Princess In Waiting

Chapter Five: The Queen

"Can you believe we're really going to meet the Queen of Morvania?"
Sylva clasped her hands together in excitement, dropping down onto her bed to hunt for her hairbrush. "Sadie, can you believe it? Real live royalty."
"" Sadie raised an eyebrow. "I'm sure the Queen of Morvania is a lovely person, but she's not going to spend all day meeting and greeting us, you know. We'll probably get a hello wave and that will be it."
"I don't know." Sylva pursed her lips. "Morvania is a small country, and Nadia did say yesterday that Adreana takes the contest seriously. Maybe it will be more than that." She looked thoughtful. "Are you still sulking because Nancy snuck your song into our stuff?"
"Yes." Sadie admitted. "Well, not sulking, so much as worrying that it won't be good enough." She shrugged. "But I guess if you guys wanna do it, I can't really stop you now. We don't have time to argue about it."
"I bet that's precisely what Nancy intended." Sylva grinned. "It has a lovely tune though, Sade. I'm gonna enjoy singing it."
"Sade?" Sadie grinned. "I'm being abbreviated now?"
"Well, you call me Syl." Sylva pointed out. She laughed. "Guess you're really one of the family now, huh?"
"I feel like I am." Sadie agreed. "Which is good. I feel a tiny bit bad still about Topaz and that one of my best friends had to leave for me to get all of this...especially when I almost threw it all away in England. But I know she's better off with Hollie in LA, and I'm having the time of my life, playing with you."
"And so you should!" Sylva exclaimed, finally locating her hairbrush, and settling down in front of the mirror to brush her haphazard curls into some semblance of neatness. "If the experiences in England did nothing else for us, it made us a closer unit, and you are one of the team now. That's got to be a good thing."
"Yeah, I agree." Sadie dimpled. "I trust you guys now, and I'm starting to feel like LA is my home. Maybe, by the end of the year, I'll be talking with an American accent, too!"
"I doubt it." Sylva looked amused. "Your voice is very distinctive, you know. I never heard anyone talk like you before."
"Not even the whole population of Birmingham?" Sadie demanded. Sylva shrugged.
"We didn't really get the chance to talk to people in Birmingham." She replied. "But you don't talk like Jetta. I never realised how different English accents could be till we met you...I guess I figured that, with such a small country, there couldn't possibly be that many different dialects. But I like your accent. It's cute."
"Gee, thanks." Sadie laughed. "Ah well. I suppose in Los Angeles, a Brummie accent couldn't help but stand out."
"Right." Sylva nodded. "Not like a boring East Coast drawl." She shrugged. "That's life."
"Are you guys coming?" Nancy's voice came through the dividing door and Sadie crossed the room to open it, casting her bandmate a grin.
"We're ready. Syl's just fixing her hair." She agreed.
"Lemme guess...she wants to make a good impression on Queen Adreana." Nancy rolled her eyes. "Sheesh."
"Well, there's no need to be rude to her." Sylva retorted, getting to her feet. "All right, I'm done. I look as fab as I can manage under these conditions, so lets go grab breakfast, huh?"
"I've got our key." Sadie scooped the room key off the unit. "Are we meeting Phyllis for breakfast?"
"We better." Nancy nodded. "She wasn't amused that we went sight seeing in the city yesterday afternoon. Anyone would think that we were little kiddies running around without the consent of our babysitter. We're grown women, for heaven's sake! Besides, I had fun yesterday. It was nice to absorb a different culture."
"Nadia and Semela are sweet, too. I'm glad not all of our competition is hostile." Copper agreed, as they made their way down the main corridor towards the lift. "Mischa was kinda quiet, though."
"He suffered from the normal affliction strange guys develop when they're around Jewel." Sylva looked amused.
"Affliction?" Copper looked confused. "What do you mean?"
"She means that he was staring at you." Sadie laughed. "Face it, Copper, we can't take you anywhere."
"Oh brother, no! Not really?" Copper groaned. "Sheesh, what is it with men and me, anyway? I'm not a flirt, I'm not some seductress out to attract as many men as possible, and dammit, I'm engaged to be married! Why in hell would he be staring at me?"
"Because, sweetie, you're pretty and guys are shallow." Sadie shrugged. "Besides, it's not like your ring isn't obvious. I think he was just admiring the view, as it were." She shivered. "He gave me the creeps, to be honest."
"Why? Because he was quiet?" Sylva asked. Sadie shook her head.
"No. Because he didn't smile much, and he just seemed...distant and brash." She replied. "Mind you, with my record where men are concerned, I don't suppose that opinion will surprise anyone."
