Fushigi Yuugi: The Best Bits

Otome No Mitsukake-kun!
The best of the best!

The top moments in Fushigi Yuugi on screen :D

This page is dedicated to funnies, best bits and key moments in the series. The screen capture above is taken from the Omake at the end of the OVA 1. The image isn't great quality but it's the best that I can get, since from the next frame Mitsukake's darling features are blurred out and you can't see his face. So although there's a little bit of double vision on the grab - I thought it was worth the capture anyhow.

The OVA 1 omake, of course, features as one of the top funniest moments/sequences in the whole of FY...but this page is really dedicated to the things in the actual series itself, not the additionals :)

Mitsukake is not amused ^_^.

FUSHIGI YUUGI: Top funny moments
  1. Miaka discovers Nuriko is a boy.
  2. Hotohori's play-acting as a serving wench
  3. Tasuki burning the strands of hair aboard the boat to Hokkan-koku
  4. Hotohori's reaction to Tamahome's sister calling him a girl
  5. Chichiri impersonating Nakago
  6. Tasuki when trapped in the desert under Tomo's illusion spell.
  7. The reaction of the final three Seishi when they realise Hotohori is the Emperor of Kounan.
  8. Tamahome realises that they need two Shinzahou to summon Suzaku, and not one.
  9. Miaka gropes Shouka in Choukou on the excuse of having been fooled twice before.
  10. Finding juvenile Nuriko in Eikoden, and watching her throw Tasuki across the ground.

FUSHIGI YUUGI: Top sad moments
  1. The Death of Nuriko. Definitely the saddest moment of the series, bar none!(episode 33)
  2. Hotohori's attempts to stir Houki and hug Boushin in his spirit form (OVA 2 Episode 2)
  3. The death of Hotohori (Episode 48)
  4. Tamahome discovers his murdered family (Episode 26)
  5. Mitsukake sacrifices his life to heal the wounded soldiers and sick children (Episode 47)
  6. Mitsukake faces Shouka and is forced to end her existance to protect Miaka and the others (Episode 16)
  7. Nakago's death montage - his memories of being a child (Episode 52)
  8.  Chiriko's suicide (Episode 37(?)
  9. Suboshi and Amiboshi's final parting (Episode ?)
  10. Chichiri's re-encounter with his old friend Hikou (OVA 2 Episode 8)
FUSHIGI YUUGI: Top episodes.
  1. Episode 3 (Enter Nuriko)
  2. Episode 14 (Enter Tasuki)
  3. Episode 2 (Enter Hotohori)
  4. Episode " " (The fight between Hotohori and Tamahome, sword on sword)
  5. Episode 31 (Nuriko reveals his past)
  6. Episode 51 (the return of the dead Seishi)
  7. OVA 2 Episode 6 (?) - Tasuki's true feelings
  8. Ova 2 Episode 8 - Chichiri and Mitsukake's best episodes both.
  9. (Episode " ") Tasuki vs kodoku-Tamahome
  10. Episode 5 (?) - Nuriko's secret is revealed!
(Taken from the translated subtitles)

  1. "I've abandoned manhood for the sake of love." (Nuriko)
  2. "Your Highness certainly has a way with men." (Mitsukake)
  3. "Hey, Chiriko, have you been ok?" (Tasuki) - "No, I've been dead!" (Chiriko)
  4. "REKKA SHIN...en" (Tasuki, on burning the strands of hair aboard the boat to Hokkan)
  5. "Nuriko wasn't a man or a woman. Nuriko was just...Nuriko." (Miaka)
  6. "I'm so beautiful that sometimes I scare myself." (Hotohori)
  7. "Never mind that, are you human?" (Tamahome) "Hey, that's rude (no da)!" (Chichiri)
  8. "I have a woman's heart, so I'm the one to treat her." (Nuriko)
  9. "Are you Oniichan's wife?" (Yuiren, to every girl plus Hotohori who comes near Tamahome's house)
  10. "Wow, you're so much cooler than I thought - can I have your autograph?" (Keisuke to Tamahome, upon his arrival in the real world)

  1. Why ask the question to which you already know the answer? My life already belongs to them." (Tasuki)
  2. "Shouka saved my soul, but despite this I was unable to save her, twice. But now I understand the reason why I was born with my powers." Mitsukake
  3. "Another weirdo?" (Taka, on the entrance of Chichiri)
  4. "I'll go check on Miaka!" (Taka) "I'll go tell Yui." (Tetsuya) "And I'll go buy some beer!" (Keisuke)
  5. "Incredible!" (Taka) "No shit!" (Tasuki) (On Chichiri's power vs Hikou).
  6. "No person is ever really complete, you know. That's why noone can ever really live alone." (Chichiri to Tasuki, on Tasuki's feelings for Miaka)
  7. "I should be the one crying. We needed that!" (Tasuki on the breaking of the hint ball, Eikoden)
  8. "Tasuki-chan, can you read this?" (Nuriko) "Delicacy" (Tasuki) "Then try using some!" (Nuriko) (on Tasuki's lack of tact)
  9. "We may look alike, but we're so different. You've always been so strong." Roukou, reflecting on his and Nuriko's childhood.
  10. "Did he swallow dangerous drugs again? Or has he finally gone senile?" (Tasuki, on Taka's amnesia)