1985: So Soft Ponies
1987: My Little Pony


Lilac unicorn with blue mane and tail (dark pink streak in mane), pink buttons and blue stars symbol

Lilac unicorn with blue mane and tail (dark pink streak in mane), three big pink buttons symbol

Honestly, even now I have no idea about the mystery that is Buttons. All I can say for sure is that two versions of Buttons were sold in the UK. They seem to have been sold simultaneously and they were certainly sold on the same style of backing card, meaning they did belong to the same set.

Classic Buttons, as shown above, is also the one pictured in the MIP image. She has the small pink buttons and stars with which Buttons was always illustrated and animated in all pony merchandise and television extravaganzas. There is a single exception to this rule - she is pictured on the back of the set's card with the other symbol variation -three big buttons. Though the three big buttons version seems to be harder to find, the classical Buttons appears to be more popular with collectors. Ironically, too, Baby Buttons (sold only in Germanic countries) had the classical symbol. Buttons was also shown with the classical symbol in the comic.

(UK Comic 25)

BUTTONS (Three big buttons version)


So Soft Buttons also has the three big buttons symbol, despite being animated in the television series with the classical symbol. It's presumed that the big buttons show up better beneath the flocking. Theories abound as to the reasons for the split identity of this pony - it's possible that all big buttoned ponies are left-overs from a so soft line that never got flocked. Either way, we'll probably never know - but only the So Soft was not sold in the UK.