Picture of Cynthia courtesy of the exceptionally talented Sally Wright :)

Cynthia/Synergy Name: Cynthia Benton/Synergy
Date Of Birth: According to Emmet Benton's diary, Synergy was completed on July 6th. It's assumed therefore that Synergy's correct date of birth is July 6th, 1985, when the series began - and so this is the birthdate she uses as Cynthia.
Starsign: According to the above information, Cynthia is a Cancer.

Many years ago, on the break up of Jem and the Holograms, Synergy the computer was left to rot and decay in the ground floor of Starlight Mansion, undiscovered and powerless until accidentally discovered by Nancy's older brother Aaron. Rebuilt by Aaron and befriended by Jewel, Synergy is once more active and ready to run.

Synergy's time offline have left some of her circuitry warped and damaged, meaning that her original programming is no longer intact. Exercising her free will is one of her favourite pastimes, and her genuine interest for human beings and human nature is further accentuated when Aaron helps her to develop a solid form, allowing her to walk alongside everybody else as "Cynthia". As an ironic joke and an allusion to who she really is, Cynthia uses the surname "Benton" in every day life, occasionally causing confusion when people want to know if she is a relation to Jerrica and Kimber. She describes it as a distant kinship, but often refers to Emmet Benton as her father and her respect for her creator is always apparent.

Few people know that Cynthia and Synergy are one and the same. The secret is shared initially only by Aaron and Copper, but eventually the rest of Jewel, the remaining Holograms, Roxy, Stormer and Ben Raynor, a television presenter are let in on the secret. Cynthia's true identity is also discovered by Stefana during an argument, causing much trouble for the computer later on.

Cynthia the Doll ;) Cynthia/Synergy may be rooted in wires and circuitboards, but her careful observation of human behaviour coupled with her lack of structured programming allows her to become almost human on many occasions. She is extremely fond of Jewel, seeing herself as much their friend and guardian as she once was for the Holograms. She is level-headed, clever and extremely loyal to her chosen friends - but her warped circuitry also means that, on occasion she can be impish, unpredictable and, as Stefana coins it - deranged.
Since it was Jerrica who abandoned her, Cynthia has abandoned all ties in turn with her original music company, accepting a job with Aaron to work for Misfit Music on Jewel's stage shows. Her projectors help Jewel to put on exciting stage performances, and the money that she earns doing this is given over to her friend Kimber at the Starlight Foundation. Cynthia is very fond of children, also, and takes great pleasure in helping out when Topaz is at her wit's end. Jewel often turn to her for advice and support and Cynthia is always there to give it.

Cynthia's greatest fear is that the public should come to know who she really is and that her mainframe will fall into evil hands. Despite her play for revenge at the Jem Memorial, Cynthia really does not want to draw undue attention to herself, and will often go to great lengths to conceal her identity. She is also afraid of dying - something she admits herself is not a very computer-like trait.

Cynthia projects her human form through a watch that Aaron developed. This can cause complications, however, since Cynthia cannot project other holograms whilst projecting this hardlight form. The watch's projection is also limited, confining her to Los Angeles and preventing her from going with Jewel on tour. However, Cynthia has learnt to use her special technology wisely, and is not averse to shifting her projection to create illusions should the need arise.

Though Cynthia is immune to love herself, she is not ignorant of it. It is she, along with Nancy who conspire to get Aaron and Copper together, and she is not averse to meddling in Cameron and Topaz's messy relationship if she thinks there is an advantage to be gained. She is also well aware of the fact that Public Eye presenter Ben Raynor has a crush on her, and once or twice has used this to her advantage, though generally the two are just good friends. Cynthia is also an excellent judge of character, picking out Stefana to be trouble even before anything has happened, and placing her faith in Sadie when the English girl first claims sanctuary at the Starlight Mansion.