Unicorn and Pegasus Ponies

Along with re-releases for Medley, Firefly, Moondancer and Glory from the first set, these six new characters were introduced as part of the Unicorn and Pegasus Pony line. As with the original set, they were omitted entirely from the United Kingdom line.

There are, however, what could be called "UK design style" cards for these ponies which have confused the issue of their release. This card is in English and is marked with distribution in the UK, but the ponies were never actually sold here. Not all of the ponies sold on this card were pictured on the back, and this set also included yellow Moondancer. They are confirmed to have been distributed in Sweden and other parts of Scandinavia. The common name given to these ponies is "Fable Ponies", due to the way they were marketed in Sweden, and to all intents and purposes they look like a "UK" card release, but Powder and her fellows were NEVER sold in the UK. It is possible that this set was going to be released here, because of the amount these characters appeared in comics - but it never actually happened.

You can see an example of this packaging on Powder's page (thanks to Ponyland for all the information about Fable Pony Powder and her fellows).

Please note that reissued Firefly and Medley in this set had curly hair.

Of these characters, all of them would feature in the UK comic, but only Gusty would be sold in ANY form in Britain - as part of a 1987 set of ponies.

Heart Throb, Surprise and Gusty also had 'baby' versions of themselves made, and these three would also become "So Soft Ponies".