Graphic of Sylva courtesy of  Sally Wright :)

Sylva Name:Sylvina Martescu
Stage Name: Sylva
Date of Birth: April 1st, 1992
Starsign: Aries
Profile: Sylva is Stormer's daughter, and one of twins. While her sister Anna is content to stay behind the scenes in regards to music, Sylva is forever in and out of trouble, being both hotheaded and impetuous. Once she even runs away from her home in Washington DC with the intention of making it as a star in LA, but thanks to the fact her sister in law is in the area, Stormer is able to reclaim her irreverent daughter. At the start of the group she is barely eighteen, and very naive to the ways of the world, despite her desire for adventure. Her musical strength is keyboard/synthesiser, like her mother, and she loves to sing, another cause for contention between her and Nancy. It is Sylva who masterminds Nancy's makeover, and she and Copper hit it off right away. However, her closest ally in the band is Topaz, once the Canadian singer joins and the two become more or less inseparable, sharing a love of men, gossip and shopping. Though she can be superficial and tactless, Sylva has all of her mother's sensitivity, and is as generous and emotional as she is impulsive. However, she is also fiercely proud and protective of what is hers, and is not afraid to raise her fists if need be. Of all of Jewel, it is Sylva who develops the fiercest dislike for Sirena after their first meeting, and Sylva who first susses that Blade is up to no good with Nancy. Although the vast differences in character between her and Nancy often frustrate each other, the two are secretly quite fond of each other and much of their later banter is just for show.
Though determined to be the femme fatale of rock music and a natural flirt, Sylva is also capable of falling in love, and has a soft spot for children. Back in DC she was a popular babysitter whilst growing up, and when she meets Jack Miller she is as taken by his daughter Courtenay as she is by Jack himself, a fact which Jack is rather slow to Sylva comprehend. Despite her obvious friendly nature and flirtatiousness, Sylva actually finds it more difficult than her bandmates to settle with one guy, since something always seems to be there, throwing a spanner in the works.
Sylva is also squeamish of needles, although it is not something she readily confesses to. Always the first to complain if there is a busy schedule or an early morning she did not expect, Sylva does not like to confide more serious secrets in her companions, and when Topaz's situation changes, she finds she has to stand on her own two feet a lot more.

Surprisingly, despite her soft side, one of Sylva's chief influences growing up was her mother's former bandmate Roxy, whom she looks up to a great deal and calls 'aunt'. Aside from Roxy, Sylva adores her mother and is exceptionally close to her sister. However, though she loves her father and he loves her, the two do not always understand each other, for Elliot wants Sylva to go to college, whilst Sylva wants to pursue her music and forget about education. It is only thanks to the diligent and patient assistance of Anna that Sylva knuckled down and graduated in her final year, and her longing to perform like her mother before her is often a bone of contention between her parents. Though she loves Anna more than anything in the world, Sylva cannot help being a little jealous that it is Anna and not she who appears to have her life mapped out and secure.
Sylva is generally a popular and bubbly person, however she can also be extremely obstinate to the point of being unreasonable. She is very proud, and loyal to the end where her friends are concerned, though she has a tendency to make too much of situations.
Sylva's cousin, Samantha Phillips, plays in the Teenangel Outsiders. Though they fought when they were younger, the two girls have a fragile peace which can be broken down at the least provocation. Deep down Sylva's insecurities make her wonder if Stormer is fonder of Sammi and her creative talent, and as a result Sylva and Sammi can never quite be close friends, though Sylva is especially fond of Sammi's best friend Rose.

Sylva the doll is the second incarnation of the character, since the original was made from a Pizzazz and somehow this didn't quite suit who Syl was developing into in my mind ;) Sylva II is made from a Stormer, so she has some resemblance to her mother. The doll was missing several plugs of hair which were replaced with black hair for Syl's black streaks, and re-curled. Her outfit was made by me and is in the process of being completed (hemming to do on the dress - no timmmeee). Her synth was borrowed from Stormer for the photo - a customised Kimber keyboard that my Stormer has on display instead of that ugly guitar!