Don't Look Back
(A Sadie Saga)
Chapter Two: Topaz's Bombshell
"Good morning all, and welcome to the music hour, coming to you live and direct from the city's best soundwave, KBST!"
The radio DJ cast a vivid grin at his guests as he spoke, activating the familiar KBST jingle as he did so, and taking a sip of his coffee. "Well, have we got a treat for you this morning! Jewel are with me live on air to talk about their up and coming brand new album - say hello girls!"
"Hi Los Angeles!" Sylva cast the DJ a return grin as the other girls made their hellos and settled themselves more comfortably in their seats. The KBST studio was hot and stuffy and the station had a reputation for intrusive, prying interviews, but it was not something they could avoid. A station as big as KBST had a lot of pull and for a group as successful as Jewel, refusing to appear would generate unwanted tittle tattle. They had interviewed there many times before, and each time they came out bristling from the tone of the interview.
However, this was a new DJ, one they hadn't met before, and they were resolved to give him the benefit of the doubt. After all, as Sylva had said in an undertone before they went on air, he was drop dead cute.
"There's been a lot of speculation in the press, girls, about the format of your next album." The DJ, one Gerry Broad eyed the quartette thoughtfully. "I think everyone in Los Angeles knows that your last album Tapestry is up for an award tomorrow night in the city's biggest music award ceremony this side of the Grammys. Am I right in thinking that we're going to get to see another side of Jewel's musical skill?"
"We're calling the album "Exotic." Elizabeth Santiago or "Copper" told him with a smile. "Because there are a lot of diverse songs on the disk. Our new single, which as you know is in the shops on Monday, is a good example. It's a deeper side to Jewel and what we're about, I think."
"The music Jewel produces depends a lot on the way we're feeling as a group." Nancy added. "I write the scores but they get tweaked in practice so it becomes a group effort. The truth is, we've grown up a lot since we started out as teenagers. I was barely eighteen when we released Beauty Queen - now I'll be twenty one in September and believe me those three years do make a difference. We know a lot more about the music scene now than we did then."
"I'm sure you do." The DJ winked. "Speaking of your new song, we're gonna play it now - it's a fab number, and I'm sure it's gonna be a huge hit. This is Jewel, with "Reveal", in stores from Monday."
He flicked a switch and the sound of their newest song began to fill the small stuffy studio as it pulsed out across the airwaves to the listening public in Los Angeles.
"Has a good beat." Gerry observed.
"We aim to please." Sylva dimpled.
The DJ smiled back at her, then cast his eye over the group as a whole once again. His gaze rested on Topaz, who was examining her reflection in a compact mirror, a frown on her face. He pursed his lips. He'd heard the rumours, and he intended to discover once and for all what the truth was.
"She's fussing about makeup and she's on radio." He noted to himself, amused. "That's a sure sign if nothing else is that she's over-conscious of her appearance. When I was interviewing for KDAB that was usually a key indication that they were hiding something and I usually got to the bottom of what. Let's see if I can't do it again now I'm here in LA. After all, Jewel are big business. Would be a scoop for KBST to be the first to get her to spill."
The track soon came to an end and Gerry flicked the switch back, producing another of his seemingly endless grins.
"Wow, sounds like a bestseller to me!" He decided. "Tell me, girls, what was the inspiration behind the words to that song?"
"It's about us...pure and simple." Nancy responded. "So many people think that they know who we are and I don't know that that's always together how we do, there aren't many secrets we have from each other, so I wanted to share a little bit of that realism with everyone."
"Well, let's face it, you have been big tabloid news in recent months." The DJ acknowledged. "First there was the wedding of Teenangel Violet at the Starlight Mansion, the news about your award nomination, and then the announcement of your engagement, Copper - can I get a look at that rock?"
"Sure." Copper's cheeks turned pinkish as she obediently held out her hand.
