A Mountain Adventure

Chapter Seven: Back At The Lodge.

Nancy's Narrative
The avalanche was the scariest thing I ever heard and I never want to hear or see one ever again, so long as I live. Everyone in the lodge began to panic, many of them phoning friends who were absent from the building but staying in the resort. We were no exception to that, either. Topaz tried calling Syl's phone four seperate times in half an hour, but every time she got no signal. And, as it got later and things started to calm down, I guess real fear set into all of us.
None of us knew whether or not either Syl or Em were okay. The snow had come down with some force, and Darren, who seems to know these things, said it was a bad one. He also said the storm seemed to have driven it in a direction it hadn't fallen for some years...all of this wasn't good news for us. Well, can you imagine it? Syl ain't my best friend in the world, but she's a Jewel and that does count for something, you know. And Emily too...well, she is my friend and yes, dammit, I was worried about her. Worried about them both, to be honest. Topaz and Copper...it's kinda hard to read how they're feeling. Copper seems tearful without actually bursting into tears, Topaz has just gone very quiet and every so often she tries sending a text to Sylva's phone, but every time it gets rejected. The storm is still whirling down outside, too, though the sky is lighter than it was and it seems like the worst of it has passed. Copper wanted to head down the mountain, see if we could find out what had happened to the others, and I was with that idea too, but Darren said it wouldn't be safe to go down yet. Not till the snow had settled and hardened some, he said. He did ask to use Topaz's phone, since the lodge's own phone seems to have been cut out by the weather, in order to call emergency rescue services...I think his mind is where ours is, only on a wider scale. He knows that others went down the mountain, not just Syl and Sirena, and we've no way of knowing if people are hurt or worse.
It's giving me shivers just thinking about it.
I wish I knew what to do...

    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

"Well, the snow is stopping."
Topaz reported from her seat by the window, a troubled expression on her face. "It's lighter than it was and the air doesn't feel so odd, either. I think we got through it now."
"We did." Copper murmured. "But...Topaz, try Syl's phone again, now the storm's stopping, huh? Maybe that was cutting out the signal."
"Mm, okay, but I don't have much hope it'll work." Topaz said grimly, obediently keying in a brief text and hitting send. Within a moment the phone beeped to indicate the message had not got through, and she groaned.
"See? I told you. Wherever Syl is, she's blocked and I can't reach her."
"That frightens me." Copper murmured, shivering involuntarily as she gazed out at the haphazard snow landscape. "From here it almost looks like nothing worse than a little snowstorm happened...Darren, are you sure it was an avalanche?"
"Couldn't be anything else." Darren agreed gravely. "I've only seen one or two since I've been coming up to stay with my grandparents. The last one, well, it wasn't serious and noone was badly hurt. The one before took everyone by surprise and a lot of people lost their lives."
"Which type do you think this one is?" Nancy asked softly. Darren sighed.
"I wish I knew." He admitted. "Until we go down there, we can't know."
"I wish you'd let us go." Topaz muttered, staring out at the snow. "I need to know they're okay...you can't tell me I'm better off in here, feeling the way I do right now."
"Topaz is right." Copper nodded.
"I know you're worried." Darren said gently. "But listen to me. Think clearly about this. There's nothing to be gained by jeopardising your lives, is there?"
"Maybe not, but it'd make me feel better to be doing something." Topaz sighed. "I wish I could at least get a signal on the phone."
"They were in the chalet." Nancy said slowly. "Darren, could a chalet withstand an avalanche?"
"It depends." Darren admitted. "But if we're talking about the Gabor one...I'd think there is a definite possibility. I remember when the old guy himself came down to chat to the people building it. He didn't spare any expenses on it...every single safety thing he could put in was put in and it's strong as hell. I'd say if they're anywhere, they're safely holed up inside that chalet and once the weather is settled more they'll be dug out, none the worse for wear, if a little cold and shaken."
"I hope you're right." Topaz frowned. "At least Emily and I stocked the place up on food. They'll be able to eat, if nothing else."
"And I remember Em saying the chalet has backup power and stuff." Nancy recalled. "So it's likely that Darren is right...and they're fine." She stretched out on the seat. "Well, do we stay the night here then? On the benches or the floor? Or what?"
"Stopping here is probably a good idea." Darren agreed. "The place has blankets and stuff for this eventuality, don't worry, it'll work out fine. Maybe a little uncomfortable, but for one night it won't hurt."
"We should call Misfit Music, let them know we're okay." Copper said.
"We're not all here though." Topaz pointed out.
"Still, Copper's right. I'm not letting Mom worry...and I know she will." Nancy responded. "Topaz, can I use the phone? I'm gonna call home."
"Sure...call Jetta, but tell her not to worry Mary or Phyllis about Syl or Emily till we know for sure." Topaz said slowly. "Or Harvey. Right?"
"Okay." Nancy nodded, taking the phone and dialling her home number, waiting for someone to pick up. "Mm, it's ringing, so the signal can't be that bad up here. It must be that Syl and Em are just blocked in and...Hello, Dad? It's Nancy. Were you? Well, don't bother. I'm at the ski lodge, we came here to shelter. Mm, yes, I know, an avalanche. It's hit the news already? That was...oh, I see. Press are everywhere! Mm, I thought I should call you and let you know I was okay. Is everyone else okay?" She paused, meeting Topaz's troubled gaze. "Copper and Topaz are here with me. Syl and Emily we can't reach on the phone, but we're pretty sure they're okay, just down in the chalet and we can't get a signal to Syl's phone after the storm. No, don't bother Aunt Phyl or anything...when I know more I'll call you again. Look, Dad, I have to ring off, I don't want to use up all of Topaz's battery. Tell Mom and Aaron, okay, but don't mention anything to Aunt Phyl or Mary, no point in worrying them. Yeah, I will. Don't worry. Bye, Dad."
She switched off the phone, handing it back.
"It's just hit the news back home, some reporter on vacation here phoned it in, and it was on the radio...Dad was gonna call the ski lodge when I called. He was relieved to say the least."
"You handled the Syl and Sirena issue well. Didn't panic things." Copper drew her knees up to her chest. "I wish I could be as cool about it though. If it wasn't for the fact I know it won't do any good and will just make me look like a total moron, I'd be bursting into tears right now. That's how I feel."
"It's getting late...and you girls should come get something to eat, keep you going." Darren said gently at that point, after having conferred with the lodge employees. "They're gonna serve food now, and you need to eat, all of you."
"Yeah, guess we do." Nancy frowned. "Okay. But I can't see many of us sleeping tonight. Not till we know what's going on down there." 

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