It Must've Been Love

Chapter One: Twilight In California

"This is so beautiful."
Aurora Stapleton rested her elbows on the wooden railing of the pier, gazing out at the view. Across the sea, the sun was slowly setting for another day, and in every sense of the word the night felt romantic. She cast a glance at her companion, and a secret flicker of excitement stirred within her. It was almost Christmas, and for the first time she would share it with him.
Catching her gaze, the redheaded young man laughed, putting his arm around her shoulders and kissing her gently on the forehead.
"So are you." He murmured, the clipped Englishness of his accent carrying across the dusk air. "You know, I never imagined I'd be outside in December, watching the sun set and not freezin' to death in the process. I knew California was warm, but I didn't expect it quite like this."
"Thanks for coming down here with me." Aurora rested her head against him. "I know you must be tired from your flight still. It's just so pretty, and I wanted you to see it before you got involved in the hustle bustle back in LA. I wanted you to know how calm and serene California can be, as well."
"It was worth the trip." Her companion assured her. "And you look twice as pretty tonight, too. I've missed you, you know."
"I've missed you too, Cameron." Aurora murmured. She linked her arm in his, as they headed slowly back along the pier to her car. "I'm real glad you'll get to spend Christmas here with us this year. None of us are heading home or anything, because of working Christmas Eve and New Years Day, so we're gonna have the biggest party and I so want you to be my date."
"With pleasure." Cameron Milligan said with a laugh. "'Ere, you should've seen the looks on the faces of me mates when we touched down in California an' I 'ad a gorgeous blonde waitin' to 'elp me with me cases, in between signin' autographs! I know you met a couple of me 'ousemates last time you were in London, but these guys I came out with this break were all convinced you were a myth...It was nice to prove 'em wrong."
"I'm no myth, I promise." Aurora looked amused. "Hey, are you wanting to go right back to Aaron's apartment, or can I convince you to stop by Starlight Mansion for a drink first?"
"To be frank, Rora, I'm beat." Cameron admitted. "I'm sorry...I'd actually love to drop by, but I might fall asleep if I do. I need to sleep off me jet lag - it's one 'ell of a flight from London to LAX."
"I know it is, and I understand." Aurora assured him. "I'll drop you back there, then. Thanks again for meant a lot to me."
"It meant a lot to me jus' to see you." Cameron said softly. "I 'ad to work damn 'ard to get the money to come out 'ere this break, but it were definitely worth the 'assle. An' with Aaron puttin' me an' me mates up at 'is flat, too, we saved on accommodation bills thank goodness." He grinned. "Aaron's a good mate, all told, even though it is kinda a squeeze with the 4 of us in 'is 2 bedroom flat. We're takin' turns on the couch, apparently."
"Sounds fun." Aurora returned the grin, then, "If you ever are in need of a bed, you know, there's plenty of room at Starlight Mansion."
"Mm...tempting." Cameron winked at her. "I'll 'ave to give that one some thought."
Aurora laughed.
"You do that." She said. "In the meantime..." She pulled the car to a halt. "Here we are."
"Then I guess I'll say goodnight." Gently Cameron unfastened his seatbelt, leaning over and kissing her gently. "Goodnight, 'eh? I'll call you tomorrow when I'm feelin' a bit more 'uman."
"Okay." Aurora murmured, half wishing that he didn't have to leave her so soon. "I'll talk to you then, then. Night, Cameron. I...I love you."
"I love you too." Came the whispered reply, and then he was gone.
With a sigh, Aurora put her car into gear, pulling out of the apartment building's parking lot.
Sometimes love was hard.
The singer and bass player of a successful California rock band known as Jewel, Aurora, or Topaz as she styled herself had lived in Los Angeles for a few years now, and had made it her home, despite her Canadian roots. She had first met Cameron, a medical student and the son of the close friend of one of Jewels' managers when they had visited England on holiday, but since then the 'holiday romance' had deepened and gained strength despite long periods apart, and she knew better now than ever that she was very much in love with him.