"Wow...I know the listeners can't see it but believe me, everyone, it's a stunner of a ring." Gerry announced. "I think most of the male population went into mourning when the story broke - this Aaron guy of yours is a lucky guy."
"I think I'm luckier." Copper admitted. "He's one in a million - I wouldn't swap him for the world."
"Aww, true romance right here on KBST's airwaves!" The DJ laughed. "What about the rest of you girls? Goldie, are the rumours about you and Dean Stacey splitting up founded in any truth?"
"Well, if they are, Dean and I don't know about it." Nancy told him firmly. "We have a very steady, very private relationship and neither of us pay attention to tabloid stories of flings or affairs or any of that business. After all, the press don't know Dean and they certainly don't know me all that well. They're entitled to their mistakes."
"And Sylva? Still playing the field?"
"I'm young and single and happy that way." Sylva nodded.
"Some might call you an overzealous flirt - what would you say to those people?"
"I am a flirt." Sylva shrugged. "And proud of it, too. You only live once - why waste the opportunity? I'm not hurting anyone and I'm not sleeping around - whatever Cool Trash want to print about me and whoever, so I think I'm doing okay."
"And Topaz? The stories are always flying about the mysterious redheaded guy who keeps appearing and disappearing from your life."
"He lives in England - he studies there." Topaz looked startled, for she had been in a world of her own. "That's why he can't always be here in Los Angeles."
"Well, this morning's tabloids seem to think he's been in Los Angeles more than enough recently." Gerry pushed a newspaper across towards them, rustling it across the microphone as he did so. "C'mon Topaz, live for KBST, is there any truth at all in the rumour that you're pregnant?"
"What?" Topaz stared at him, as Sylva scooped up the paper, skimming it over.
"Well, his name's not Carl, and he's not studying nuclear physics, so they got that wrong to begin with." She observed.
"Topaz?" Clearly the DJ felt he had an advantage. "Won't you tell Jewel's local based fans the story behind these rumours? After all, this is the band's home turf - these guys out here listening are your die hard supporters. You gonna let them in on your secret?"
"What secret?" Topaz met the DJ's gaze with a calm, collected one of her own. "The whole world seems to know about it, so I wouldn't call it a secret any more, would you?" She shrugged.
"Is that a yes?"
"If you want it to be." Topaz smiled slightly. "I've nothing to be ashamed of. People have babies all the time - it's hardly some sordid scandal and it's hardly frontpage news."
"Wow, folks, you heard it here first - there is going to be the patter of tiny Jewel feet!" Gerry exclaimed. "We're just going to go to our sponsors and then we'll have more for you from our live guests this morning - Jewel!"
"Why did you tell him?" Nancy hissed as the sound of various jingles pulsed through the studio. "The press will never let it drop now."
"I'm fed up of pretending." Topaz sighed. "Nancy, I'm excited as anything about being a Mom. You know that. I want to walk down the street and damn well shout it, but because of this Cameron business I've had to bite my tongue. KBST only airs in the Los Angeles region. It's a local radio station and Cameron's hardly going to find out this way, because his radio in London isn't gonna pick up the frequency."
"No, but the rest of the press will grab the story and make it front page news."
"I don't care." Topaz responded quietly. "I don't have anything to hide or be ashamed of, Nancy, and let's face it, they'll lose interest in the story if I tell them what they want to know. If I lie they'll just keep prying till they have the truth anyway, and I don't need the stress. My hormones are already all over the place and I've my scan on Friday, which I'm really nervous about, though excited too. I don't need additional hassle."
"Well, it's your call." Nancy shrugged. "Looks like we're going back on the careful what you say, huh?"
"Don't worry. I know what I'm doing." Topaz replied.
"Well, guys, if you've just tuned in we're live here on KBST with Jewel and we've just heard - in her own words - that the rumours about Topaz's pregnancy are true! Tell me, Topaz, have you thought up names yet?"
