Sotsugyou M - Music

"hito wa futatsu no jinsei o ikiru koto wa dekinai. Dakara, ichido shikanai kono jinsei o mou sukoshi tanoshinde ikite miyou to omou. Sore ga boku ni totte no yuuki nan da"
("People can't live their life twice - so I think there's no choice but to let this one life be lived with a little more fun the first time around. That's what having courage means to me ".)
Nakamoto Shou "Another Face, Another Life"


The line between E.M.U and Sotsugyou M is sometimes drawn extremely thin. It can be difficult to differentiate which belongs to which series, but I've done my best. Ironically, the first E.M.U single release (and perhaps best known track) "Boku-tachi no Kotae ~Rule~" in 1995 was under the images and label of "Sotsugyou M", so that should just prove my point :D A lot of the early E.M.U songs are credited to their singing seiyuu but are actually character songs for Sotsugyou M characters. On stage Sakaguchi Daisuke even mentions the other "M" characters by name at the end of his performance of "Boku Datte Otoko Da Zo", and in the studio version he introduces the song by saying "Mikimaro utaimasu!" (Mikimaro's going to sing!!).

The final album was marketed as a joint album, described as follows:

"Good bye...From the first album "Girl" four years ago, this is E.M.U and Sotsugyou M's final album release. Containing ten tracks, including character image songs and new E.M.U songs, this is their final present..."

So if there was any doubt about their connections, that scuppers them rather nicely ;) It also confirms the two as separate yet connected entities. Confused yet...??

As a result, this page is a little bit mishmashed.

But as I understand it, these are the existing Sotsugyou M CD releases, with the songs on them and the artists performing them. For simplicity's sake, the final combined album is also listed on this page (since to me it's an "M" album, and features the "M" boys on the front. Of course, so does the release of "Girl"...but eh. Never mind that...


Characters Special CDs:

Each of the five 'M' characters had one of these 'mini-disc' releases with one song and one monologue drama feed on. As the name suggests they are 21/2 inch disks...and were sold under the name "キャラクターズ・スペシャル" (Kyarakutaazu-Supesharu, or Characters Special).There was also a group one featuring all of the Seiyuu and a song by all of them together. (This final group song is mentioned by name in the PLUS manga volume 4 as a song written by Takagi Shimon to mark the memory of his meeting with Riza in volume 2). Now I finally have a complete set, I've done scans of all of them!

The individual character disk dramas are monologues featuring just that particular character. In the case of the group 'Last Dance' CD, the other track is a drama featuring them all.

Geek note: I find it interesting that Nakamoto's language is not as formal in his monologue as it often is in the manga, drama Cds, etc. I've noticed before that he talks more casually when he's with the cats - presumably, when he's at his most relaxed. It's another indication that his formality has been trained into him, but it's maybe not the real Nakamoto.

The disks are as follows:
Nakamoto Shou: (Hayashi/Kanna Nobutoshi) "Hey Hey Bomb Bomb"
Arai Tougo (Midorikawa Hikaru): "Motto Tooku Made"
Takagi Shimon: (Okiayu Ryoutarou) "Brilliant Future"
M: (Minna): "Last Dance"
Shimura Mikimaro
(Sakaguchi Daisuke): "Hadashi no Rainy Day"
Katou Yuusuke
: (Ishikawa Hideo): "Sonshite Tokutore"

Sotsugyou M Album Releases:

The OVA Soundtrack Release
Heart Wa Koukiatsu ("M")
Thrill (Arai Tougo)
Last Dunk (Katou Yuusuke)
Tomodachi O Tsukurou ("M")
Ren'ai Shousetsu (Nakamoto Shou) - Ova Opening Theme
Melody Go Round (Takagi Shimon)
Oujisama Ni Naritai (Shimura Mikimaro)

Love Song Collection

Labyrinth ("M") - NB, a song by this title is mentioned in the original manga volume 3 and it is also featured as the song "M" play in the drama CD "Mou Ichido Labirinsu"
Hohoemi Ni KISU o (Takagi Shimon)
O-tanoshimi Wa Kore Kara Da! (Shimura Mikimaro)
Eien no Love Song (Arai Tougo)
Koneko (Nakamoto Shou)
Rakuen (Katou Yuusuke)

Sotsugyou M songs from the final EMU album "Ore-tachi no Sotsugyou"
Tenshi Wa Ore Dake Ni Hohoemu (Takagi Shimon)
104oF (Katou Yuusuke)
Hoshi Ni Natta Hanabi (Arai Tougo)
Another Face, Another Life (Nakamoto Shou)
Time Capsule (Shimura Mikimaro)

This CD also features the title track "Ore-tachi no Sotsugyou" and the single release "Yume no Tsuzuki o Sagashite", both of which are considered "E.M.U" songs because of their release (Ore-tachi no Sotsugyou is included on the Memorial Box Set, Yume no Tsuzuki o Sagashite is not) but both of which semi-belong to Sotsugyou M because both are referenced in the Sotsugyou M+ manga volume 4. Other tracks - credited to E.M.U - include M-SAIZU Dancing Shoes, Stardust Glider and Season~Kokoro ga Sora ni Makenai you ni~