1987: Party Ponies


Lavender purple earth pony with pale pink mane and tail, pink hearts and white ribbon symbol spread across haunches and back, two hearts and ribbon on cheek

Love Melody, as her name suggests, was often the pony dragged into the Valentine issues of the My Little Pony comic. However, her character was definitely more complex than simply a token romantic. She was - yes, and it's also suggested in her name - a singer, who composed music and melodies for special occasions. In one story, I believe she lost her voice, needing the help of friends to get it back. (Naturally, when a pony loses her voice, there has to be a magical solution somewhere!)

Like Up, Up and Away, Love Melody was sold with the shade of pale pink hair that fades out to white in sunlight. Consequently, any white-haired Love Melodys are not variations, but damaged by the sun. Her symbol is also prone to fading from pink to white, but this also is not a variation.