1985: So Soft Ponies
1987: My Little Pony


Pink pegasus pony with purple mane and tail, blue and purple compass and star symbol

"To the note we all must cling, let the bell of freedom ring!"

North Star's most memorable cartoon moment - ringing the freedom bell to send Tambelon back to whatever dark dimension it crawled out of. North Star never made much of an impression except as a semi sidekick to Wind Whistler with a decidedly unbelievable semi-British accent, but for that one moment she sticks in my mind.

In the UK she was a traveller and an adventurer, much in the same vein as Starshine, from whom she likely inherited the mantle. Friendly with the moon and stars (each of which had personalities in the comics), she was a slave to her compass and covered a wide range of land.


So Soft North Star is fairly unremarkable in terms of her differences. In fact, aside from her flocking, there isn't really much to be said for difference. It's possible her body is a different shade under the fur, but in terms of symbol, pose and hair she's just like her UK counterpart before a full body wax!