"Oh, please." Despite herself, Topaz laughed. "I'm not even quite five months yet and you want names from me? I don't know if it's a boy or a girl and I've not had my first scan yet...gimme a break, please!"
"How did you feel when you found out?"
"I was blown away." Topaz admitted. "I'm excited as anything. But please, I want people to realise that this isn't just another news story - for me this is something that's going to change my whole life and I can't be harassed about it at every turn. I'm sure that others - even Sirena -will tell you that having a baby is a huge deal and I need time to get used to what's happening to me without the tabloids breathing down my neck. I'm not ready yet to give the press everything they want to know...I'd like to ask please for some kind thoughts and respect where my privacy is concerned. I'm only twenty one at the moment - and it's a lot to deal with all at once."
"Fine words." Even the DJ seemed impressed. "Sylva, how has it been for you guys since the news broke? I assume you girls have known from the off?"
"Of course." Sylva nodded. "We're a family - like sisters - and as Nancy said, we don't tend to keep secrets. We're all thrilled for her and wish her the best of luck. We're one hundred percent supportive!"
"What about Jewel's future? Topaz, do you intend on quitting the band to set up home when the baby's born or are you going to adopt Sirena's strategy and be a working Mom?"
"I don't know and I won't know till the baby is here." Topaz admitted. "I've spoken to the powers that be at Misfit Music - they know about my condition, and they've given me a lot of helpful advice and support so I have plenty to think on. As for my future with Jewel..." She shrugged. "We'll see. I love these girls more than anything, and I wouldn't want to let them down for the my choice in the end will only be what's best for me, Jewel and the baby."
"Well, that's all we have time for, folks - after the break we'll be talking to Luca Ranieri from Diablo about their first number one single, and interviewing hot up and coming rock act Ghost on what it's like to be suddenly in the spotlight! So remember, if you want the best in interviews and entertainment, keep the dial tuned to KBST!"
"You damn well had better have been kidding in there." Sylva murmured as the four girls left the radio station, climbing into the car that had been hired specially for that purpose and casting grins at the huddle of fans who had gathered to see them. "About quitting Jewel, I mean. You better be joking."
"Syl, I'm having a baby." Topaz responded quietly. "And I don't have a guy in the picture. Unlike Sirena, I also don't have other family around like she has Harvey or can call on the Starlight Foundation. I'm going to be entirely alone with this and I don't know if I can juggle both my job and my baby yet. I was honest on the radio. Whatever I'm going to do, it'll be for the best."
"Juggling the baby might not be the best idea of childcare ever." Nancy commented dryly.
"Well, we hope that you'll stay." Copper hugged the singer tightly. "Because you're one of the gang, and we'd hate to not have you. Besides, I want you as one of my bridesmaids, and if you quit Jewel, won't you have to go back to Canada?"
"I don't know, yet." Topaz held up her hands. "Copper, I promise I will be your bridesmaid if you want me, okay? But as for anything else...I need time. Don't hassle me, please. You guys are my support at the moment - I need you to be behind me."
"We are behind you." Nancy said quietly. "But Copper and Syl are right. We don't want to lose you."
"Well, maybe you won't have to." Topaz smiled slightly. "Oh, don't look so downcast! I haven't walked out the door yet and there's nothing to say I definitely will do. It all depends on how I react to single motherhood, that's all. So can we let it go for now?"
"Okay, we'll let it go." Sylva sighed, nodding her head, though from her expression Topaz knew that the keyboardist was worried. "And just help you get ready for your scan on Friday. We're doing that photoshoot for Exotic in the afternoon - they aren't gonna clash, are they?"
"Nope, my scan is at ten." Topaz shook her head. " will come with me to the hospital, won't you?"
"Of course, if you want me." Sylva nodded. "But it won't be any big deal, Topaz. I mean, it's just a routine check, right?"
"Yeah." Topaz nodded. "But you forget, Syl, this is the first time I'll actually see my baby." Her eyes sparkled. "And I can't wait." 

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