Graphic of Topaz courtesy of Sally Wright:)

Topaz Name: Aurora Stapleton
Stage Name: Topaz
Date of Birth: November 5th, 1991
Starsign: Scorpio
Topaz is the only child of rich parents . Her father died weeks before she was born and for the first sixteen years of her life, she and her mother Melissa were everything to each other. Then, when Topaz was sixteen her mother remarried and her new husband has children of his own, particularly a son, Tony, who delights in teasing Topaz. Topaz hates her stepfamily and her dissatisfaction with her homelife gets her involved with wilder crowds and shady boyfriends. Though a bright girl, with a lot of academic potential, Topaz would be the first to admit that she's wasted opportunities, and is often rather self-critical, particularly about her involvement with men. She openly admits that her taste in the opposite sex leaves something to be desired, particularly since certain of her ex-boyfriends are in prison for one offence or another, and Topaz herself was once questioned on suspicion of involvement in a crime relating to one of these boyfriends. She also admits to being a liability with guys when drunk, something which is largely due to her subconscious need for attention. Feeling neglected by her mother after the remarriage, Topaz has never quite found her niche and settled down, for somewhere inside is a fear that what she's gained will once more be taken away from her. It is because of this that she is hesitant to commit to Cameron Milligan and quick to try and move on after they have a row, despite the depth of her feelings for him. However, Topaz is a very unselfish person, if not always the most careful in who she gets involved with, and it is very rare that she puts her own needs before someone else's. She is especially close in the band to Sylva, since they share many interests and, though she won't admit to it, Sylva rather looks up to the worldwise Canadian. Though her mother is of Quebecois descent, Topaz was raised in an English speaking part of Canada and her mother spoke to her mostly in English when she was growing up, in memory of her dead father. For this reason, Topaz's knowledge of French is not fluent, unlike Copper's Spanish,  though it is perhaps more substantial than that of her bandmates, and she has no qualms about singing in her mother's language.
Topaz left home after a row with her mother one night, taking her money with her. Though falling on hard times, she met up with with Eric Raymond, who owns a local nightclub chain and who heard her sing and asked her to sing for his patrons at least once a week. The earnings she got from this and from waiting tables in the club's diner help her pay for meagre accomodation, which her refined childhood tendencies have never gotten used to. She meets up with Jewel when singing in the club in her native Canada, and later joins the group when Nancy and the others fall out. A fan of both Sirena and Jewel's music, Topaz has no real understanding of why there is such a rivalry between her group and the unpredictable singer, and though she pledges her loyalty to the group she has joined, she never really harbours any malice for the singer, even when Sirena is the mastermind of a smear campaign against her.
Topaz is the best singer out of the group, though she never boasts about her ability and probably does not believe she is as talented as she really is. Her laid back, easygoing nature helps her to overcome Nancy's awkwardness with people, and the two girls get along well, Nancy even offering to teach Topaz to play bass guitar in order to better secure her position in the band. An eager student, Topaz soon finds she likes life in Los Angeles and begins to settle down in America. Though she doesn't often go in depth about her feelings regarding her family, her frequent allusions to them suggests that deep down she is still hurting, and that one day, somehow, she would like the wounds to be repaired. Her relationship with Cameron is the most turbulent relationship in Jewel's World, for often there is an ocean between them and on occasion trust is difficult to maintain. Topaz's quest for a family leads her to make an important decision which will change her life forever - even to the point where she is willing to give up Jewel and the showbiz lifestyle for good.
Topaz's stage name is chosen because of her date of birth, since topaz is the November birthstone.

Topaz the doll is the second incarnation of this character - because I hated the GG Jem head! She used to be a Video - which is pretty obvious in some respects. It's a shame that Video also has light blue eyes because despite a complete repaint you can still see the resemblance. Oh well. LOL :) I like her better anyhow ;) The outfit was made by me and the mic was stolen from GG Jem (and she isn't getting it back anytime soon!)