A Mountain Adventure

Chapter Eleven: LAX

Copper's Narrative
Well, I've never had a vacation go like this one before, and I swear I never will again. I'm not a natural skier and believe me I'm not going near the slopes again any time soon. It's far too dangerous, if you ask me. Sylva and Sirena could've been killed, and it's only thanks to Harvey Gabor's diligence in making sure the chalet was so sturdy and safe that they weren't. In the end, we're all highly thankful that it was money well spent.
Now that it's all over, and I'm looking back on it, a lot of it doesn't seem very real. It was Nancy who first spotted the clue to where the chalet was, hidden behind the mess of snow and trees and buried almost to the top in the aftermath of the avalanche. From there it was an easy task to alert the proper rescue team with their machinery and digging materials, and the paramedics, just in case there was a need for them to be on standby. They were remarkably quick on the scene, all told, and within ten minutes they'd begun trying to free the chalet from it's snowy prison.
It took a long time to clear enough snow to free Sirena and Syl, and it felt longer still, because they had to scrape away a clear pathway. Once able to communicate with Syl, Topaz was able to tell the rescue team about Sirena's hurt knee, and everything was done to make sure that freeing them would not hurt the girl any more, though in the end she managed to walk from the building pretty much unaided. After that, they were both taken to the local hospital, just to be checked out after their ordeal, and the surreal nature of it all started to really set in. Of course, both were released almost at once, and though the doctors insisted on x-raying Sirena's knee, it turned out to be nothing more than a bad sprain.
After careful consultation, we all decided not to stay in the mountains any longer, but to gather whatever of our stuff we could and leave for Los Angeles on the first flight we could charter. I did notice Sirena's expression get a little wistful when we got to talking about friends and family back home, and I know I've been missing Aaron like heck. Similarly, I'm sure Nancy's been missing Dean, though she doesn't talk about things like that much, even to me.
Once we were on that flight, the nightmare really did feel like it was behind us. Sylva had even begun to laugh and joke about it as a crazy winter vacation that she'd never forget, and even Sirena ventured a wry comment or two on the topic. In fact, unless Im much mistaken, it's made those two bury the hatchet, so I guess in the end it was a good thing it happened. Sirena for the first time really seemed comfortable hanging out with us - that's never happened before, but I'm glad about it. I don't like rivalries, especially ones as bitter as Jewel's one with Sirena. It's been more than a year, after all, since she first signed on with Misfit Music, but it's taken this long for things to finally be smoothed over.
Ah well. Let's hope it really is peace in time for Christmas...that's not more than three weeks away now!

            *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

"I'm damn glad to be home."
Nancy stepped into the arrivals bay at LAX airport, glancing around her with a sense of relief. "Anyone else feel that? I'm glad Los Angeles doesn't get snow, I swear I never want to see another flake of that stuff as long as I live!"
"I think we all feel that way." Copper said dryly. "It was eventful, though."
"Things around Jewel generally are." Sylva observed.
"Mm, for once it'd be nice to have a quiet, boring week or two where nothing much happens." Topaz grinned.
"Well, like Nancy said, we're home and not before time." Sirena shrugged, scanning the lounge for a familiar face. "Hey, anyone want to play samaritan and grab my case? Remember the hospital in Vermont told me not to put too much strain on my leg for a week or two..."
"Bah, you're just lazy." Sylva rolled her eyes, nevertheless retrieving both her own and the singer's bag from the conveyor belt, an action which made Nancy and Copper exchange startled glances. "Here. It has wheels, you can push it."
"Gee, thanks." Sirena returned, her tone equally teasing, then, "Hey, I see grandpa! And...Mike!"
"Mom's here too." Nancy observed. "And your Mom, Syl, and Aaron. Guess we don't have to worry about a taxi from here, huh?"
"Thank god." Copper admitted. "The way I feel right now, my knees are kinda wobbly when I think about everything that's happened."
"Wimp." Nancy grinned. "It was kinda scary, though. Hell, I was even worried about Syl!"
"Now that has to be the scariest thing of all!" Sylva exclaimed, laughing. "You, worry about me? You sure you ain't sick, Nance? The hospital forgot to check you out. Shoulda given you a brain scan!"
"Oh, haha." Nancy poked out her tongue. "Carry on like that and I'll send you back!"
"Well, you made it, then." At that moment the greeting party reached them, and it was Jetta who spoke. "I did wonder if you would, considerin' your luck this past week." She eyed them all thoughtfully, then, "Well, you're all in one piece. That's somethin'."
"We're fine, Mom." Nancy said with a grin. "All except Emily's leg which only needs a week or two of rest."
"And I'm not planning on making much fuss over it, either." Sirena put in firmly. She greeted her grandfather with a grin. "Hi, Grandpa...and hi to you too, Mike. Remember me?"
The delighted squeal that formed the baby's response was enough to reassure the young mother that she had been missed, and carefully she took her son from her grandfather's arms, settling him more comfortably in her grip.
"I've missed you too." She whispered. "But don't tell anyone, right?"
Michael merely gurgled, then began playing with his mother's thick wavy hair. Topaz laughed.
"He's cute." She observed. "Bet you're glad to see him, huh?"
"Mm, yeah." Sirena grinned noncommitally. "I guess I am."
"He's adorable." Sylva came to see the child properly. "Hi, Michael...how old is he again? Eight months? He's big."
"Yes, well, nearer nine months now." Sirena responded. "Mike, say hi."
Michael waved an obedient fist, much to Sylva's evident delight. Jetta sent Mary a dry look.
"I'm guessin' your Sylva is thinkin' of startin' a family." She teased. Mary rolled her eyes.
"Don't give her ideas yet." She begged. "But she's always been good with kids, ever since I can remember."
"Well, it looks like things between Emily an' Sylva are settled, anyhow. Pizzazz will be glad about that, gives 'er a bleedin' 'eadache sortin' them two out." Jetta observed. She smirked, casting a glance at her son, who had greeted his girlfriend with a warm embrace.
"'Ere, are we filmin' a scene from some soap opera 'ere or are we goin' 'ome!" She demanded. "It's up to you, but I ain't stickin' around for too many more touchin' reunions, okay?"
"We're coming." Nancy assured her. "Em? Are you gonna grab a ride with us or what? Wanna come back to ours and grab something to eat and drink?"
"Sure, why not." Sirena grinned. "So long as you don't mine Mike coming along too...I think I've been away from him long enough."
"He's more than welcome." Copper assured her. "And if nothing else good came from this trip, at least now there's no bad feeling between you and us, right? The truce is finally properly in place."
"Mm, guess it is." Sirena agreed, following the group outside. "Mike, get your fist out of my ear, please...you can't eat that."
"Can I take him while you get in the car?" Sylva begged. Sirena hesitated, then she shrugged, grinning.
"Sure." She agreed, handing him over carefully. "Why not? What better way to seal the peace, huh, than with a brat who's about to bawl his eyes out for his dinner?"
Sylva laughed.
"Well, he takes after his mother, then." She returned neatly. "But Copper is right. There really is a truce between us and you now...and you know what? I'm actually glad. It's time we got our minds back to rock and roll anyhow...after all, Christmas is coming, and this is my first Christmas with my folks split up. Last thing I need is other fighting in the background." She grinned, gently handing the small boy back to his mother's care, then slipping into the back of the limo herself.
"Next stop, Starlight Mansion!"

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