"Nope." Nancy shook her head. "I didn't like him much either, for the record...but I think he was probably harmless. Shy, maybe."
"Probably." Sadie nodded. "It was nice of them to show us Laviana, though."
"What are you girls dawdling about for now?" As the lift reached their floor, Phyllis's voice interrupted their conversation. "We have work to do, you know."
"We were heading down to breakfast." Nancy said. "Are you coming to the theatre to meet Queen Adreana with us?"
"I don't have a lot of choice." Phyllis said abruptly. "It's bad protocol. Can think of a billion things I'd rather do, though."
She swept into the lift, hitting the button for the ground floor rather harder than was necessary, and causing the four Jewels to hurry into the lift before the doors closed.
"Besides, I want you kids to hold your tongue about Morvania here in the hotel, all right? We can't risk more bad press."
"But we love Morvania, Aunt Phyl!" Nancy protested.
"It's beautiful." Copper agreed. "Why should that bring us bad press?"
"Well, put it this way." Phyllis pursed her lips. "The walls of this hotel have ears."
"I beg your pardon?" Sadie stared. "Ears? You mean someone is spying on us?"
"No, I mean that you're hot shot celebrities, and every word you say can be misconstrued." Phyllis said quietly. "Okay? Don't argue. And for heaven's sake, don't talk about what happened in England, all right? It's bad enough that it happened, without word spreading any further!"
"You're the boss." Sylva shrugged. "If you say so."
"I wish you were always that compliant." Phyllis fixed her with a dark look. "Instead of creeping off sightseeing with total strangers."
"We were fine with Nadia and the others, Phyllis." Copper assured her. "They were sweet, and only showing us something of their city."
"Well, be careful, all right?" Phyllis admonished. "This aint America."
Before any of the musicians could ask her what she meant, the lift had reached their floor and she was gone across the lobby, pausing in the doorway of the hotel restaurant to gesture impatiently for them to follow her.
"Well, that was weird." Nancy murmured, as they hurried to comply. "What's got Aunt Phyl's goat?"
"Not a clue." Copper shrugged. "But whatever it is, I hope she gets over it soon. I want to enjoy Morvania!"


"Are you sure that this is a good idea, your highness?"
Corvin, still Captain of the Royal Guard, and Queen Adreana's most loyal supporter eyed his queen with a sombre expression. "I know you want to show your support for the competition, but is it wise?"
"Why should it not be?" Adreana gazed up at the old theatre building, a smile on her face. "This is a big honour for Morvania, and the streets of my country are quite safe." She gestured to the assembled royal escort. "I am surrounded by loyal people who will see I come to no harm. What are you worried about?"
"We don't know anything of these strangers who come to our country." Corvin responded. "Remember what happened the last time you became so involved in music?"
"Yes, but that was down to Lexa." Adreana shrugged impatiently. "My cause was championed then by Jem and the Holograms, and my life saved by the intervention of the Misfits. I have no bad memories to associate with the music industry, and I am most eager to see the competitors." She dimpled. "Besides, I understand that one acquaintance from 1986 is here in Morvania, and I should like to see her."
"Phyllis Gabor." Corvin looked disapproving. "I don't believe this is wise, my lady. True, the Misfits saved your life, but have you forgotten how Lexa employed them and their wiles to harm you?"
"Lexa was an evil woman, but she is dead now, and her Dimitrios also." Adreana laughed. "I have no fear of the Misfits, Corvin, and nor should you have. Once they realised Lexa's true intent, they chose the right side. And besides, things are past. How can a country heal, if you do not leave bad things in the past? Morvania has been at peace since I became Queen. This contest is a celebration...and I want to be a part of it!"
"I hope you are right." Corvin murmured. "I really hope you are right."
Within the theatre, a sense of excitement had begun to envelop the musicians and their associates, as the Queen was announced, and in a moment, silence fell. The doors were opened, and for the first time, Jewel got a look at the impetuous and popular ruler of Morvania. She was an attractive woman, with sleek red waves that curled around her shoulders, held back from her face by the delicate golden coronet that encircled her brow. This was Adreana at her most formal, for usually it was a fight for Corvin to get his lady Queen to even wear the pretty crown, and she cast the assembled musicians a warm smile.
"Musicians from around the world." She began. "Morvania welcomes you all! We look forward greatly to the contest itself, right here in Laviana's own theatre, and I wish you all the best of luck!" She gestured to the instruments. "Please, do not stop your playing on my account! I wish to hear all you can do!"
