A Jewel Whodunnit...
Chapter Thirteen: A Shock For Jewel

"Ladies and gentlemen, quiet please!"
Jetta took to the centre of the dais upon which Jewel had nervously assembled, ready to tackle the many inquisitive faces before them. Bad news, it seemed, spread fast, and the room was full to bursting point of curious reporters.
"Okay, now I got your attention, this press conference 'as been called because we feel it's best that Garnet 'as a chance to tell her own story, rather than the second 'and trash that gets printed day in day out." Jetta said briskly, fixing more than one editor with a piercing glare. "I'll 'and you over to the girls now, so questions please."
"Garnet..." A tall well dressed lady with a turned up nose and tight hairstyle eyed the apprehensive guitarist with a thoughtful look. "Well, I suppose the big question is, what's behind the tabloid splash? Where has this tale come from? Is it true? How can you justify your rise to fame in light of such past misdeeds?"
"I don't see why I should explain myself to you before I decide on whether or not I take a job offer." Sadie spoke levelly, though her eyes were angry at the tone of the question. "I don't recall ever lying to any press representative, either. Yes, there is truth in the article. I have been to prison, I have taken drugs. They're both things of the past now, I've moved on with my life. None of you asked me if I had a criminal record or a past drug habit. I didn't realise that it was necessary to broadcast such things beforehand."
"Sadie has been through a lot in her life." Copper added gravely. "But if everyone judged a fellow human being on pasts they can't change, then how can people learn from their mistakes and start again? It's not a concern to any of us that she hasn't the most beautiful of histories. She's a part of this band because she's talented and because we like her. That's all that matters."
"Is it true that your move to Los Angeles was in fact in breach of your parole, Garnet?" A stodgy man in a black suit queried. Sadie's eyes narrowed.
"If it was," she began slowly, "Then I think I would have been arrested on my return to England. I am not under parole any more. The last sentence I served was for possession of cannabis when I was nineteen. I don't know if you're aware of it, but I'm now twenty three."
"Who do you think blew your cover to the papers?"
"Well, it wasn't me, and I don't consider my cover blown as such." Sadie was all composure, and Jetta sent her an encouraging wink from her seat at the side of the dais. "In truth it's something I'd rather have forgotten, but at the end of the day if...well, if someone with the background I have can make something good of themselves with the help of friends and family, then there's hope for a lot more people in the world. I'm a great believer in forgiving people, too. I don't know if you know this, but I worked as a drug counsellor for some time after my discharge from rehabilitation, and it taught me that not only did I have a value, but so does everybody else in the world. People do bad things, but if more people stopped to ask 'why' instead of just pretending the problem wasn't there I think we'd be a much happier world." She smiled. "I guess what I'm saying is that I'm proof that you can get over a prison record and a drug habit and survive. And if people have to trawl through tacky exposes on my past for me to help just a few other people realise they can do it too, then I guess I can deal with it."
"Good girl." Jetta murmured under her breath. "Nice angle. Well remembered."
"Goldie, how has the article affected group morale?"
"It hasnt." Nancy said briefly. "Why should it? You have the right to print what you like, and that's fine, we all accept and respect that. But we're all friends here. One little article isn't going to change that. We're supportive of Sadie..uh, Garnet...one hundred percent."
Before anyone else could pose a question, there was a commotion from the back of the room, and it took everyone a moment or two to realise that the conference hall had been invaded by two or three police officers, each one looking very serious about something. Confused and a little uncertain, the reporters began a buzz of chatter that at first obscured the reason for the police visit, and Jewel exchanged bewildered looks. What was happening now?
"What in 'ell?" Jetta was on her feet. "Can you all shut the 'ell up? What's all this about!"
"Ms Pelligrini?" The oldest of the three officers addressed Jetta in brisk, polite tones.
"Yes." Jetta responded in much the same manner. "That's me. Why are you interrupting my girls' press conference?"
"We're sorry, madam." The officer looked briefly apologetic. "But we're here on a very serious matter. You see, we're investigating an incident that took place last night."
"What kind of incident?" Jetta's eyes narrowed as the buzz of chatter began to recede to a dull hum.
"A murder, madam." The policeman's tone was grave, and a gasp went up all around the room.
"What the 'ell 'as that to do with us?" Jetta demanded.
"I'm sorry...I have my orders." The officer responded. "I don't mean to inconvenience you, but this is rather a serious situation." He paused, eying the group of girls slowly.
"Which one of you is Sadie Monahue?"
"Me?" Sadie stared at him, undisguised fear in her blue eyes. "What on earth do I have to do with anything?"
The officer looked thoughtful for a moment.
"You are acquainted with a Mr Neal Ridley?"
"Yes..." Sadie looked confused, then, "Oh! Is it him you're investigating?"
"Not exactly, miss." The officer shook his head. "Mr Ridley was found dead by his girlfriend early this morning. There appears to have been a struggle, and he received a heavy blow to the head. Several people said they saw you near the area last night, and that you and the deceased were on hostile terms.
I'm afraid, Miss Monahue, that I have no other option but to place you under arrest."

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