Name: Carl Arca

Stage Name: Blade

Blade is a r&b teen idol, adored by millions of young fans and as wild as he is good looking. He and Jewel meet up sometimes when doing concerts and for some inexplicable reason Nancy is drawn to him, getting herself into no end of trouble in the process. Blade is egocentric and selfish, and finds it amusing to hurt women or set them going against each other. At one point he is almost responsible for Jewel splitting up. Blade is signed to Riot's company, Rebel Records.
Blade's sister, Raesha, with whom he used to perform concerts with at an amateur level died in amotorcycle accident aged only nineteen, and it is partly this sense of loss which makes him such a loose cannon with women. Since Blade and Raesha both were foster children, taken away from their parents at a very young age, they were very close, and losing his sister sent Blade off on a tangent in the wrong direction. Blade does not have any other family that he knows of, and he doesn't really know much about his parents, although the stories go that they were involved in drugs and too much alcohol. Blade feels some sense of guilt for Raesha's death, since he was always the protector, and he dealt with his grief by allowing himself to harden and letting his trust in women to become non existant. Arrogant as can be and something of a heartbreaker, these days he has shut himself off to any kind of deeper emotion. He has no qualms about messing with the inexperienced Nancy's emotions to get what he wants from her, and when she is not keen to take their relationship to the next level he scorns and ridicules her.
Blade also has a fling with Sirena which results in rather more than either of them expected. Though there is never any love between the two, they develop a strange cool sort of friendship based on their working arrangement and the benefits of publicity to their relationship. However, in truth Blade is really a lone wolf figure, who never settles himself anyplace with anyone.