Slowly but surely, each group began to return their attention to the matter at hand, and, with a smile and a wink at Corvin, Adreana made her way deeper into the belly of the theatre, pausing to assess each group in turn. Finally, she let out an exclamation, turning towards where Jewel were setting up to play. With Corvin in tow, she approached the group.
"This must be the group from America!" She exclaimed. "The Jewel I hear so much of?"
"That's us." Nancy nodded.
"We're pleased to meet you, your highness." Sylva added, casting Nancy a dark look.
"I am pleased also to make your acquaintance." Laughter sparkled in the Queen's blue eyes. "All the more so to greet an old acquaintance." Her gaze turned to Phyllis. "It has been many years, but I still remember. Phyllis Gabor!"
"Your highness." Phyllis seemed uncomfortable, and Adreana laughed.
"Oh, no need to be shy." She chided. "I am glad to welcome you back to my humble country. After all, I owe you and your friends my life." She smiled. "It seems many years since you were last in Morvania, but you do not seem much different from then."
"I keep busy." Phyllis said quietly, meeting the Queen's gaze, and ignoring the incredulous stares of her charges. "Jewel are one of our hottest acts these days. It seemed only natural that they should take part in a show such as this one."
"You are familar to me also." Adreana cast her gaze over Sylva, her expression thoughtful. "Many years now, and I do not remember her name...but you remind me of someone."
"Sylva is Stormer's daughter." Phyllis said abruptly, and Adreana's blue eyes lit up with remembrance.
"I see." She said softly. "Then music runs in your family?"
"Yeah, it does, rather." Sylva was taken aback. "I didn't realise you had met my mother, your highness."
"It was a long time ago. Before you were born." Adreana's eyes twinkled again. "But send her my greetings, will you? I never forget a face."
With that the Queen was gone, leaving Sylva staring after her.
"Aunt Phyl, when did you meet Queen Adreana? What did she mean about owing you her life?" Nancy looked confused. Phyllis rolled her eyes.
"It's not what you think it is." She said grudgingly. "When we were in Morvania, some nutball relative of Adreana's tried to kill her. There was a mixup and they abducted Kimber of the Holograms instead...Adreana and the Holograms were attacked on stage and we Misfits happened to be in the right place at the right time. There was a bomb, and we alerted the authorities. That's all."
"And she still remembers you for it. It must have meant a lot to her." Copper looked impressed. "I had no idea you'd been involved in such adventure here!"
"Well, maybe now you understand why you watch your step in Morvania." Phyllis said grimly. "It might be a while now since all of that, but there's no harm in being safe. I don't want you girls running around trying to thwart bomb plots or anything. Morvania might well be safe - but I ain't taking the chance."
"Would I be allowed to take the chance to go get a soda from the machine?" Sylva asked. Phyllis glowered at her.
"Don't be cheeky." She snapped. "Your Mom was never half the trouble you are."
"I only asked because my throat is dry, and I'm supposed to be singing." Sylva protested. "May I?"
"Go on then. But don't be too long!"
Sylva did not need a second telling. She slipped off the dais and into the busy auditorium, pushing open the door and heading down the corridor to where she had noticed the drinks machine, when the group had entered. Taking an unfamiliar coin from her pocket, she glanced at it, then frowned.
"What in hell is this thing worth?" She wondered. "And how am I supposed to know which one is Diet Coke?"
"The second one down is coke, and that coin is not nearly enough for a drink." A male voice interrupted her thoughts and she turned to see a young man, not many years her elder. He was dark haired, with soft brown eyes and a playful smile toying around the corners of his mouth as he watched her confusion. "Here. Allow me."
He pushed a coin into the machine, pressing the correct button, and handing her her drink. "There."
"Gee, thank you." Sylva dimpled. "How much do I owe you?"
"You owe me nothing." The young man's eyes sparkled. "It is a gift, to welcome you to Morvania."
"Oh. Well, thanks." Sylva grinned, flipping the can open and taking a sip. "I'm afraid I'm no good with languages or foreign currency. Hell, I have enough trouble managing my dollar balance back home in LA!"
"I am Anatole." The young man grinned. "My friends call me Nat. What is your name?"
"Sylvina Martescu." Sylva responded. "Syl for short. Pleased to meet you, Nat. Everyone in Morvania is so nice!"
"Well, we try to make people welcome here." Nat grinned. "You are taking part in the competition, I believe?"
"Yes. Me and my group, Jewel." Sylva agreed. "You?"
