Arc Three: When Life Goes On...
Part Two

Chapter Six: Hen Night

"The Teenangels will be here soon, I suppose."
Nancy settled herself in front of her bedroom mirror, self-consciously and painstakingly applying her makeup, then pausing to examine the effect. "Ugh, I can't do this. Someone come make me up, please? I wouldn't bother but with it being Vi's hen night and all..."
"I'll do it for you. Don't panic." Copper laughed, swinging her friend's chair around and getting down on her knees, holding her hand out for the implements. It was hours before Violet's hen night would begin, and the Jewel girls were getting ready, each one of them determined to make sure that it was a night to remember. They had gathered in Nancy's room, because it was the biggest and because it was always more fun, as Sylva had observed, to get ready for these things together, so the bedroom was thick with the smell of nail polish, hairspray and perfume, with the windows pushed open all the way.
"You're in good spirits tonight." Topaz observed, critically examining herself in the full length mirror. "Do I look pregnant, guys? I don't want to give the game up just yet."
"Topaz, you know as well as I do that you don't show." Sylva scolded her. "And you look stunning. See, didn't I say those pants were you?"
"Yes, you did, and Copper agreed." Topaz nodded. "So I bought them. I figured I needed to enjoy looking good whilst I have my figure!"
"As for my good spirits, Topaz, I'm getting into the mood of the party." Copper responded. "I'm not gonna think about Aaron or any men at all, for that matter. I'm just going to go and have a laugh, maybe a few drinks, enjoy myself. Forget for the night that I'm a celebrity and pretend I'm still in high school getting ready for my prom." She looked wistful. "I never had a senior prom. I dropped out before it came off."
"Well, if it's any consolation, Copper, I didn't go to my prom either." Nancy shrugged,brushing out her long, thick black hair. "Waste of time and effort. And I wouldn't be going to this if it wasn't Violet's, so she should be honoured."
"You know, Nance, you actually look vaguely human in that outfit." Sylva admitted. "Where did you get it?"
"Cynthia helped me pick it." Nancy blushed. "And don't tease me. I told you, this is for Vi."
"Speaking of whom, there is a car pulling up outside."
Cynthia herself appeared in the doorway at that moment, startling them all. "I believe the Teenangels have arrived. I didn't see Zoe, however - is she not coming tonight?"
"She's meant to be." Topaz frowned.
"She told me she'd probably meet us all at Le Klub Kool. She's had other things to settle up." Sylva said. "You know, I'm a little worried about her."
"Worried about Zoe?" Copper asked. "How so?"
"I will go and let in the Teenangel girls." Cynthia decided, as there was a clear knock at the door. "Shall I bring them up?"
"Sure, but it'll be crowded as heck in here." Nancy agreed. "We'll have to sort out who's stopping where, too, since they're coming back with us tonight, aren't they?"
"I believe so." Cynthia agreed. "Well, see you in a few."
Once she was gone, Sylva sighed, sitting down on Nancy's bed.
"Well, you know how Zoe is so fanatical about not having a date for the wedding and stuff?" She began.
"Yeah, what of it?" Nancy demanded.
"I think she's seeing someone and I think it's someone we wouldn't approve of." Sylva looked troubled. "I kinda get the feeling he's married."
"What? Zoe? Are you mad?" Topaz exclaimed. Sylva shrugged.
"Well, you tell me what you think." She said, briefly outlining her encounter with her friend. "It sounds strange to me and I was there!"
"Maybe she was just hot and stressed." Copper suggested.
"No, she pretty much said she was seeing some guy, but that people would yell if they knew who he was." Sylva grimaced. "It's all very strange. I don't like to think of her being the other woman too, if that is it."
"Well, I vote we quit talking about this. We've guests." Topaz observed, as they heard the sound of Cynthia's voice and footsteps on the stairs. "And either way it's Zoe's private life. Not ours."
"I agree." Copper nodded. "This is Violet's night." She cast Nancy a grin. "And there, your makeup is done. Want me to put your hair up for you, before I settle to painting my nails?"