"Absence makes the heart grow fonder." She murmured, as she drove onto the gravel drive of the Starlight Mansion, Jewel's residence since the birth of the band and very much a home from home for the young Canadian. "I just wish it wasn't so much absence, that's all. It's just typical that, when I finally find a guy I really like, he just happens to live across the sea from me."
She got out of the car, heading up to the front door. As she reached to put her key in the lock, the door was swung open, and with a grin she met the laughing gaze of her closest friend, Sylvina Martescu. Sylvina, or 'Sylva' was Jewel's synth player, mischievous and flirtatious, and she and Topaz had hit it off from the start, sharing a mutual love of shopping and music.
"I saw your car." The keyboardist explained now. "Well? How's Cameron? Is he hot?"
"Hot as ever." Topaz nodded, with a slightly wistful sigh. "But sadly too tired from his flight to come back here with me for a drink. Pity."
"Well, it's not like you don't have three weeks." Sylva dimpled, leading the way into the lounge where the remaining Jewels, Nancy Pelligrini and Elizabeth "Copper" Santiago were watching television. "You were earlier back than we thought...actually I wondered if you'd come back at all tonight."
"Mm, like I said, he was tired." Topaz dropped down into a chair. "And Aaron's place is chock-a-block as it is."
"Aaron always was a good samaritan." Nancy, Aaron's younger sister observed with an amused smile. "Though I did hear it was kinda chaotic over there. Copper, you better not be planning any romantic Christmas nights in at his place, because you won't get a moment to yourself."
"Don't worry...we know other places." Copper, who had been dating Aaron steadily for almost two years now replied with a wink. "I think it was sweet of him to invite Cameron and his friends to stay with him. I mean, he and Cameron get on like anything, and it'll be interesting to meet these other English guys, too. Topaz, you know either of them?"
"No." Topaz shook her head. "Apart from a brief 'hi' at the airport...I got accosted by a fan and it was all I could do to get away with Cameron like I did. They're called Simon and Gary, that's all I know."
"Either of them good looking?" Sylva sounded interested. Topaz laughed.
"I wasn't looking." she admitted. "Anyway, what happened to your 'challenge' Jack Miller, huh? You given that one up?"
"No-o-o." Sylva's pretty face became unusually thoughtful. "But I need distractions occasionally. Jack said he wasn't looking to date, and I can't push him. He has Courtenay to look after too, and Mom's not thrilled. So that one's going's not like I have competition there, anyhow. I've not even seen him since we got back from Vermont, you know. And, in the meantime..." She dimpled. "I can help some lost English guys find their way round Los long as they're cute as Cameron, of course."
"Flirt." Nancy put in dryly. "Maybe they won't like you."
"Then there has to be something wrong with their eyesight." Sylva retorted. Nancy laughed.
"Whatever you say." She said with a grin. "Keep deluding yourself, Syl. One day you might find a sucker willing to bite."
"Mm...think I'm going to bed, if you guys are gonna bicker." Topaz grinned at her companions, getting up and scooping up her magazine from the table. "It's been a long day, anyhow...and I didn't sleep much last night for nerves. Talk to you all in the morning, huh?"
"Night, Topaz." Copper grinned. "This is where Christmas really begins..."

Chapter One: Twilight In California
Chapter Two: Diablo's Place
Chapter Three: A Shopping Encounter
Chapter Four: Some New Acquaintances
Chapter Five: A Girl In Love
Chapter Six: Topaz's Advice
Chapter Seven: A Professional Saboteur
Chapter Eight: Melanie
Chapter Nine: A Lover's Tiff
Chapter Ten: Sylva's Decision
Chapter Eleven: One Night At Le Klub Kool
Chapter Twelve: The Morning After

Chapter Thirteen: Stefana Again
Chapter Fourteen: Luca Confesses

Chapter Fifteen: A Christmas Party
Chapter Sixteen: Repercussions

Chapter Seventeen: Christmas Eve on TV

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