"No. I am no musician." Nat seemed amused by this. "I live in Laviana, and the contest excites the imagination. I came to see what was happening."
"I suppose with the Queen arriving, it's a major event." Sylva realised. She smiled. "I never met a Queen before."
"Queen Adreana is much loved in Morvania." Nat nodded. "Yes, a great many people turn out just to see her. I imagine the streets are thick with people now."
"Then we're going to have a lot of fun finding lunch." Sylva grimaced.
"There is a nice restaurant three or four streets from the theatre." Nat told her. "They serve Morvanian cuisine." His eyes twinkled. "I'm told by people who visit our country that our food is delicious."
"Well, lunch in the city was nice yesterday, but brief. Still, our boss is taking us out for dinner tonight, so hopefully we'll get a chance to taste proper native cuisine." Sylva grinned."I ought to get back to the others, anyhow. It was nice to meet you, Nat - and thanks for the soda!"
"You're welcome." Nat winked. "Maybe we meet again?"
"Well, if my manager wasn't being a psychotic chaperone, I'd say that would be no problem at all." Sylva rolled her eyes. "But she's having a major responsibility complex and treating us all like we're seven."
"She worries for your safety." Nat said wisely. "May I walk you back to your band? If she sees I am not harming you, maybe she will not mind?"
"Sure, that'd be cool." Sylva dimpled. "So where abouts in Laviana do you live, then?"
"In the centre of the city." Nat smiled. "But you can see Laviana for yourself. I am curious about America - I have never been there. What is it like?"
"It's a world in a country." Sylva considered. "I mean, it's so big, you get snow in the north and deserts in the south. There are mountains and valleys, lakes and plains. You name it, we pretty much have it."
"And you are from Los Angeles?"
"I grew up in Washington DC, the capital." Sylva shook her head. "But now I live in Los Angeles, because that's where our group is based."
"Washington DC? Ah, near the White House?" Nat asked. Sylva laughed.
"Well, right city, but no." She responded. "Washington is a big city!"
"I should like to see it." Nat admitted. "I have always wanted to visit your America."
"It's a long flight." Sylva grimaced.
"I like to travel, though I don't get to do it as often as I should like." Nat admitted. "I have often wanted to study in America, but..." He shrugged. "Sometimes the means are not there."
"My sister is at University in Washington DC." Sylva told him. "She's in her final year - she'll graduate this summer. I'm real proud of her - she's the brainy one in the family."
"And you? Did you attend University?"
"No. Anna and I are twins, but we're not that much alike in character." Sylva shook her head. "I chose the musical life instead of the academic one. Studying is all very well, but I like to live a little, too!"
"Well, maybe before you leave I could show you a little of the life Morvania has to offer?" Nat suggested. "I have lived in the city my whole life, and I know where is the most beautiful part of Laviana after dark. I would love to share it with you, and you could tell me what it is like to live so near Hollywood."
"Okay, sounds like fun to me." Sylva dimpled. She pushed open the door to the main theatre, leading the way through the crowd of people to where Jewel were awaiting her return.
"And here we are, back with my group. Guys, I made us another new friend! This is Nat."
"Sylvina, funny soda machines you frequent." Phyllis eyed her darkly. Sylva rolled her eyes.
"I'm almost twenty two, Phyllis. I can talk to a guy if I want." She said expressively. She cast Nat a grin.
"We're staying at the Hotel Victor." She said. "Do you know it?"
"Yes, very well." Nat nodded his head. "It was nice to meet you, Syl. I will be sure to pay the Hotel Victor a visit!" And with that, he was gone.
"Well, that was very discreet." Nancy rolled her eyes. "Syl, what is it with you and a cute guy?"
"What did I tell you this morning about security?" Phyllis added.
"Oh, chill. He's sweet. He bought me a soda." Sylva dismissed their concern with a careless gesture, setting her coke can down on the edge of Nancy's keyboard. "And I'm ready to sing now, so shall we practice? After all, we have a contest to win!"
As the quartette settled themselves down to rehearsing their song, none of them noticed Nat pause in the doorway to watch them sing, a thoughtful look on his face.
"Interesting." He mused. "I will indeed keep my date at the Hotel Victor."

Prologue: Morvania, 1987
Chapter One: Los Angeles, 2014
Chapter Two: At The Airport
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Chapter Four: The Competition
Chapter Five: The Queen
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Chapter Eight: Nerysa
Chapter Nine: A Frightening Realisation
Chapter Ten: Betrayal
Chapter Eleven: The Truth
Chapter Twelve: Heartfelt
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