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"Ryoko, the Flower Girl"
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Tenchi Muyo
FanFiction by VraieEsprit

As promised, the snippets from my very rough and ready fic writing process are now uploaded on the server. You can reach them by clicking the banner above - but some of them are rough! (Don't say I didn't warn you!)

At the moment, my fanfiction is all up on FanFiction.net, although I will probably be bumping it up here as well eventually, when I've finished fixing up the character sections of the site and everything else.

Ive written fanfiction for a long time, although I haven't written many Tenchi stories as yet and am not sure how many more I will write in the future. It all depends, really, on whether ideas come to me or not :D

My fanfiction is based on my interpretation of the series and the characters in it. I am NOT a fan of warping characters or slighting their original design so just because I am a Ryoko fan it does not mean I'm going to write poor Ayeka as a bitch or anything like that. My concept of the Tenchiverse does pair up Ryoko with Tenchi, because -if you've read my Tenchi and Ryoko page in the relationships section, you'll see how much evidence I've gleaned to support it as a conclusion. But I'm also not a fan of warping Ryoko into this good little japanese housewife. That's not who she is, either. So, although Ryoko and Tenchi pairing is what I prefer, there will be no character destruction in my stories!! There are also no Xrated scenes, although there may be some violence. I'm quite descriptive, so I don't know whether anyone will get upset or not at some of the scenes I write. But I'm not into xrated writing. Nope. Not me.
Also, Tenchi isn't my copyright or anything. It is just fan fiction. And fun and profitless and just a way to while away time when it's raining :)

Additionally, Dark Heart, The Dying Tree and Hawk of Jurai follow my own little mish-mashed canon. Basically the setting is Tenchi Universe, but including OVA elements at various opportune intervals. Just to prove the two can and do fit together nicely, although I admit I didn't realise how easily so many things would fit until I really got into writing :) Please note that no OVA 3 themes are likely to appear in my stories, because a: then I'd have to write about Noike and I might end up killing her, and b: because I really don't like OVA 3.

The stories are divided below according to what universe/basis they follow, just to make life easier!!

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My Stories So Far:

Tenchi Universe X Tenchi Muyo! OVA foundation continuation

Three years from the close of Tenchi Muyo In Love II. Ayeka is engaged to be married, Ryoko is cooling her heels in a Galaxy Police Cell and Kiyone is struggling to equate her friendship with a pirate with her new responsibilities as the GXP fight to rebuild after Kain's destruction. Washu is sealed away in subspace, working on her new experiment, and Sasami is just happy to be home. But a dangerous space pirate called Haki has returned from the dead and is intent on retrieving three powerful Juraian gemstones - at any cost!

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The gang are on Jurai, but the peaceful, prosperous planet hides many dark secrets behind the scenes. Sasami's dreams are becoming ever more invasive and, frightened, she struggles to discover the truth of what is happening to her. Ryoko has lost all her magic abilities, and Washu is forced to face the possibility that the gamble she took all those years ago may have been in vain - even at the cost of her good friend's life. Meanwhile, Ayeka is on the verge of marrying Lord Takeru. But will it be a happy ever after? And what is the secret of the tree that cries out so desperately for help?

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Tenchi thinks that his days adventuring across space are over, and that now his focus is on finishing his university course and working out the complicated matter of romancing a former space pirate. But the peace and tranquility on the Earth is about to be shattered, as word spreads of the very special power that beats within him. Tokimi is a goddess with a grudge, and she's set her sights on Tenchi, determined nothing will come between her and the defeat of her hated nemesis, Tsunami. With the help of Dr Clay and his shape shifting droid Zero, Tokimi concocts a scheme to snare Tenchi - involving the hapless Seiryo Tennan in her plans when Zero happens to witness a brutal and family-destroying crime. Stopping a goddess is no mean feat...and may prove to be the final act for at least one member of Tenchi's devoted team!
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::Part Three::


There are some in the universe that claim a leopard can't change it's spots. Once ordained a space pirate, then a space pirate you are for all eternity. Your blood is your bond, and through that bond the life of freedom outside the law can never fully leave you behind.

In the depths of space, darkness seems to overcome even the most ingrained of bonds. But when Ryo Ohki is drawn into dangerous territory on a return trip from Planet Jurai to the Earth, little do any of her crew imagine what is lurking out there in the bleak. For Ryoko, it's just another trip through chartered territory, and, as pirate ships loom on the horizon, she takes a short cut through the dangerous, cluttered area known as the Sargasso Sea - the ship's graveyard which is said to hold the souls of the space dead as well as the rusting remains of their crafts.

Caught up in a vicious battle of ships across this cold terrain, Ryoko finds herself for once on the wrong end of the fight, as the pirates, resentful of her turn-tail attitude seek to hunt down the one who betrayed their kind. As the smoke clears, Ryoko struggles to come to terms with what has happened, even as she finds herself pulled once more into the world of brigands and cuthroats as she seeks both answers and a final, bitter revenge.