"If you would." Nancy looked relieved. "I don't want anything major doing to it, but it's a pain when it's in my face all the time."
"No problem." Copper dimpled, grabbing Nancy's hairbrush and deftly dividing the hair in two. Her expert fingers did not take much time to put the long thick hair into two french plaits, and Sylva giggled.
"Okay, now she looks more frivolous and ready for fun than staid and studentish." She decided. "Hey, the Angels are taking their time!"
"I expect Cyn took them up to choose their rooms." Topaz decided. "Nancy, don't pull faces! Braids suit you!"
I had pigtails all through school." Nancy muttered. Copper laughed, carefully applying a little hairspray to hold the wispy ends of her friend's hair in place.
"They're not pigtails." She chided. "They're very chic braids."
"Okay, okay." Nancy scrutinised her reflection. "Actually, I guess they're not so bad. If nothing else, they keep my hair out of my face."
"Guess we're lucky, we have an inbuilt stylist." Sylva decided from where she had begun to carefully straighten out her curls. "If you're going curly tonight, Copper, I'm going straight. I bought some silver barrettes just for tonight and I mean to use them, they're the cutest thing."
"Well, since my hair is longer now, I'm letting it curl more and more." Copper reached up to touch her thick mass of auburn curls, delicately highlighted as they were with hints of blond. "It's a lot of work straightening it every morning, anyhow, and our schedule is kinda mental."
At that moment there was a knock on the door, and Topaz called them in. Cynthia, her violet eyes twinkling, pushed it open, ushering four girls into the haze of perfume and spray, eying their expression with amusement.
"Are you trying to poison us?" Amber Whatson, the Teenangel's bass guitarist demanded, hands on hips, though there was something in her eyes which suggested her heart was not entirely on the night's festivities, and Topaz sent her a thoughtful look, trying to work out what in the other girl's life could have happened to make the usually open, sharp-eyed face so troubled and preoccupied.
"You found us okay then?" Copper asked. "Or well, most of you did...where are Rose and Jade?"
"God knows." Samantha Phillips, Sylva's cousin shrugged. "They came in the front door with us, but they've vanished since. In any case, Rose is about as good with finding a place as a dead chicken."
She sat down on the bed. "This room is huge."
"That's why we're getting ready here." Topaz dimpled. She cast Violet a grin. "And welcome to the bride!"
"Definitely." Sylva nodded. "I'd hug you but I don't want my hair to have a kink." She added.
"Welcome to the madhouse, Vi." Nancy cast her a wry smile. "If you want to escape, I suggest that you do it now."
"I wish I knew exactly what Amber has up her sleeve for tonight." Violet admitted, casting the fiery guitarist a sidelong glance, but Amber just shrugged.
"Time will tell." She said.
"That's what worries me." Violet admitted.
"Well, it'll be a night to remember." Opel Martin, the group's singer remarked with a shrug. She grinned. "Sure we'll all fit in here?"
"Oh, it can be done." Sylva nodded gingerly. "And it's more atmospheric, somehow, to get ready like this, all girls together."
"Well, it would be if Jade and Rose could find us." Topaz laughed.
What could be taking them so long?” Sammi demanded, idly picking up one of Nancy's magazines and glancing through it.  “I mean how hard is it to find someone else's bedroom? Its not like we're being quiet!"
“Maybe I should go look for them?” Opel suggested, sitting down beside her and beginning to brush out her long wavy hair. “Otherwise we will be waiting for Rose to get ready, and there wont be a hen night!"
"You can't rush the perfect look." Sylva scolded, setting down her straighteners and examining her reflection. "There. Perfect."
“Hey, got it!” At that moment the door swung open once more to reveal Jade, Rose close behind her.
“You need to make us some maps for this place” Rose remarked. “You could get lost for days." She pursed her lips."Mm...going have to remind myself on the bathroom...”
“That’s okay. We'll give you a bedpan.” Nancy looked amused.
