Just A Dream...

A Gabor Legacy

Chapter Thirteen: Settling Rory

"Thank you, Miss." The policeman unfastened the door that led down to the cells, leading the way out and casting his companion a smile. "I'm glad you changed your mind and came along. Your testimony is helpful, you know."
"Will I have to attend the trial to give evidence, though?" Sirena asked. "I...don't want to." She frowned. "I was told by one of the other officers that the trial might not come off for a few months yet and..." She faltered, then, "I have a baby on the way."
"We're still hoping he'll confess." The officer admitted. "The evidence is pretty damning, after all. You and one of the security guards have identified the man independantly as the guy who shot Mr Arca...and the man's house...well, I think it's safe to say we're dealing with someone who's lost their way a bit. One wall of the bedroom was covered in pictures of a girl who we've identified as Mr Arca's late sister...judging by the letters and other stuff we found at his property, it was a crime of passion."
"Sick." Sirena pulled a face. "The creep...I hope he gets what he deserves. If I can testify then I will...but I don't know yet. It depends."
"You've been a great help already." The policeman assured her. "Thanks again, Miss."
"Whatever." Sirena shrugged it off carelessly, pushing open the front door of the station. "Had to be done."
She slid into the front seat of the car she had borrowed from Harvey only that morning, turning the key in the ignition and pulling out of the parking lot. She had decided it was time she proved to the press that she was still very much alive and kicking, so she had decided to return home for a day or two to sort out her belongings. She had no intention of remaining in the apartment that Rebel Records had funded - she wanted to break away from any involvement with that company and make a new start for herself.
"But I'm sick of the papers reporting crap because they don't know what's the truth." She muttered to herself as she flicked the radio dial to a rock station and put her foot down on the gas pedal. "So it's about time the world knew that Sirena ain't the type of girl to give up just because she has a few things in her way. I've written a ton of new lyrics since this all happened, well, maybe now I'll get to use them. Working at Misfit Music's gonna be real strange, but I can handle it." She smirked. "I guess that means I gotta make peace with Jewel...well, maybe not. Don't have to like who you work with, after all."
She pulled onto the freeway as an old Misfit song came on and a smile touched her face as she heard it. It had been some time since she'd listened to the music she had grown up loving, but now all of her bitterness was behind her she found herself singing along as much as she ever had before. It was funny, she mused, how unpredictable her moods had become, but she was beginning to adjust to the idea of being a mother. In truth, a tiny part of her was looking forward to it...to having someone who needed her, and who wasn't going to judge her or push her away.
The drive to Los Angeles seemed to go in a blur and, as she pulled up outside her apartment building in the posher part of town she noted that the press had not entirely given up their vigil. She stepped out of the car gracefully, smirking as they flustered around her, jostling for pictures and quotes.
"Oh, get a life, why don't you?" she told them with a laugh. "Can't a girl go outta town to visit family without it being a national scandal? For heaven's sake, find something newsworthy to write about and leave me alone!"
With that she pushed past them into the building, and up the stairs, pulling her key out of her pocket and letting herself into her flat. For a moment she just stared round at it, then she smiled.
"Well, it don't feel like home, but I'm not so depressed with the place as I was when I left." She mused, dropping down onto the sofa and reaching for the TV handset. "Wonder what's on? God, I feel like I've been on another planet for the last few days!" She frowned. "Feels kinda weird not to be being hassled by Rory to get to the studio ten minutes ago or something...gonna take some to get used to that. But that's cool, I can deal with it. Once I leave here the memories will stay. And once the baby's born, well, there'll be a new era of music for me at Mom's company, so it's not all lost. I just gotta get used to the idea of a time out...and another mouth to feed."
Finding there was nothing on, she flicked the set off, getting to her feet and moving restlessly to the window. The reporters were still outside, but at that moment she didn't much care.
"P'raps I'll head down to Misfit Music, give ol' Jetta a shock and put the wind up Jewel a bit." She mused. "Gonna be interesting for them to know there'll be a new girl in town. Hm, I wonder if Mom's seen to Rory yet? She said she would."
Across town, at Rebel Records' headquarters, Phyllis was indeed being as good as her word. She had explained little to Alan the night before, who had dropped the bombshell on her of having known about her secret daughter for almost ten years, since he had accidentally discovered the original copy of the girl's birth certificate while redecorating the main bedroom. Equally she had avoided going to Misfit Music, determining to get the confrontation with Rory out of the way before she tackled Jetta about the new scheme of things. In truth she was a little apprehensive of what Jetta's reaction would be.
