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FanFiction Characters: The Shinzahou Chronicles

Original Characters that appear in the Shinzahou Chronicles
Because it's set eighteen years beyond the war between Kounan and Kutou, there are, naturally, OCs involved in this plot. I have a horror of MarySues, but I also don't mind filling necessary gaps with new characters if and where necessary. This is a brief (without spoilers) run down of the principle new characters involved in the Shinzahou Chronicles. (Non-original characters such as Tasuki, Chichiri, Anzu, Aidou, Kouji, Suboshi, Amiboshi, etc are self-explanatory, with any luck...!)

Principal New Characters

Kou Karin "Shishi" 侯花梨 ("獅子")
Age: Fourteen and a half
Place of birth: Reikaku-zan, Kounan-koku
Tasuki's impulsive only daughter and a bandit to the core, Shishi was named Karin after her deceased aunt, but ever since she was a small child everyone has called her Shishi, thanks to Kouji's frequent jokes about her stellar birth (under the sign of Leo, "shishiza"), her being Tasuki's "cub" and the fact that she has flowing red hair like a lion's mane. Determined to follow in her father's footsteps and one day wield the tessen on her own merit, Shishi is impulsive and fiesty, but skilled with a sword and very brave. She is also extremely protective of her territory and her family, and aware of her position on Reikaku-zan. She calls her father "Kashira" in public, so as not to assume any kind of special favours from being his kin, however in private she often lapses and calls him "Papa", as he is the one person she looks up to and admires most in the world. Fiercely loyal to Suzaku and Kounan's cause, Shishi often acts older than her given age thanks to her experiences on the mountain, and few of the other young bandits consider her as a "weak woman".

Rou Jintsui ("Jin") 朗仁序("迅")
Age: Seventeen
Place of Birth: Unknown. Somewhere in the south of Kounan - possibly the brothels of Eiyou.
Jin is an orphan who was taken in by the Reikaku-zan bandits as a small boy and raised almost as Tasuki's own son alongside Shishi as she grew. Consequently they had a close brother/sister relationship. He is the best of the young bandits on Reikaku-zan and also among the most honourable. Jin's mother was a prostitute who drank and was occasionally violent towards him. His father is unknown. When his mother died as a complication of her lifestyle, he sought to support himself in the streets of Souun, where he was found by Tasuki and Kouji and brought to Reikaku-zan.

Tou Hyoushin ("Lilaihi") 東氷心 (リライヒ)
Age: Thirty Five
Place of Birth: Northern Kutou, in the tribal lands near the Hokkan border.
Born a member of the peaceful Meihi tribe, Hyoushin's life was shattered at the age of ten when his village were attacked by Imperial soldiers and he and his siblings were taken to be sold as slaves. Freed at the age of seventeen by a young Kintsusei, Hyoushin has sworn his absolute loyalty to his Emperor since then. Now the Commander of Kutou's Imperial Guard, his left-handed swordsmanship is legendary within the East and none of the soldiers he has trained has ever managed to disarm him.

Kaiga Aoiketsu 会我 青血
Place of Birth: The Royal Palace of Kutou
Orphaned by the war, Aoiketsu was raised as a soldier in the palace of Kutou as per his mother's dying wish - although even Aoiketsu himself does not fully understand the significance of the name his mother chose him to have.
Aoiketsu is among the best young soldiers in the Imperial Guard, and entirely loyal to Hyoushin whom he views almost as a surrogate father. Despite his intelligence and his skill with a blade, however, he has a chronic weakness where blood is concerned and often just the sight of it can cause him to feel queasy or pass out. For this reason, as well as his 'pretty' looks, he is often teased by his fellows, and sometimes called "girlish".

Shi Maichu 師舞蛛
Age: Eighteen
Place of Birth: Jakoushi, provincial (Eastern) Kutou
The son of a provincial family whose trade is principly leather and especially saddlery, Maichu is the middle child of three and was sent to be a soldier at the palace at the age of twelve when Imperial representatives came to recruit men for the Emperor's army.
Maichu likes to enjoy life and take advantage of ale and women where they are available. He is tactless and impulsive but resolute and intensely loyal to those he considers his friends, particularly Aoiketsu.
Maichu's name Kanji means "dancing spider". His family, being largely illiterate, never really bothered with the characters for Maichu's name, so these characters were chosen by (the well educated) Aoiketsu as a joke, since as small boys Maichu was capable of slipping in and out of the most difficult of places on dares or to retrieve things without being caught. The name has since stuck.

Hei Kayu 平佳夕
Age: Twenty One
An orphan in the Suzaku/Seiryuu war, Kayu is the charge of the aging Shrine priest Kikei, who has raised and supported him since he was three years old. Educated at court alongside Aoiketsu, the two boys grew up with a rivalry which eventually dissipated into friendship. Kayu is grateful to Kikei for his benevolence and looks up to the Priest as his benefactor and guardian in an entirely loyal way. Since he was in his teens, he has trained as a soldier under Hyoushin in the Imperial Guard, and is one of the more skillful men in the Emperor's retinue.

Geiyo Myoume ("Toroki") 迎世明瞳 (觜宿)
Age: Twenty
Place of Birth: Shouki-mura, Sairou
The reincarnation of Byakko's Seishi Toroki, Myoume is possessed of the "three lines of sight" - past, present and future. The Guardian of Sairou's Shinzahou, Myoume is nonetheless guided by her visions and adheres closely to her duty, even if that means bringing true less pleasant visions in order to advance other events. The daughter of an apothecary family, Myoume is capable and intelligent - but prone to putting Byakko's will above her own wishes.

Age: Twenty Four
A mysterious Sairou-born assassin who works for Kintsusei's priest Kikei - theoretically on Imperial business. Miramu's background and origins are something he keeps a closely guarded secret, having cut all ties with his family in order to live as "The Shadow of the West".

Kintsusei 金通生
Age:: Thirty Three
Place of Birth: The Royal Palace of Kutou
The current Emperor of Kutou, Kintsusei was a sworn follower of Nakago's during the war, having been shunned by his father since his mother's death when he was seven. Trained as a soldier, he was given the throne by Kikei when he was fifteen, in the absence of all other heirs. Kintsusei desires peace, but is constantly fighting against rebellion and assassination attempts, making his position as Emperor a tenuous one.

Kikei 鬼契(True name unknown)
Age:: Unknown
Place of Birth:: Unknown
Kintsusei's shrine Priest and a sworn man of Seiryuu, Kikei is an astute man who gifted Kintsusei the throne and protected him during the early rocky years of his reign. A skilled tactician, Kintsusei often turns to him for advice when he feels he cannot trust the men of his court. Kikei was born a member of the Hin tribe, although only Kintsusei and one other know this fact. His true birth name is known only to him, and he never reveals it.