“Either that, or we can always make you a nappy.” Amber put in absently. She glanced across at the redhead, oblivious to the strange look which had crossed Topaz's face at her words, or the singer's sudden interest in filing her nails. Sylva looked thoughtful, then,
"Diapers really aren't in this summer." She said with a shrug. "It's easy enough though, Rose. Copper's room is across the hall from this, and the bathroom is right next door."
"But don't get the two confused!" Copper warned, her eyes dancing with amusement. "I don't want any impromptu midnight visits!"
“What took you guys so long, other than getting lost?” Sammi asked.
“Had to get hen night gifts for the bride." Jade grinned, putting her hand into the bag she carried. "Not to mention…we gotta dress her up!”
She pulled her hand out, revealing a veil with a L plate attached to it, and Sylva giggled.
"Oh, that's classic." She decided. "You're gonna be so cute tonight, Vi."
"She's gonna be a beautiful bride." Copper agreed, a slightly wistful look entering her brown eyes. Then she seemed to give herself a mental shake, grinning. "Though I wouldn't recommend L plates for the big day. Might scare Taylor off!"
“I am not wearing that!” Violet exclaimed, her expression one of horror, but Rose was not taking no for an answer, and she deftly slipped it onto the bride-to-be's head.
"There. Perfect." She announced with a grin.
“I look like an idiot!” Violet protested, glancing at her reflection in the mirror. “Tell them, Amber!”
“You're kidding, right? This was her idea!” Rose laughed. “You only get married once!”
“Oh, don’t forget the silly string!” Jade, who seemed to be just as much into the idea of embarrassing the poor bride to be reached into her bag again, producing a can of the stuff and proceeding to liberally spray the girl's hair with it.
“Ugh that stuff stinks” Opel covered her nose.
"Like it doesn't already stink in here?" Nancy raised an eyebrow.
"I hate to be a party pooper, but it's almost half eight already." Topaz glanced at her watch. "What time are we hitting the town?"
I didn’t realize the time.” Violet replied. “We're going in a someone driving? We told Flame we would meet her at Le Klub Kool at eight forty five.” Flame was a dancer who had worked with the Teenangels before more than once, and who was, despite her sharp tongue and quick temper, these days a good friend of the group. Jewel had worked with her too on the odd occasion, in music videos and stage performances, for despite her frequent travelling Flame, or to give her her real name, Fiona Daniels, was American born and lived in Los Angeles.
"I'll drive." Topaz volunteered. "My car has gas and it's not like I plan on drinking the night away."
She winked at Sylva, who grinned.
"Topaz is a good driver." She agreed.
“Oh I cant wait!" Jade exclaimed. "Nothing more fun than a night of dancing...and Amber? I am not carrying you home again, so no bets. Okay?”
“Won't we need two cars?” Opel asked curiously. “Surely we won't all fit in your car, Topaz.”
"I will volunteer my services, if noone objects. I can drive Copper's car if need be." Cynthia put in from her corner.
“Who cares? Let's go!” Rose exclaimed. “I want to party!”


"This is turning into a crazy night."
Sylva pulled herself up on the bar stool, casting the bartender a grin which bordered on flirtatious. "Hi, Adam. You know my usual by now."
"Evening, Sylva." Adam grinned back at her with a wink. "Not playing for us tonight? I didn't see Jewel on the bill."
"Nope, friend's hen night." Sylva shook her head. "Topaz, you thirsty? It's damn hot in here."
"Sure. Diet coke for me though, Adam. I'm driving." Topaz laughed, sitting herself down on the stool next to her friend. "It's all the smoke rather than the heat, making my throat dry." She grimaced. "Thank God we've no studio tomorrow. I'd never sing a note."
"Cameron flies in tomorrow, doesn't he?" Sylva cast her friend a curious look, taking the bacardi and coke and pushing the tab across the table. "I'll treat you, by the way, since you're on car duty and you're paying gas."
