Aaron Pelligrini
Aaron is Nancy's amiable elder brother, though he is only older by a bare year. Tried to the ends of his patience by Nancy's lack of willingness to either communicate or tolerate the human race, he often finds himself drawn into situations he'd rather not be a part of. Though he and Nancy spar a lot, they are actually pretty close. Despite Sylva's initial flirting, she later adopts him herself as something of a big brother figure, and the group often involve him in their plans, taking him on as their road manager spasmodically until it's suggested that he take on the role permanently. Aaron is a whiz with computers and often assists at Misfit Music with that kind of technology, setting up the company's webpages and eventually running Jewel's official site in his spare time. He loosely is employed by the company for his technological abilities, and when there's a glitch in the computer run security systems it's Aaron who's called in. It is also Aaron who winds up finding and fixing Synergy in the empty Starlight Mansion.
Aaron is dating Copper, and their relationship is so secure that often the band theorise that it will be they who tie the knot first of all the couples. However Aaron is unaware of the fact that Diablo guitarist Stefana Ranieri has a definite crush on him and is willing to go to whatever lengths it takes to secure him for herself.

Cameron Milligan
Cameron is the eldest child of Jetta's closest friend in England, Laura Cunningham. When Jewel are touring England, he meets the group for the first time and develops a strong liking for Topaz. Cameron has plans to become a doctor and is studying medicine at university in his home city of London. Attracted to his intelligence and his warm nature, Topaz becomes quite attached to him herself, sparking a long distance relationship via phone, email and letter. Cameron works in a cafe near to the university to help fund his education, since his family are not rich.

Taylor Conway
Taylor is twenty-seven and the only child of Jetta's brother Jeremy and his former 'girlfriend' Rose Conway. With his father in jail and his mother messed up with cocaine, Taylor was taken away from his home aged three and was put into foster care. His mother died of an overdose when he was five, and it was not till he was fourteen that he discovered the truth about his parents. Having met his father only once, and having felt no family bond with him, Taylor is determined to pursue the other threads of his family tree. When Jetta brings Jewel and Aaron to England, Taylor encounters his Aunt and Uncle for the first time, but things are not initially smooth, since Jetta cannot help but associate the son with his father. After playing a big part in saving Jetta's life from Jeremy's scheming, however, Taylor becomes accepted by his family across the Atlantic. He and Nancy become great friends as a result of this, despite Nancy's usual reticence in making alliances, and she comes to view him almost as an extra big brother. He is also good with computers, and he and Nancy retain close contact via the net once she returns home from London. Taylor also has a fancy for Teenangel Violet, whom he met over an internet chatsite whilst the Teenangel Outsiders were in Los Angeles.

Dean Stacey
Dean is twenty-two years old and one of America's hottest TV pinups. Having been gifted a morning television show, he has slowly become one of the most popular young presenters in California, and it is the aim of every new group to get a slot on his programme. Though Dean is a great anchorman, he is actually fairly shy and, though he develops an attraction for Nancy, he does not know how to take his friendship with her any further. Sensitive and caring, Dean plays a large part in comforting Nancy after the debacle of her experiences with Blade, and dislikes the male singer for hurting her. However his and Nancy's reticence means that it is a long time before either one realise how much they truly like each other.
Dean is the only son of LinZ Pearce and a camera operator from Trinidad, Lawrence Stacey. Though he is often reticent to talk about his mother since her disappearance in an air crash some years earlier, family is very important to him and he views his close friendship with video producer Zoe Montgomery as a brother-sister type bond, often offering an ear to listen whenever she needs to talk.

Jack is twenty-five years old and a single father. His ex-girlfriend walked out on him with another man when their daughter, Courtenay was only five months old, leaving him to raise the baby alone. Jack is a good and conscientious father, perhaps to too much of an extreme, because his overwhelming sense of responsibility rather clouds his judgement where his heart is concerned. Because of this he frustrates Sylva no end, for he refuses to show her any kind of real hope for a relationship.
  Benjamin Raynor
Benjamin (Ben) is an old school friend of Dean's and is the presenter of a reality TV show called 'The Public Eye'. During Jewel's appearance on this show, he meets and becomes more than a little bit interested in Cynthia, and when he accidentally stumbles across her secret he promises not to betray her to the press, inspiring Cynthia to return his offer of friendship. Easy-going and fun-loving, he is quick to put the band at ease during filming of the television show and proves that he is a man of his word by putting Cynthia's safety before his own ratings.
    Logan Matthews
Logan is Aaron's best friend from High School. Attending college in Milwaukee on a basketball scholarship, he damaged his knee and wound up entering into the field of computers instead. He and Aaron keep in regular touch, though Nancy dreads his ever coming back to Los Angeles - this is for the simple reason that she had a crush on him in High School, and is determined that noone should ever find out. Logan is most taken by Sylva when the two meet at the Airport for the first time.

Robin Sheppard is a newcomer to Los Angeles. A musician from Arkansas, he confuses many of the state's seasoned pros by his reluctance to commercialise his compositions. Many people find Robin intense, dark and brooding, and some label him creepy. However, he strikes up a friendship with Jewel's Nancy, setting tongues wagging with rumours of an affair between the two.
Robin is a restless soul and has come to Los Angeles in search of an escape from a troubled and tragedy-touched past. He finds it hard to accept people at their word, and often wonders if he'll ever feel right anywhere again.

Darren McMillan
Darren McMillan is a tabloid journalist, who first falls into the path of the Los Angeles musicians in his quest for Jerrica's long lost computer, Synergy. Ruthless and ambitious, Darren is both intelligent and cunning, unafraid of telling lies or getting himself into difficult situations to get his story. He is adept at finding out information about almost anyone through a network of sources and informants, allowing him to keep ahead of both the FBI and the music industry on many occasions. His quest for Synergy brings him into particular company with Stefana Ranieri, whom he is certain knows something about the computer's whereabouts.