didn't notice it till I got back home. I'm sorry, Copper...was it something important?"
"Not really. I was just a little don't usually not pick up." Copper sounded a little relieved. "Hey, you have plans tonight?"
"No,but what about your reporter deal? I mean, won't be be bummed if you sneak out?"
"Well, yes." Copper admitted. "Which is the real downside of this whole deal, but never mind. The four of us are planning on going to Le Klub Kool tonight, and I guess Ben will probably tag along, but if you can ignore him, wanna come?"
"I've always time for you." Aaron laughed. "I guess I'll be on my best behaviour!"
"Good boy." Copper giggled. "Okay. We'll be there around eight I think, so do you wanna meet us there?"
"Sure, not a problem." Aaron agreed. "I'm working till seven anyhow. Aunt Phyl had a dreaded idea about some stage setup or other and apparently this means I have plenty on my plate. At least I've Cynthia's help."
"Well, there aren't many better than her." Copper acknowledged. "If Cynnie wants to come along too, she can."
"I dunno, Copper." Aaron paused, then, "She's not keen on Ben. I mean, not at all. She says he's a very friendly, sweet kind of guy, but she's scared stiff of him finding out about her."
"I know. We should've thought that through before we agreed to this." Copper sounded guilty. "I feel bad about that. I mean, Cyn is our friend, and you don't screw over a friend. Still, if Ben knows Cynthia is gonna at the club tonight, I reckon he'll be there. We reckon he has something of a crush on her, bizarre as it seems. And if he's with Cynthia across town, then it means that Synergy..."
"Is safe at Starlight, undetected. Clever girl." Aaron sounded approving. "I'll run it by Cynnie when she gets back from downstairs. It's good thinking, though. And let's face it, Cyn's good enough at the flirting game. If she can keep Ben's focus on her charms, then that might be the answer."
"I feel a bit nasty trying to set Ben up with a girl who can't give him any of what he wants." Copper admitted. "But at the end of the day, if it keeps Synergy safe from harm, then that's what we'll do."
"Right. She's more important." Aaron agreed. "Well, I'll see you tonight, okay? I'm getting glared at from the doorway, I think Aunt Phyl has another idea for me. Later, Copper...I love you."
"Love you too." Copper echoed. "Bye, Aaron. See you tonight."
As she turned off her phone, slipping it into her pocket, she did not realise that the most of her conversation had been overheard. Stefana had been snooping around Misfit Music, searching for some way of messing up Ben's filming when she had heard Copper's voice and ducked behind a large potted plant in order to listen. Though inwardly seething at her casual assumption that Aaron would want to hear from her, her jealous anger was soon put aside by curiosity when she heard Cynthia's name, a curiosity that had only grown as the conversation had progressed.
She peeked out from behind the plant, observing Copper heading into the lift, presumably to rejoin her housemates upstairs. Her eyes narrowed thoughtfully.
"What was that weird word she used?" She mused. "Sounded like Cynthia a little, only it wasn't...Syn...Syner...Synergy! That was it! Hell, where have I heard that name before!"
She headed out to her car, too deep in thought to flirt with the security guard on duty. For some reason, a reason she could not explain, the name rang a bell.
"Synergy." She murmured. "What in hell...Dammit, I wish I could remember! I bet anything in the world that whatever this Synergy deal is, it's something to do with Cynthia's deep dark secret and I could so do with ruining that bitch's life for all time. Ooh, and if I were to cause a little trauma for Cynthia, well, if this is some secret Aaron and miss prissy drumsticks know, maybe I can turn them on each other too..."
A slow smile crossed her face. "Well, I know how to do that, anyhow. And it's convenient, knowing that they're going to be out tonight, because it means I can do some snooping at the Starlight place myself, see if I can't get to the bottom of this. But for now, I've a letter to write, and a name to research. I'll get to the bottom of this, dammit, if it's the last thing I do!"

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