"Sure." Topaz shrugged, scooping up her own drink and taking a sip. "And yes, he does, which is worrying me a bit, I have to admit. His flight gets into Los Angeles at about half past ten tomorrow morning, and I told him in my last email that I'd pick him up at the airport. But what in hell am I going to say to him?" She frowned. "Although in all honesty, being alone with him mightn't be the best plan ever. I really don't know what's going to happen when he's right in front of me."
Sylva took a sip of her drink.
"I'll tag along and play gooseberry if you want a chaperone." She offered. Topaz sighed.
"Thanks, but I guess I have to deal with this head on." She said. "I'll go, Syl, it'll be okay. At least once I've seen him once, my mind should be made up as to what happens next."
"Okay." Sylva nodded. "And either way, Topaz, you do have us lot, remember that, all right?"
"I will." Topaz nodded. "You know, this is the first night since I got the news that I've wanted to go out and get wasted and it's sinking in that I can't. I'm gonna have to face him clear-headed instead of happily hungover."
Sylva laughed.
"You're mad." She told her friend affectionately. "But it'll be all right. Trust me. You'll be fine."
"Love is so damn difficult." Topaz looked wistful, glancing out at the dancefloor. "Violet has no idea how lucky she really is, Syl. Everything has worked out for her so smoothly. I don't begrudge it her, you know, but she's got everything done the right way around. Whereas..." She bit her lip. "You can't see Jack or Courtenay, Copper and Aaron aren't speaking, and I'm pregnant but I have no idea what I'm going to say to the guy who got me that way. Life can be so complicated."
"You're telling me." Sylva looked pensive. "I'm coming to the conclusion, you know, that men aren't worth anyone's time, and we'd be better off just sticking together with our music and stuff. That way noone could get hurt."
"Who's getting hurt?"
A fresh voice interrupted the discussion, and both girls turned to see Zoe.
"Hey, Zo." Topaz greeted her with a grin. "Come take a seat, huh? We're just moaning about the troubles relationships cause and how it'd be better if noone fell in love."
"I'll drink to that." Zoe said ruefully. "Why so pensive? It's Vi's hen night."
"I know, that's why." Sylva replied. "She's gonna be so happy, everything's so easy for her at the moment." She grimaced. "I suppose the old cliche is true. If you want something, sometimes you have to fight for it."
"Yeah." Topaz nodded her head. "I think you're probably right. I just wish it wasn't so muddled up."
"Well, sometimes you can fight and fight and yet you still don't know where you stand." Zoe sighed.
"Something you wanna share with the class, Zo?" Topaz asked. Zoe shook her head.
"No, I'm fine." She looked sheepish. "It's not a big deal, Topaz. There's just someone...who's been messing me about a little lately, that's all. I'm dealing with it better tonight, I think - and I'm determined to have a good time. But you're right. Love can really stink."
"You shouldn't be all secretive." Sylva scolded her. "You know all about my deal with Jack and Topaz's with Cameron. Come on, Zoe, spill. Who's this beau who's messing with your heart? You want me to beat him up for you?"
"Noone special." Zoe shook her head. "And no, Syl. Much as I appreciate the offer, it wouldn't solve anything." She grinned, gesturing to Adam to get his attention. "Adam, got time to spare to pour me a martini? Dry, please."
"Sure, anything for you, Zoe." Adam teased, coming to take her order. "Big party tonight, is it? Where's the bride to be?"
"Somewhere in the crowd." Sylva told him. "It's busy here tonight, we've kinda lost them."
She finished her drink, scooping up her purse. "I s'pose we'd best go hunt them down, huh? Bring your drink, Zoe. No broken hearts allowed tonight - this is Vi's hen night, and we're gonna damn well enjoy it!"

Chapter One: The Truth About Copper
Chapter Two: Topaz Interferes
Chapter Three: Stefana Discovers
Chapter Four: A Devil At Work
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Chapter Six: Hen Night
Chapter Seven: Cameron
Chapter Eight: A Firm Resolve
Chapter Nine: Aaron...and Copper
Chapter Ten: Schemes
Chapter Eleven: A Missing Groom

Chapter Twelve: Nancy's Hunt
Chapter Thirteen: Zoe's Revelation

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