Graphic of Nancy courtesy of Sally Wright.


Name: Nancy Pelligrini
Stage Name: Goldie

Date Of Birth: September 3rd, 1992
Starsign: Virgo
Nancy is the daughter of Jetta and Roxy's half-brother Justin. Exceptionally talented musically, and academically brilliant, Nancy isn't so hot when it comes to people, and is fairly hard to break down due to her cool, ironic sarcasm and quickness to judge people. She and Sylva do not hit it off right away and drive each other mad, but come to understand and respect each other's strengths. Nancy is the song writer of the group. She is a perfectionist, often frustrating herself by taking her musical composition too seriously, and when she has a song coming on she does not make good company. Though she rarely admits to it, Stormer is in many ways her musical idol, and her inspiration in her choice of career. Essentially, due to her upbringing, Nancy is Misfit to the core!
Often described as an impossible genius during her childhood by teachers and parents alike, Nancy has grown up cynical of the world around her and finds it hard to put her faith in anyone outside her family. She is extremely close to her mother, though the two rarely talk about their bond they both know it's there, for Jetta was the one during Nancy's difficult childhood who stood up for her and defended her time after time in the principal's office at school. Her elder brother despairs of her prickly attitude to the world, but despite this the two grew up closely together and as a boy Aaron often defended his sister with his fists in the school playground. She also develops a fondness for her cousin Taylor when they meet in London, after Taylor helps the family out. There is no romantic interest here, however, for Nancy views Taylor as a second big brother, and Taylor adopts Nancy almost as a kid sister, Despite the fact that most of the time they live an ocean apart, the two correspond online.
Though her hair is naturally black, Nancy is often convinced to dye or spray sections of it yellow or gold in order to make herself look very different from her mother whose reputation in the profession is still great. The name Goldie is decided upon after she meets Sylva, and helps to define the theme of the band. Though to the public she reluctantly adopts her stagename, offstage she refuses to answer to anything but Nancy. Though resistant to making friends, she develops a tentative liking for Copper after the older girl helps her through her initial stagefright, and the two girls build bit by bit a lasting friendship, till eventually Nancy admits she would trust Copper with her life. Through her friendship with the drummer, Nancy finds herself making friends with others more easily, and she and Topaz get on well from their first meeting, despite the fact that initially Topaz was to be Nancy's replacement in the band. Though sharp tongued and often appearing cold, Nancy has a generous and sensitive heart beneath her defences, and when she both likes and trusts someone will go to any lengths to defend them or make them happy. She is not impulsive like Sylvina, nor does she share her bandmate's self confidence, and she scorns tears. It is important for Nancy to keep in control of her emotions, and it is this which makes her wary of love and relationships. Bullied all through her school career, a fact made worse by her being skipped up a grade to accomodate her academic ability, Nancy can come across at first meeting as hostile and unpleasant, though those who break through her shell know she is not that way at all.
Nancy is insecure around men and does not know how to handle her feelings for Blade, something which he takes full advantage of in manipulating her love for music. Nancy's naivety in terms of love prevents her from seeing that television presenter Dean Stacey has something of a fancy for her also, and panics her when she does find it out. Even once such barriers are broken down, if Nancy was forced to make a choice between her music and her relationship, her music will always come first - a fact which makes her family and friends worry about her future loneliness.
Goldie is capable of playing all kinds of instruments, but in the band principally plays guitar, dependant on necessity. She also sings, though when Topaz joins, the vocals are split even more between the band.
Nancy is not one who easily makes friends, nor is she willing to share her creative developments with most people, but when Garnet enters the scene, Nancy finds for the first time she has someone to co-write with.

Nancy the doll is the second incarnation of my songwriter character - yeah, I get bored a lot! Nancy II is made from a beaten up Jetta, to preserve the resemblance to her mother. Despite that, however, I don't think she does look a lot like Jetta. She's been repainted and detinselled and her hair has been washed through with gold glitter to give it a "sparkle" since I wanted a Nancy who did not have the yellow streaks. The jacket I made for her...the dress is borrowed from Barbie until I have time to make her something and the guitar is swiped from Pizzazz for the occasion!