But even her newest ally has secrets, and things are not always what they seem...

Now that she understands the nature of her magic, Washu is determined that she will bring her younger sister out of her deep stupor, convinced that Tokimi no longer poses the universe a threat. With the help of the Tennan family, Washu hopes that even though Kihaku is long dead, Tokimi might yet have a chance at a safe and happy life. Despite the unrest towards her at Jurai's court, and his own uncertain record, Seiryo resolves to protect the former Priestess, knowing that his decision to do so may yet pit him once more against Emperor and Council. Surely the nightmare of Tokimi's reign of terror is well and truly over?

But Washu and Tsunami's final trip to Kihaku has had a much greater impact than anyone has realised, and as a ghost from Ayeka's long forgotten past rears her ugly head, strange things begin to happen on the planet Jurai. Thrust into the middle of the chaos is a resentful Kiyone, discharged from the Galaxy Police after a vandalism attack on Yagami that seems to point her way. But Kiyone is determined to clear her own name and discover who is behind the random assault on her ship. Could the mysterious vessel she and Mihoshi were sent to salvage have something to do with it? What is the sinister force that is sweeping through space, stealing lives wherever it goes? What will it do, when it finally reaches planet Jurai?

And can Tenchi find the courage to tell the Crown Princess the decision he has made?

::Part One::
::Part Two


After the death of Dr Clay and the final defeat of Tokimi, it seems that the dark influence of Kihaku over the universe has finally been laid to rest. But, when Ryoko disappears suddenly after a fight with Washu, it soon becomes apparent that more than just the pirate's petulant temper is keeping her away. Clay may be dead, but his secret lab is far from empty, as a lone figure shoots through the universe, hungry for answers and revenge.

Z is a man with a mission, and he knows his time is running out. With Ryoko in his power, he knows that luring Washu into his trap should be a piece of cake. When Ryoko realises his story, she finds herself torn. Who will she choose, in the end - the scientist who gave her life, or the man who seeks to avenge all those created against their will?

And even if she can prevent her mother's murder, can Ryoko prevent Z's powerful magic from destroying millions of innocent lives?

Ten years ago, the Lord of Yousai sealed his wife in an old feudal tower, combining his magic with the power of Jurai's then Crown Prince Azusa to imprison her and prevent her from continuing a blood-soaked rampage across his world. The battle cost him his life, but brought peace to Yousai. Now his daughter Misao has come of age, the Council of Yousai ask Tsunami's representative Princess Sasami to come to their world, to bless the shrines in readiness for a happy and prosperous installation.

But although she is imprisoned, the Lady Ramia is far from dead. A mage of Airai, she has been biding her time, keeping her eye on the situation and getting ready to strike. Weaving her black magic, and with the help of the native serving boy Rumiya, she begins to put her plot in motion, reviving a dark shadow from his sub-space prison as she seeks to regain her freedom and once more take hold of Yousai. As Tsunami begins to sicken, so does Jurai, and the threads of Ramia's evil spell weave more and more tightly together.

Meanwhile, Ryoko and Tenchi are minding their own business on the Earth when the shape of a black ship appears on the horizon. Can it really be Haki?

::Part One::
::Part Two

::Part Three::









After much agonising and debating over Washu's history in the TU universe, I decided that the most of it could not be jacked into a later story and be expected to make sense. Hence this story was born. Set before Washu's imprisonment at the hands of the Science Academy, this tale chronicles her involvement with Kagato and the Dark Heart of Jurai (as alluded to in Dark Heart, Dying Tree and sundry other story moments) including her tragic relationship with Mikamo Niwase (OVA Canon: Mikamo Kuramitsu) and her friendship with the mysterious Najya (Naja) Akara. This is still based on the TU foundation with added inklings of other things - so non TU canon characters may find themselves moulded to fit the continuity's rules :)

Kagato's descent into darkness is chronicled in this story, which currently has two parts and which may or may not continue into further installments as the mood takes me (as it is, it can function as a complete story...it's just whether I decide to add another section or not). There is no Tenchi or Ryoko in this story, because it is based back in the past before either are born. But it also features Yosho and his decisions about Haruna, as well as my Royal House of Jurai and some secrets that are hinted at in my later writing, but never fully explored.

This story can operate seperately from the Dark Heart continuity because it chronicles events that took place long before. However, they are still part of the same train of thought, and may provide extra insight into my view of Kagato, Washu and the past...

::Part One::
::Part Two::

Tenchi Universe foundation (no mish-mashing)

The "missing episode" or what happened after Tenchi beat Kagato, before he returned to the Earth. Jurai is safe, thanks to the courage of the Earth-born prince, but can he really find it in his heart to give up his freedom and become Emperor? Ryoko has left Juraian space for good, convinced that the wound Kagato inflicted on her will end her life. But she's about to receive help from an unexpected quarter!