She had never been to Rebel Records herself, but it pleased her to note upon her arrival that it was by no means as grand a building as Misfit Music was. Newer, it was true, but in no way as big or as impressive looking, and for some reason that gave her an added confidence as she stepped into the lift, heading up to the top floor to find her rival's office.
"I hope he's here." She muttered to herself as she waited impatiently for the car to reach its destination. "Creep. I'll show him a thing or two."
In truth she did not understand why she felt so fiercely protective of her daughter where Rory and the music contract were concerned. Perhaps it had something to do with Sirena's predicament, or perhaps their confrontation the day before had cleared the air in more ways than one. Either way, Phyllis knew that she was no longer at odds with the girl in the same way as she had been before, and that, for the first time, they seemed to be working for the same team.
Rory was indeed in his office, and he glanced up from his paperwork in annoyed surprise as Phyllis barged her way past his secretary and into the room. Sophie was absent, which Phyllis was glad of, for she had no wish to be taking on the whole of Rebel Records' administration.
"What do you want?" Rory eyed her disdainfully. "Can't you see I'm busy? And don't you knock?"
"Shut up." Phyllis ordered him. "I'm here on business, Riot, an' it's business you'd better pay attention to, if you want your company to be still standing come this time next week."
"Don't threaten me." Rory responded. "It doesn't suit you."
"Do I look like I care?" Phyllis perched on his desk, looking him in the eye. "I told you twenty years or more ago not to cross me, and I meant it. These days things are kinda different...I do control the money now, and I didn't then. Things have shifted in my favour...so you'd better listen to me."
"You don't scare me, Pizzazz." Rory told her quietly, turning his attention back to his paperwork. "You know full well that if you upset me too much there'll be a nice scandal in tomorrow's press regarding you and a certain illicit affair with one Eric Raymond."
"What a coincidence you should mention that." Phyllis snatched the papers from his hand, tossing them aside. "That's why I'm here."
"I'm sorry?" Rory looked blank. "If you're just here to play games, do you think you could play them someplace else? I do have work to do, you know."
"You dismissed my daughter from your company." Phyllis dropped her falsely amiable tone, narrowing her eyes. "I don't like it when people mess with my family, Riot. Don't you know that by now?"
"Since when has Emily been your concern?" Rory raised an eyebrow. "She made her choice...she terminated her own contract by failing to turn up. That's all."
"No, it's not all." Phyllis' voice was dangerously low. "You dismissed Emily because she was pregnant and you didn't want her to be. You made her an ultimatum...and that ain't right. More, it ain't legal. I spoke with my lawyers this morning and they think that we have a pretty good case to sue your ass off, Riot. So don't play it smooth with me."
"You're bluffing." Rory offered her a slight smile. "One whiff of a court case and the world will know what you are to Emily. You won't dare."
"Riot, you think I care what a bunch of sleazy reporters have to say?" Phyllis demanded. "They can print what they like, it doesn't worry me."
"You've kept her a secret for all this time...are you trying to tell me that you never intended to cover up her existance?" Rory looked sceptical. Phyllis shook her head.
"No, I'm not telling you anything of the kind." She returned. "I'm telling you that there's compensation money owed my daughter and you're gonna make sure she gets it, else this company won't be left standing. You saw what I did to Eric when he tried to walk out on his contract - God only knows what I'd have done to him if I'd known about Emily when he left. You don't stand a chance against me and you know it. Let the press report what they want. Nobody messes over a Gabor."
Rory looked at his foe thoughtfully.
"Why the sudden maternal instinct, Pizzazz?" He asked. "Publicity?"
"Listen to me, sleazeball." Phyllis grabbed Riot by the lapels of his jacket, shaking him and then pushing him back down in his chair. "It don't matter to you why I'm taking an interest in Emily. What matters to you is that you settle with her what you owe her. You know I don't bluff...I'm not afraid to sue you and damn the publicity."
Rory eyed her for a moment, as if trying to figure out her motives, but he saw nothing but angry sincerity in the green eyes, and knew he was beaten. He sighed.
"If it'll get you out of my office." He said, resignedly. "Tell her to come see me and I'll settle with her."
"Okay." Phyllis seemed satisfied. "But I'll be sending a lawyer along with her, just to make sure that you don't cheat her. All right?"
"Whatever. Now get out of my office and leave me alone, before I call security on you." Rory snapped. Phyllis smiled at him sweetly.
"Why of course, Riot." She said benignly, getting to her feet. "I'm glad to find you so accomodating."
With that she had gone, leaving Rory to curse at her behind the closed door. As she got into her car, she allowed herself a smirk of triumph. She knew she had won this battle, and that was the important thing.
After all, nobody messed with Phyllis Gabor.

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