1987: My Little Pony (Pony Friends)


White earth pony with aqua mane and tail, cupcakes symbol

I'll be the first to admit that I don't know a whole lot about Cupcake in her not-so-furry incarnation. I know she was sold in Scandinavia and South Africa for sure, as part of a set including Truly, Hopscotch, Shady, Posey and Cherries Jubilee. She was sold on a UK style of card but never actually issued in the UK - although through my whole childhood I believed entirely in her existance, even though I didn't believe in Truly. I almost wonder if one or two did slip over here, since the occasional one has turned up on the UK second hand market. Scans of Cupcake's Scandianvian-sold backcard style can be found on Truly's page.

As far as I know, there is little difference between Cupcake the So Soft and the other, barring fur. But as I don't have a genuine original Cupcake, I can't be sure. No version of Cupcake was ever sold in the UK through official channels.


So Soft Cupcake was featured in several pony episodes as, surprise surprise, a pony who loved to cook. Now, there's an original idea...